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Pin by Carla Moreira on O Silmarillion t Tolkien Middle

Pin by Carla Moreira on O Silmarillion t Tolkien Middle


Pin by Carla Moreira on O Silmarillion | Pinterest | Tolkien, Middle earth and Hobbit

Maedhros - The Silmarillion - Choistar

Finrod - The Silmarillion - Choistar

The Silmarillion

Ecthelion - No one falls back. No one surrenders.

Celegorm by Dairon. TolkienMiddle ...

Resultado de imagen de maedhros

Maedhros. Jrr TolkienFantasy BooksDer HobbitMiddle ...

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Fingon and Maedhros | Silmarillion

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eldamaranquendi: “Fingon & Maedhros by ChoiStar ” · Jrr TolkienMiddle ...


He's kinda hot

One of the most amazing Morgoth!!! Morgoth by EKukanova.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Find this Pin and more on Tolkien's World by Mairon.

Sauron and Celebrimbor


Middle earth

Мои закладки · TolkienMiddle ...

Come closer by CK0T on DeviantArt (Sauron)

King of the Valar and Keeper of the Houses of the Dead [Manwe & Namo · TolkienMiddle EarthLotrHobbitElvesNice ...

Melkor en la Dagor Dagorath by tolrone

dakkun39: 顔の特徴を捉える練習

silmarillion hq · o hobbit


Imagem relacionada

Beren e Lúthien | Tolkeinites Paradise | Pinterest | Tolkien, LOTR and Middle earth

Tolkien, "The Silmarillion" Vaire


o hobbit

Why yes, Benedict Cumberbatch WOULD make an excellent Maeglin. Trying to figure out what character Tom Hiddleston would be. I'm thinking either Finrod or ...

Glorfindel, Ecthelion and Turgon:

O Silmarillion

Beren e Lúthien | Tolkeinites Paradise | Pinterest | Tolkien, LOTR and Middle earth

Maeglin, Aredhel, and Eol from The Silmarillion.:

Choistar | Art Amino

I know that Aman was her home but personally I can't imagine being separated from a husband as awesome as Fingolfin, whether I had friends ...

Elrond y Elros

Феанор, Маэдрос, Маглор, Карантир, Келебримбор, Куруфин, Келегорм, Амрод и. TolkienHouseMiddle EarthLotrHobbitElvesRpgHausPretend Play

Carla Moreira. Boards · Pins

Commission for Sauron and his ring. I enjoyed painting him!

Maiar- Ossë, Maiar of the Sea

Eonwe by tolrone

The Silmarillion - Olorin, Aiwendil and CurumoMiddle-Earth's tourist))) Maiar's sketches portraits - Part 2

Faramir & Eowyn— the best ❤ | all that is gold does not glitter | Pinterest | Tolkien, LOTR and Middle earth

Glorfindel original concept for the project T H E S U N S E T K I N G D O M


Fantasy Dimentions

Glorfindel, Lord of the Golden Flower by annamare on DeviantArt

The Silmarillion character | King Turgon 'Now the full malice of Morgoth was directed toward

fast sketch of Namo (Mandos) when he is not angry,white and all shiny btw in my imagination Namo is short,so other can call him “Here's our tiny predictor”

Tolkien fine art print - Black Numenorean - Lord of the Rings as seen in MECCG - unique gift for any Tolkien fan by stephengrahamwalsh on Etsy ...



The Story of the Silmarils - here are collected the artworks related to this part of "The Silmarillion". Literature should go to the Parma folder ...

It was in this moment, when all hope had faded. That Isildur, son of the King, took up his father's sword.

Pin by Nåah Lifland on D&D Everything | Pinterest | RPG, Characters and Character art

Tauriel and Kili Even though I don't think that falling in love with someone can be that quick I like this work very much. Tauriel and Kili by moeon

Beleg and Turin by Steamey #beleg #strongbow #turin #silmarillion #childrenofhurin #

Glorfindel, also known as Glorfindel of Rivendell, was an Elf-lord of a · Tolkien BooksGlorfindelBalrogThranduilNarniaMiddle EarthLotrHobbitElves

Do not speak of Dragonfire

Arda Lugares

Varda by vardathebeloved

sauronisnotamused: “ Small bunch of sketches, concept work 'n' progress. Decided to post something before I cast myself into the void.

melkorwashere: My old Yavanna piece, decide to post it ;__;

Glorfindel watching a certain someone perish with Gothmog Sorry guys I just really like the heroism and gut wrenching tragedy of The Silmarillion.

Fathers and sons in the Silmarillion. Feanor and Maedhros, Fingolfin and Fingon, and Finarfin and Finrod.

Ents of Fangorn

El Greco - The Effusion of the Holy Spirit

Find this Pin and more on Tolkien Art by Camilo Boo.


Sauron by mari-maritimus on tumblr

Curufin and Celebrimbor before Curufin made bad decisions and his son was all "nope, I am so not associated with you anymore"

“Fanart of Manwe and Varda by targso on Tumblr. #Manwe #Varda #

Roran, Katrina, and there daughter!

Novos pôsteres do filme "O Hobbit: A Batalha dos Cinco Exércitos"

r-navy:Gil-Galad &Elrond That country had of old been named Lindon by the Noldor Gil-galad son of Fingon was their king, and with him was Elrond Half-elven, ...

Armenelos once the capital of Númenor

Middle Earth, Lotr, Hobbit, Rpg, Medieval, Elves, Pretend Play, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit

ArtStation - Elf Lord- Fingolfin, Othon Nikolaidis

Thingol and Lúthien

When you don't want to get out of bed in the morning

Elrond and Thranduil - best friends

Fëanor and Fingolfin

House Melkor | House of Melkor | Modern Day Elves! Jrr TolkienMiddle EarthElvesFanartDeviantartHouseDer HobbitLegolasGangsters

Namo Mandos by Tanbi-no-Kami on DeviantArt

the fall of Numenor

Tolkien's world

Celegorm y Huan by Maivolchica

#sorry i'm not sorry about my elf problem

Resultado de imagem para the silmarillion arts of John Howe

“ lotr meme: four relationships For you and I have both passed under the wings of the Shadow, and the same hand drew us back.

Find this Pin and more on Arda by hermine atoyan.

madcat-world: Osgiliath - Volkan Baga

Sauron. Pathfinder RpgHobbitMedieval FantasyTolkienMiddle ...


Faramir & Eowyn— the best ❤ | all that is gold does not glitter | Pinterest | Tolkien, LOTR and Middle earth

Finduilas Illustration for the Silmarillion by Tolkien watercolor on paper, fragment- Princess of Nargothrond

dunedain warrior - Google Search