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Pin by Hiz The Wiz on Hannibal t

Pin by Hiz The Wiz on Hannibal t


Mads Mikkelsen

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

-Why can't you go home Hannibal? What happened to you there? -Nothing Happened to me…. I happened. Hannibal 3x3 Secondo. Source: hanniballecter.info

The lambs are not screaming. "

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

mason verger #masonverger

Anglophile, Bardolater, Classical music nerd and lifelong fangirl. Mostly just Hannigram forever and always (bring the pain) - frequently NSFW.


Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

For Everyone Who Has A "Thing" For Hannibal And Will Graham

Explore Nbc Hannibal, Mads Mikkelsen, and more!

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

Hannibal Lecter phone wallpaper for everyone ❤❤❤

If someone knows the artist please tell me or add their name as you pin

Hannibal Humor, Dr Hannibal, Hannibal Lecter, Lame Jokes, Stupid Jokes, Hannibal Series, Psychopath, Death, Om

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

I haven't even watched this show yet (I don't. Hannibal ...

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Awww WILL SEEMS SO SMALL AND CUTE LIKE MARTIN FREEMAN OR SOMETHING. It's better because it's only slightly exaggerated.

Serious pls!

I feel like this is really well drawn, the clothes and Hannibal's face especially, and it's impressive how there's not really any shading but it's still ...

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.


That's doctor's happiness in the morning. --- (c)Bryan Fuller- NBC Hannibal series Hannibal: morning light

Find this Pin and more on Mads Mikkelsen ♡ by Ava2001.

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

'Will Graham would have laughed' makes me laugh...but at the same time go AWWWW!

nbchannibal: “ fetalnightmare: “ “ ' Killing must feel good to God too, he does it all the time, and are we not created in his image?' ~Hannibal ” LOOK ITS ...

Hannibal on

Blood just makes him more gorgeous Hannibal

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Hiz The Wiz.

Hannibal & Will Graham: Slaying the Dragon

Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal

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margot verger #margorverger

The Wiz Vocal Selections

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal by Cheyenne.

Find this Pin and more on Hannibal lecter Art by Mary Hope.

10. Clarke Duncan in Daredevil

Uzo Aduba Uptown magazine

groovy Kristin

Xzar and Edwin by graffitihead Xzar and Edwin by graffitihead

Peak lapels and bold patterns accentuate classic style

However, when asked as to the specifics of Dylan's involvement, Schuster's Karp told the Times, “I think the right thing for us is not to go into the ...

With her deep sultry voice and her flaming red hair, Rita Hayworth was one of

Sony Music Masterworks and Broadway Records will release the original soundtrack of the NBC Television event “The Wiz LIVE!” produced by Harvey Mason Jr. ...

Same with Michael B. Jordan, who did manage to slap a cross pin to his lapel.Still, he is purty.

Terence Archie (Dr. Joshiah Bartlett), André De Shields (Stephen Hopkins)

Win The Richard Pryor Collection and The Steve Martin Collection on DVD

Don't Pin the Macron Email Hack on Russia Just Yet

'Emerald City' Makes Oz the Most Colorful It's Been Since 'The Wiz'

Marking the full-length debut of writer-director Deborah Haywood, this quirky coming-of-age British indie is built upon two stand-out performances from ...

“I know this motherfucker and his wizard bitchboy are up to somethin'. They can fuck right off with that.”

.: November 2013 .



The Wiz (1978)

How Steve Lacy and His iPhone Are Taking Over the Music Business

Ruth and Herb's angels...and some guy with a pin in his beard

My Baby Daughter Loves Elmo

My terrible performance might have also been down to the amount of drinks we had while waiting for a lane to free up at The Gutter in Brooklyn.

The current Gov't Mule tour has found the band augmented by harmonica wiz Hook Herrera at all five shows thus far including Sunday's concert.


Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Chocolate

Gilbert and Sullivan - An early poster showing scenes from The Sorcerer, Pinafore, and

Killer Mike Blasts Princess Michael For Offensive Brooch: "Racist Old White Bitch"

that dude Ron One broke his foot off in his entry for the MF DOOM ART CONTEST! if you didn't already know the attitude of the supervillainous MF DOOM, ...

Happy Birthday Bill Kreutzmann: Jamming With His Rooster Conspiracy

... this one because it exemplifies art in many ways.

game of thrones emmys

Re: Favorite TV show characters

Hannibal begins burning all his patient documents, so that once he flees there will be nothing left behind. He talks about getting caught - something we ...

This is a webcomic I've been doing since April of 2009.

Adventure Time explores family dynamics in four new episodes

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A pure moment of joy from Danielle Brooks and I am excited that Taystee will be back in my life next month (June 17). Plus stripes and leather pleats are ...

Critics Choice Nominations

And now on with the reviews!

Exhibit “regulars” tend to give away the same branded swag to attendees, including pens, pins, logos, and t-shirts. Companies who have the most unique ...

On Kaiju, Cthulhu, Lovecraft and del Toro

AA T ⒞


For him he must be himself and he has his own set of values. Even his faith is personalized for him. He doesn't like to ...

A couple of weeks ago I heard that Brendan Fraser had fallen on hard times—I guess there aren't many rolls for a dimwitted Mummy chasing Indiana Jones ...

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Buy Tickets: Here

Marilyn Manson on 'Utterly Sociopathic' 'Salem' Role, Gruesome Collectibles – Rolling Stone

Interview: Jon Lewis discusses his band's latest album, making a living as a full-time artist and the biggest pizza he's ever eaten

T-Mobile Fined $40 Million After Tricking Rural Customers With 'False Ring Tones'

Compared to his work with Snarky Puppy, which leans more towards textural funk and ambient compositions, Bob Lanzetti's solo album is differentiated by his ...


Marilyn Manson on 'Salem,' Dastardly Deeds