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Pin by Agri arel on gerilla t Kurdistan

Pin by Agri arel on gerilla t Kurdistan


peshmerga kurdistan

Female rebels from YPG, The People's Protection Unit operating in Western Kurdistan/ Syria defending

Female Kurdish Fighter in Syria. #syria #female #war www.ulrikp.com

Kurdish women wearing men clothing for respect of peshmerga

For the Kurds in Kurdistan and elsewhere independence become the ultimate dream. In recent years the KRG has appeared to carry more political weight with ...

PKK Kurdistan Workers Party guerrillas in Shiranish area, Zakho Iraqi Kurdistan from where they stage

Kurdish women #Gerill ,always remember #Kurds have No friends but the mountains #Apo#Kurdistan #Duhok #Derik #Rojava #Kobani #shingal #Kobane #Amed…

Kurdish Female Fighter (PKK)

Kurdish Women fighter / PKK Guerilla

Mirza - the 'manager' and owner of Hosap Castle.the dead rook (which he killed) was a present for me.

Peshmerga Kurdistani · KurdistanIsrael

After leaving the guerilla army, which continues to wage war on ISIS, brave Abdul

Brave Kurdish girls

Kurdistan, Iranian, Israel, Ali, Wings


Military Women, Idf Women, Female Soldier, Female Warriors, Kurdistan, Guerrilla, Soldiers, Police, Woman

Kurdish princess

Persian or Kurdish traditional bride - Iran. The glittery jewelry would be all real gold, pure gold, not American Macy's

Don't afraid my country we have ♡peshmarge♡ kurdistan peshmerga

I am ,a kurd, a Kurdistani

ISO civil war

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Hellyluv - Revolution ✌ http://youtu.be/fLMtTQsiW6I #hellyluv


Kamkarha Kamkars گفتمش بیا عاشقم هنوز خنده کرد و گفت در غمت بسوز

Photographs of Kurdish guerrilla groups by Joey L. - a NYC-based Photographer and

Kurdish Traditional Dance (from

Kurdish bwby with kurdistan flag and peshmerge clothes

High my kurdistan flag ♡ ♥ ♡

Instagram photo by @kurdistanheye (Kurdistan) | Statigram


Kurdistan solaf - Duhok

Always Strong Kurdistan Unisex Shirt - Kurdistan - Kurdistan Shirt - Kurd - Proud Kurd -

Extending Barzani's term is illegal: Iraqi Kurdistan parliament speaker


Kurdish Freedom Guerilla with child-Kurdistan-PKK

A famous quote of Ghassemlou

Persian tomb, Hasankeyf


Massoud Barzani, now resigned, comes from an institutional family in Kurdistan nationalism. His father earned fame in the annals of that dream. A fighter.


map of kurdistan - Google Search

bonnie, a life in prostitution

A militante curda morta em combate cuja luta contra o Estado Islâmico foi minimizada por conta de sua beleza

Αντιγραφάκιας: ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ - ΑΝΗΣΥΧΙΑ ΣΤΗΝ ΑΓΚΥΡΑ - Απόρρητα σχέδια.

kurdistanart: پەیکەری "چاوەڕوان" له‌ به‌رده‌وم به‌شه‌ ...

kurdistanart: Halabja monument~ Sulaymaniyah south of Kurdistan

We are kurds yeah,!stop killing kurds ,,stop occupying the land of kurds .

Map, Kurdistan, Location Map, Maps


Roger Stone - Pretty Reckless is going straight to hell

Goatherd near Diyarbakir

Kachkar, Akdamar

Armenian women guerrilla fighters. 1895


Kurdistan, Wonderful Places, Beautiful Things, Istanbul Turkey, Orient Express, Ottoman Empire, Allah, Arches, Countries

Kurdistan | Antique shop on the citadel. فرۆشگایەکی شتی.

Sadde, Duhok- Kurdistan

Peek in the life of a RAF nurse: 'We don't have time

Akre Kurdistan


The Fall of Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge on April 17, 1975. Amid cheering from some youths the first guerrilla are posing for pictures.

For Whom the Bells Toll

Santa's Sweatshop

Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira Geopolitics and the Strategic Dimensions of the USA

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Colour, chaos- bazaar in Diyarbakir

Image result for map of kurdistan

Newroz kurdistan

Female Israeli soldier carrying the ubiquitous UZI submachine gun during the Six Day War.

... the homes and synagogues in the settlements will be dismantled in Gaza, although Israel intends on transferring industrial and agricultural facilities ...

IDF - Israel Defense Forces - Women

Duhok sky

This isn't my niece, but it could be. She was a combat infantry solier and medic. 5' tall and 100 lbs, at the beginning of a patrol ...

Kurd territory

Vietnam boys with ak47 | Vietnam war | Pinterest | Vietnam and Vietnam War

In the Tracks of Boko Haram in Cameroon


Alan Simpson.


I don't know what this is …

Syrie/Irak: Attention, un triomphe peut en cacher un autre ! (Obama legacy: After the nuclear deal and the Islamic state, guess on whose doorstep Iranian ...


[Thiruvenkadam Veluppillai Prabhakaran]


Rwandoz kurdistan

Female Marines And The Official USMC Mascot!

Filipino doctor accused of funding ISIS terror plot fights extradition to US

Herders against Farmers: Nigeria's Expanding Deadly Conflict | Crisis Group

The Vulnerability Series painting by artist Abdalla Al Omari, that reimagine controversial world leaders as disenfranchised or displaced civilians

Double-edged Sword: Vigilantes in African Counter-insurgencies | Crisis Group

Female Pilot FAB

Great mosque in Hewlêr (Erbil) Kurdistan

Judith Miller of the New York Times lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to build public opinion for the pre-planned Zionist war of aggression ...

Appendix B: Map of Conflict and Insecurity in Northern Nigeria Mike Shand/International Crisis Group, 2017.