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Pin by Diego Diaz Gutierrez on Planeta salvaje t

Pin by Diego Diaz Gutierrez on Planeta salvaje t


From Fantastic Planet. Amazing movie, one of my favorites!

This futuristic story takes place on a faraway planet where blue giants rule, and oppressed humanoids rebel against the ...

La Planéte Sauvage (The Fantastic Planet) - 1973

Somewhere, in a sparsely populated galaxy, there is a planet like any.

Fantastic Planet


El planeta salvaje

El Planeta Salvaje (1973). Director: René Laloux.

Aaron Horky Fantastic Planet Poster

Fantastic Planet is a film based on the 1957 French novel “Oms en série” by Stefan Wul. The story takes place on a different planet which is populated by ...

Te llamare Terr pequeño Om - El planeta Salvaje

Planeta Salvaje

La Planète Sauvage AKA Fantastic Planet (1973)

Interview with filmmaker Alex Proyas about his film "Gods of Egypt", by Miguel Díaz and Iván Suárez.

Fantastic Planet

A Few days ago in Ultramundo we reviewed the animation movie Deep (Julio Soto Gurpide, 2017), because of it's release. Now Miguel Díaz González have the ...

Crítica de “Abbott y Costello contra Los Fantasmas” (Charles T. Barton, 1948) por Adrián Otero Fernández y Miguel Díaz González

Crítica de "Resident Evil" por Diego Mendez-Laiz Pendás

German filmmaker Dennis Gansel is known primarily for Before the Fall (Napola, Elite fur den Fuhrer, Dennis Gansel, 2004) and specially The Wave (Die Wlle, ...

Interview with Randy Falk (NECA's Director of product development) about the figures of “Evil Dead”. By Miguel Díaz González | ULTRAMUNDO

Interview with filmmaker Dennis Gansel about his film “Mechanic: Resurrection”. By Iván Suárez Martínez | ULTRAMUNDO

Pujol Enrique cort SuenaMéxico

Crítica de “Deep Rising: El misterio de las profundidades” (Stephen Sommers, 1998) por Juan Luis Marín Gutiérrez

Mark ...

Esta sábado Miguel Díaz e Iván Suárez presentarán el libro “Terminator: El Imperio de Skynet” en la “FNAC” de “Intu Asturias” (Antiguo “Parque Principado”) ...

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Composer John Massari has a prolific career in all the audiovisual media that can be consulted on IMDb. Perhaps his best known work was to compose the music ...

As we all know, NECA has been a company that has relied on us to review their products on this page. We also have informed about their upcoming releases and ...

Proyas has known success at the box office, but also has known sound disappointments in the form of projects that didn't saw the light of the day or clashes ...

Diego Torres - Tal Cual Es

Hell Awaits in Barcelona - Art Galleries, Arts & Entertainment, Music Venues - , & 1 Photo - Phone Number - Carrer de les Tàpies, 21 08001 Barcelona Spain

List Of Coolest Fast Food Restaurants Nearby You in Spain | Delice Bistro

ACLA 2016: Plato and Kafka: The Dialectics of Withdrawn Revelation | Amit Shilo - Academia.edu

Iris De Anda is a writer, activist, and practitioner of the healing arts. A womyn of color of Mexican and Salvadorean descent. A native of Los Angeles she ...

Chanteclair 2016


Nash Overstreet U Don't ...


Cast: Abbie Cornish, Dermot Mulroney, Justin Long, Diego Klattenhoff, Peyton Kennedy Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly Writer: Colin Frizzell, Ed Gass-Donnelly

Young ...


Jackie Lopez is a poet and writer from San Diego. She was founding member of the Taco Shop Poets and has always pursued a study of history of which has ...

Young ...

Alex ...

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Resultado de imagen de planeta salvaje

Rocio Restrepo

Mimosas masajes in Cartagena - Party Supplies - 2 Votes, & 1 Photo - Phone Number - Calle Budapest Cartagena, Murcia

Big ...

Cast: Dylan Baker, Matthew Beard, Carla Gugino, Ciarán Hinds, Abbey Lee Director: Sebastian Gutierrez Writer: Sebastian Gutierrez

Tanner ...

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Christina Aguilera

Anne of Carversville

Young ...

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My intent was to hook the preponderantly raza employees on reading, so I stocked lunchrooms with sci-fi, detective novels, a classic or two, ...


Born and raised in San Francisco Christine Costello is a 6th generation San Franciscan who grew up in the Mission District. She was the recipient of the ...

Jason Derulo


5 películas de Amy Adams que no te puedes perder

StéLouse ...

Cast: Adrián Suar, Julieta Díaz Director: Marcos Carnevale Writer: Marcos Carnevale, Adrián Suar