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Plastic Bottlenose Dolphin Chris P Threats to Diversity t

Plastic Bottlenose Dolphin Chris P Threats to Diversity t


Cruising alongside this playful onboard the at Bottlenose dolphins make regular appearances for guests on whale watching tours with they love playing in the ...

This long Easter weekend in beautiful Paihia, Bay of Islands. Out with Great Sights · Bottlenose DolphinEaster ...

Check out the fish hitching a dolphin ride! What do you think they are saying

THE BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN - Author: Wolfgang Trettnak; colour print on paper; 70 x 50 cm | Comics | Pinterest | Bottlenose dolphin

Heaviside's dolphins (Cephalorhynchus heavisidii) are endemic to the coastal waters of southwestern Africa. Bottlenose ...

Bottlenose Dolphin, Tursiops truncatus

Dams threaten rare Mekong dolphins

Dolphin Society 'Incredibly Complex' | Earth in Transition. Bottlenose ...

Fraser's Dolphins - USA (Photograph by Chris Johnson)

BP oil spill caused biggest dolphin die-off in Gulf history .

Bottlenose Dolphin:)

Video captures adorable moment bottlenose dolphin gives birth and helps her new calf swim to the surface for its first breath of air

Meet Your Dolphin Guide : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and .

Effort to capture world's most endangered dolphin begins

A lone dolphin

Chinese White Dolphins

Two graceful bottlenose dolphins bow jumping out of the water.

"Swimming with the Common Bottlenose Dolphin is anything but common. Being able to swim

Dolphins in Hellens Creek off the Patuxent River near Solomons

Bottlenose dolphins breaching by Terry Whittaker

Leaping bottlenose dolphins. Kate Sprogis/MUCRU, Author provided ...

Plastic Bottlenose Dolphin. Chris P,

Sweet baby Angel, (the baby albino bottlenose dolphin) to forever live in captivity.

New Age Live: June 2011

The World's Most Endangered Porpoise Could Be Gone by 2018

Big dolphin smiles

(PDF) Cephalorhynchus hectori

Bottlenose dolphin jumping for joy

Save Misty The dolphin! Don't let this happen to her!

Bottlenose dolphin

Long-finned pilot whales

THE BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN - Author: Wolfgang Trettnak; colour print on paper; 70 x 50 cm | Comics | Pinterest | Bottlenose dolphin

YOU could be the next victim of the man-made scourge of the oceans. Bottlenose DolphinPlastic ...

Dolphin Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Dolphin At Popflock.com

Dolphins sleep with only half of their brain and with one eye open so they can

Save the Chinese White Dolphin

Petition: The Cove: Help Save Japan's Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins in South Africa on the BBC's Blue Planet II

Vanha metsä ja asuntopula, keywords: Vanhat metsät kolopesijä liito-orava pikkusieppo palokärki helmipöllö kovakuoriainen uhanalainen metsälaji avohakkuu ...

please don't kill our dolphins!

#DolphinCare Trivia: Did you know that the Chicago Zoological Society also manages the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program in Florida? Now in its 44th year, ...

Figure 1. Human interest in marine mammals: Part of the solution or part of the problem? Photo courtesy of Paul Forestell.

1 A rough-toothed dolphin (Steno bredanensis) photographed 21 August 2013

What does all this mean?

In captivity

El Niño in the Pacific has an impact on dolphins over in Western Australia. Leaping bottlenose dolphins.

Unidentified mother-calf Chilean dolphins, C. eutropia , with confirmed

A killer whale following a fishing trawler near the Shetland Isles in October 2012. The

The vaquita (Phocoena sinus) is a rare species of porpoise. It is endemic

... however mention 11 dolphins ...

Remora attached to a blue whale

Salto Tail wave Tail walking Tail walking

Figure 1. Images of the sighted animals with deformities: (a) Blainville's beaked

AB Spinner dolphins.


Three ...

Common Dolphin 2

Daughtry: Don't Support SeaWorld - Orcas Deserve Better!

Fig. 5. Ecotipos potencialmente diferentes del delfín manchado pantropical en Golfo Dulce: 1

Dolphin Handshake

Fishermen rescue trapped dolphin

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Bottlenose dolphins

Not everybody can be beautiful, but among dolphins an unusual rostrum is no reason to be sad. This striped dolphin with a malformed beak seemed to be doing ...

An Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis), a member of the infraorder Cetacea of the order Cetartiodactyla

Fin whale

Buoyant balaenids: The ups and downs of buoyancy in right whales

(PDF) First Human-Caused Extinction of a Cetacean Species?

Entangled nature

Dolphins and other Marine Mammals get entangled in plastic strapping, plastic line, etc.

Bottlenose dolphin photo

Cape fur seals

Dolphin Kiss

ABOVE: Bottlenose dolphin enjoying the Swan River.

However, it's relieving to know that since the debut of that film, it has gained the public's attention on a worldwide scale and the facts about Taiji have ...

Lipid class and depth-specific thermal properties in the blubber of two species of odontocete cetaceans, the short-finned pilot whale (Globicephala ...

Whatever their origin, three dolphins have to perform one show a day at 15:00 that lasts about an hour if you include the photo opportunities with the ...

shutterstock 353213009

All ...

The applicants ...

Whale #2

Fig. 2. Holly in the act of regurgitation

Figure 2. A breaching Longmanʼs beaked whale in Kenya on 17 October 2014; note

Bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, Gulf of Mexico. Photo © NOAA-SEFSC: Keith Mullin.

Fig. 4. An illustration of the major difference in brain size between 1 representative

... 73.


Cetacean Mother-calf Behavior Observed from a Small Aircraft off Southern California

Fig. 13.8 Identi fi ed Orcas in the Galapagos Marine Reserve through April 2012

Sam H Ridgway | DVM, PhD | National Marine Mammal Foundation, San Diego | ResearchGate

Whales in shallow water

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Wild bottlenose dolphins play off the bow of a sportfishing boat Friday, Aug. 8