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Pin by Jim Maerk on Cowboy Guns t

Pin by Jim Maerk on Cowboy Guns t


Heritage-rough-rider-single-action-revolver | Heritage rough rider single

Revolvers · Colt

The Reluctant Paladin. Find this Pin and more on Old western guns ...


THIS IS A SUPERB WESTERN GUN RIG This is a brand new hand made/stitched

Fake Colt Fluted M1860 Army Revolver –Our GOTD is part fraud in that only its

LeMat revolver, a Civil War Era pistol that featured a single shit 20 gauge shotgun barrel.


Selection of Pistols: Variety of Civil War handguns including a Pepperbox (top) and

Ornate colt 1860 army

1880's Cheyenne style, Mexican loop holser 2016.

1860 Colt Army original revolver

GUN OF THE DAY – Pair of Model 1851 Colt Navy revolvers presented to Lt.

Colt Quickdraw Model SAA Revolver used by Jack Palance in the movie "Shane"

Early Second Year Production Colt Lightning Sheriff's Model Double Action Revolver with Double Loop Holster & Gun Belt Rig, Attributed to Montana Cowboy, ...

Cut down 1851Navy Colt in shortened California style holster 2001

My 1858 Remington New Army .44 Caliber Brass Frame Black Powder Pistol and Cavalry Holster

Find this Pin and more on old and new guns by Craig.

cap and ball revolver shooters - Yahoo Image Search Results

Cylinder release is on the crane.

Single Action Army

Colt 1878 Double-Action Frontier Sheriff's Model Revolver, c. 1900; Steel, gold, and ivory

Orrin Porter Rockwell. Mormon, Assassin, body guard to the American prophet.

The barrel shroud is heavy, which helps to hold the gun down.


Dan Wesson 715 .357 Magnum.

Colt Single Action Army with 12" barrel known as the "Buntline Special" - .45 Long Colt

The attention to detail is evident in the clean lines of the finish.


2nd Generation Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model - Nickel plated model - .45 Long Colt

The cylinder rotates clockwise, the same direction as the crane, reducing wear on the


A Taliban militiaman checks his AK-47 while cleaning it between skirmishes in the mountains of Afghanistan. The ammunition clip has been removed, which, ...

Primer strikes were good and extraction excellent.

The barrel nut.

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the AK-47's inventor, shows off his handiwork in 1997 ahead of festivities to mark the weapon's 50th anniversary.

Esmad Ullah, a teenage soldier in Afghanistan's national army, could be the poster child for the ubiquity of the AK-47 assault rifle. The picture was taken ...

Osprey - Weapon 34 - The Lewis Gun

AK-103 with GP-34 Grenade Launcher

Avengers: Infinity War “Infinity Metal” Enamel Pin by Tracy Tubera x REPPIN PINS

14 years earlier, in 1940 – Tyrone Power had Starred in The Mark of Zorro. I don't recall seeing this movie until TCM showed it recently. I loved it.

Baby Groot Marvel Enamel Pin by Tom Whalen & Mondo

1950S/60S Rare Vintage Kids Toy Tin Badge/pistol Pin Set (6)

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The single action pull came in much lower.

Bisley model Colt Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel known as the "Bisley Colt". Note distinct grip and hammer shape - .45 Long Colt

Skillfully framed by an unknown enemy for the murder of a priest, wanted vigilante MacManus brothers Murphy and Connor must come out of hiding on a sheep ...

Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Portrait Enamel Pins by Matt Taylor x Mondo x Alamo Drafthouse

Jim Mattis Is Pushing the U.S. Navy to Act Unpredictably ...

Osprey - Weapon 28 - The Bren Gun

Osprey - Weapon 22 - The Sten Gun

Weapon 25 - The Vickers-Maxim Machine Gun

J. Axtel Bjelke ....continued ~ (from the book authored by James William Pyper, "Utah Pioneers Of The Second Generation")

Van Halen Biker Pin Up T-Shirt

Never a big western fan, I was somehow always been drawn to the iconic image of the American cowboy. I wonder why.

Three magazines have an "arrow in triangle" Izhmash arsenal mark on the bottom right. The other magazine has a "star" Tula ...

Outlaw Josey Wales Movie Poster

Raquel Welch

Fire selector

Allman Brothers Band at Syria Mosque Concert T-Shirt

SUPERB 1950's Original Photo ROBERT HORTON Western Hunk WAGON TRAIN w/ GUN

Osprey - Weapon 12 - The Uzi Submachine Gun

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I'm not coming back, Jim.

New York Comic Con 2014 Exclusive My Little Pony Elements of Harmony Print Set by Michael

david bowie quote 5

Post Any Random Picture , Part 3 - Page 154 - Sitcoms Online Message Boards - Forums


Bonner with fellow IMG model Solveig Mork Hansen. According to reports, he is now

Ships 1 Ships 2 ...

James Bama (born 1926) is an American artist known for his realistic paintings and etchings of Western subjects. Life in Wyoming led to his comment, ...

Speech by James Monsen, President , Mt. Pleasant Pioneer Historical Association in March 1947


Bert Gerding by Belmer Wright


James Evan Ivie and Pauline Devona Larter Ivie

The Jagged Mark of His Sword Struck Terror to Every Heart – But One!

Target Exclusive Avengers Infinity War Thanos Pop! Figure & Pop! T-Shirt Box

Thoughts on Las Vegas: Needing the Best of Human Nature - Exemplary Business Ethics & Leadership

En Garde !!!

Matt Bissonnette


San Diego Comic Con 2018 Exclusive Infinity Gauntlet and Marvel Mutants Pin Mate Box Sets by

Avengers: Infinity War Marvel Portrait Enamel Pins by Matt Taylor x Mondo x Alamo Drafthouse

The double-action pull is off the chart, but doesn't feel nearly

How SEAL Team 6 'committed war crimes across Iraq and Afghanistan' | Daily Mail Online

James Bond Movie Poster

Duncan James McMillan and wife Emily Kent Johnston ~ Wasatch Academy Was Founded April 19, 1875

Since the adoption of trousers in Western Europe in Late Antiquity, trousers have been largely worn by men and not by women until the early 20th ...

He wears it throughout ◊ the ...