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Pidge I love pidge she is awesome and so adoarble and an

Pidge I love pidge she is awesome and so adoarble and an


“*comes back w/ Voltron fanart* I love Pidge”

I am pidge in so many ways Edit mine Voltron/pidge not mine

※Age swap Shiro 14 years old Pidge 25 years old

Voltron Pidge by DuoPidgeon ...

Voltron: Pidge/Katie Speedpaint

I have decided Pidge is Haruhi Fujioka in space (minus the romance cause she ain't got time for that) < < you're not wrong tho


Voltron||| Keith X Pidge- I still love him

I love pidge she's so adorable♥!

Takashi and Katie before Shiro and Pidge lol <-- she was in middle school that sooooo wrong but I still love it

Shiro and Pidge by SolKorra ...

Pidge, what are you doing? < < < being adorable that's what

Casual Pidge! by SolKorra ...


Pidge and Shiro sharing a loving hug from Voltron Legendary Defender

Pidge by Fannochka ...

Pidge and Lance's romantic kiss from Voltron Legendary Defender

Pidge is not Trangender by ZhaneAugustine ...

this sassy pidge oml shes so gorgeous would date>>>SHE MINE! She is a sassy green bean of kick butt!

New Recruit {Pidge Gunderson x Reader}

Pidge is the best, she's amazing and so adorable♥

Pidge Rockbell, Shiro Elric and Hunk Elric by SolKorra ...

I love Pidge so much. Like wow I just love Pidge. So blessed. I love Pidge. I just love Pidge. What an angel. I'd give my life.

PIDGE (Voltron: Legendary Defender) by CocoCabanna ...

I love Pidge, she is the cutest thing ever and I think I love her a lot because I see a bit of my self in her in certain ways

Hey guys! Gem here and....this blog was very improtomtu. I'm sorry if I lose track of what I'm saying or I start rambling. I'm also very tired but that's ...

cute. so cute.

THIS IS ADORABLE Pidge is my child I love Pidge

TKG (火の国の民) в Твиттере: «Minute Waltz #Shiro #Pidge #Voltron…

I dont ship kidge romantically but its cute Keith carrying Pidge in his arms with Paladins's comments from Voltron Legendary Defender

Pidgance is so adorable gosh (Klance is SO much better though)

Honestly, Pidge is freaking awesome and I love their character!

Hunk and Pidge are both me

voltron legendary defender pidge | Tumblr

I wanna twirl Corans moustache

Pidge - I love pidge she is awesome and so adoarble and an amazing character

Keith | Shiro | Pidge

Luty_chan on Twitter: "she has freckles keef !! D: < #lance #voltron #keith # pidge #vld #klance… "

... Voltron LD: Pidge and Lance by mystryl-shada

... #cute #feelings #feels #friendship #funny #hot #hunk #keith #lance #love #oneshot #pidge #shiro #space #spacenerds #voltron #voltronlegendarydefender

Shiro and Pidge working out by D-Floyd2 ...

Pidge likes to hug by Fennethianell ...

Literally Keith is so adorable. Keith / Lance | Pidge

She's just so adorable! She also reminds me a lot of Peridot. I feel like Pidge is how Peridot would look and act as a human, but any way.

Lance x Pidge by CATGIRL0926 ...

Pidge is the only person Shiro will let himself be vulnerable around. Even if he tries his hardest to keep a tough face (because he's the leader of the team ...

I like how they say "human" instead of "get you a girl that can do both" because what pronouns does pidge like? Does Pidge consider themself boy or girl?

Voltron || Shiro x Pidge Amv

[I have to,confess that] i want Pidge to get a Pixie haircut

Voltron - Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Allura

lanauu: “ Changed the kitty to their robot kitty instead, mainly so I could use it as my phone BG. Figured I'd share it too. Will prolly do more with Pidge ...

Tumblr Voltron *PIDGE*

One day the team goes to other space mall and Pidge sees a dress very similar to her favorite dress on earth, this one though has little glittery things ...


Home- Keith and Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender

[Lance*Pidge] Date by rainbox17 ...

Cutest Pidge eva

Pretend she is in front of a healing pod with Shiro in it

Shiro and Pidge both got captured by the galras. Shiro was back to the same place where he was first captured. He was panicking till Pidge calm him down ...

i love the holt siblings so much/weeps science talk

Older Pidge and Hunk - this is amazing! Pidge's earpiece looks so cool, but Hunk really needs a shave.

Pidge is literally the Klance Fandom. < < < I thought she was going to say kiss kiss fall in love>>>>>> WHO BROKE THE VASE?

We speak with Kimberly Brooks and Bex Taylor-Klaus about their all new takes on Allura and Pidge.

Pidge x Paladins Outfits by SolKorra ...

Voltron: Legendary Defender Oneshots - Pidge x Male! Reader: Hide n' Seek - Wattpad

corrinamariedrawsstuffcorrinamariedrawssf. pidge

Keith kisses Pidge on her forehead from Voltron Legendary Defender

Keith / Lance | Pidge

Sweaty, blushing Pidge by Kairu-Hakubi ...

Brotherly Love Or Romantic Love?[PIDGE x MATT AU]

I'm so Emo- Keith and Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender giving a back massage

“tfw u draw lance so much that u gotta take a break and actually doodle the other characters lmao.rip me I just love lance.

Older Pidge (Katie Holt) from Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron: Legendary Defender - Pidge reveals he is a girl

a quickie of pidge in what im wearing right now

Pidge blowing bubble gum from Voltron Legendary Defender

pidge holt | Tumblr

I'm not a fan of Shiro x Pidge but they are pretty cute :

Pidge in her cool crazy punk-like hair style from Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron ✰ Legendary Defender Pidge Looks like Toradora!

Keith / Lance | Pidge/// why is lance with freckles SO CUTE!

Here is the story. Pidge is not trans from my point of view so that's why she "embraced" this feminine style, long hair, empty stomach, etc.

Pidge's vlog

153 ticks to midnight

Pidge Hoodie Art by Catgirl0926

Pidge by cookiecreation ...

Shiro x pidge (Editing)

Pidge Gunderson / Katie Holt by Koikii ...

Shiro and Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender

Beautiful as Princess Allura- Pidge and Shiro from Voltron Legendary Defender

Is it strangely weird that I like this a lot! Like nerd shiro is my Jammy jam and in control pidge is like god sent

I don't know why the artist made the armor sexier but other than that, I always love long haired/older Pidge

I adored when they were doing a food fight against Allura and Coran, and when they threw food at Pidge ...