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Pin by Kari Spiker on Saving lives and what not t Ems

Pin by Kari Spiker on Saving lives and what not t Ems




The fresh excitement of a newbie in EMS.

Ems Humor :)

You know you're an EMT when; www.emtprep.com; paramedic; top 10 emt | Favorite Images | Pinterest | Ems humor, Emergency medical services and Medical humor

Hospital discharges. The real story. Oh, origins. | FIREMEDIC LIFE | Pinterest | Ems humor, Humor and Work humor

Basic life support. CPR.

SAVE A LIFE, GET YOURSELF CERTIFIED. Exclusive Weekend Batches for BLS & ACLS.

EMS Humor I have used most of these but not in written reports. Funny thing is nurses usually follow what I'm saying!

EMT and then some

Ems Humor

The fresh excitement of a newbie in EMS.

EMT - Saving lives and cracking jokes

happy ems week quotes | Happy EMS week to all my EMT and paramedic family!

10 Habits

You know you're an EMT when; www.emtprep.com; paramedic; top 10 emt

On the ninth call on Xmas, my dispatch toned to me: nine teeth a

If you blood type is.

knick-knacks-for-EMS3.jpg 960×720 pixels

EMS humorous.. and true. ( Can't stand the use of "u" for "you" but it's still funny. )

Set of 4 Funny EMS Bumper Stickers EMT Paramedic Humor Ambulance ECG EKG

EMS humor - Google Search


Find this Pin and more on LMAO!! by Karie Thornton.

On the fifth call on Xmas, my dispatch toned to me: five seconds of


I would like this better if "you're" were used correctly but still.

EMS miranda rights

This has a ring of truth to it!

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 64 Pics. I just love Todd Chrisley.he is so funny. Find this Pin and more on Saving lives and what not ...

Where is the box to check for dual ems/fire couples?

EMS EMT and Paramedic Stuff

Work and plan EMS humor

Don't throw your baby in a dumpster sticker - Boing Boing

Available as T-Shirts & Hoodies, Home Decors, Tote Bags, Prints,

It happens : ) Gawd love em'

Teacher said id never make a living staring out windows, won that one with EMS

Wait for the call to come ...

Says EMS but could be nurses too

EMS Humor

On the first call on Christmas dispatch gave to me.a 'toe pain' responding code three.

Airway lol

Paramedic cartoons, Paramedic cartoon, funny, Paramedic picture .

Haven't experienced some of this yet...but definitely true, and something to think about.

Dr George Smith, West TX EMS director quote on what to do


Most dispatchers suffer.

An EMS ride DOES NOT qualify you to bypass the 16 people already in the waiting room who are sicker than you. Triage means "to sort", not first come first ...

EMS paperwork shortcuts :P

"Firefighters and EMTs are real people with real emotions and real responses to the things they see every day." By thankyoufirefighters on tumblr shared by ...

The most important EMT skill.

The EMS Lounge | EMT & firefighting love | Pinterest | Ems humor, Humor and Paramedic humor

Doesn't matter if you're new in the field, or a veteran

Ems humor

It is great feeling knowing your husband is a certified EMT.


Ems Humor :)

Completely saw this today lady stopped in front of the ambulance with the sirens on smh

The mind cannot unsee what the eyes have seen, try as it might.

I have a friend with a heart condition that said he was going to do this but he was afraid they'd be laughing so hard they wouldn't be able to do cpr.

EMT's are great

Ems saved my life. I'll tell anybody that. Wanna know the story? Ask me sometime.

Slide1.jpg 720×540 pixels | Homage to Steve Berry's EMS Cartoons | Pinterest | Cartoon

Shirt on CafePress.com

MedicTests is the CORRECT, SIMPLE, and FUN way to prepare for your EMT &

Ems Humor :)

People really think it's a hospital.

EMS Humor

EMS Miranda Rights. Funny stuff!!

Lol Takes me back to EMT class.

Awe lol....This is awesome hahah

Amazingly easy way to solve gtt

Nocturnal Medic EMS Paramedic EMT

Proud to be a paramedic :)

Paramedic Christine and EMT Raoul

But wanted to write it down so I

Paramedic Prayer ....EVERYDAY!

Ems <3 when you know what you want for your future- it can'

You're probably a medic/emt if.

Good to know. Learned this at college bt it's good to know for those that don't know could save a dog or cats life

That's right, we do it fast and hard

Thatd be my EMT boyfriend ;

ambulance fee

Hahaha then I can't wait to drive!

Paramedic's Prayer

They also got "wet" pants and shoes, if I had anything to do with it. IYKWIMAITYD.

EMS Rule #5: It's not that I want you to get hurt, I


Seriously this drives me f**king BONKERS when people tell me how to do my job. Seriously takes everything in me to not give them a high five in the face ...

Only putting this on here cuz it references Bon Jovi :D

"You Might Work in EMS if.." Ash Grey Women's Classic T-Shirt

Can't breathe...can ya hand me that lighter?

On the seventh call of Xmas, my dispatched toned to me: seven strokes a

Heat Emergency

Find this Pin and more on EMS World by Cyndie Bezouka Lane.

10 reasons to date an emt.

Hungry Medic EMS on the road too cute!

Policeman's Prayer by chrisnilka, via Flickr

I know quite a of these medics .

PITA: Pain In The Ass Patient Definition: Anyone who calls for complete bullshit. Happy EMS week to my ems friends