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Pyrrhuloxia Juv Birds of Arizona t

Pyrrhuloxia Juv Birds of Arizona t


A Female Northern Cardinal could be Confused with a Pyrrhuloxia (photo Bob Bowers)

Photo: Rick & Nora Bowers/Vireo

Adult female


Adult male in all plumages is greyish-brown to brownish grey. Wings and tail are slightly darker. Primaries and alula are red edged.

The Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus) Photo source - Tringa Photography Southeast Arizona

Adult male Pyrrhuloxia; Texas, March

Adult female Pyrrhuloxia; Texas, March

Adult male

Beautiful juvenile Desert Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

adult male ...


(southwest) Northern Cardinal / Pyrrhuloxia

Pyrrhuloxia female

Pyrrhuloxia #27 - male. Near Amado, Arizona. May, 2009.

female or juvenile Pyrrhuloxia

adult male · adult female · adult male ...

Female is slightly browner than male on head and upperparts. Crest is slightly red tipped, and she has reddish eye ring. Throat and underparts are pale ...


Pyrrhuloxia © Jacqueline A.

The Pyrrhuloxia lives at the far southern reaches of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and most of old Mexico, too.

Adult male

Pyrrhuloxia male

Picture/image of Pyrrhuloxia

Picture/image of Pyrrhuloxia


Picture/image of Pyrrhuloxia

wplynn Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis sinuatus) Sometimes referred to as a "desert cardinal", this wild bird was spotted in the Saguaro forest.

Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal ( Cardinalis Sinuatus ) at Rio Grande Valley of Texas_ USA

A Male Pyrrhuloxia with Bright Red Face and Yellow Bill (photo Bob Bowers)

Joan Gellatly, Portal, Arizona, March 2009, http://www

American Robin (juv)

See more photos from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum: Cardinals Pyrrhuloxias

Picture/image of Pyrrhuloxia


A Pyrrhuloxia or 'desert cardinal' as he's known locally, strikes a defensive pose as he alerts to a strange new noise. This time the strange new noise is a ...

Juvenile male pyrrhuloxia

Female desert cardinal

The above bird was at San Pedro as well, but along the river. I found Pyrrhuloxias everywhere I visited in SE Arizona. They readily come to seed feeders.

Adult male Pyrrhuloxia

Cardinal male. Pyrrhuloxia male

If this female Pyrrhuloxia looks a bit concerned...she is. She is incubating eggs in a paleverde tree. Not wanting to disturb her, I went about getting my ...

Cardinal juvenile

The pyrrhuloxia or desert cardinal is a medium-sized North American Photo taken in San Antonio, TX. by Randall Patterson

Picture/image of Pyrrhuloxia

Pyrrhuloxia feeds by foraging on the ground and in vegetation, searching for seeds, large insects and fruits. It may also glean insects from trees and ...

10. Pyrrhuloxia_0125 Juvenile Pyrrhuloxia ...

Pyrrhuloxia by cmescamilla on.

Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal

Adult male

Picture/image of Pyrrhuloxia

Female Pyrrhuloxia, Edinburg Scenic Wetlands by Mary Beth Stowe


Adult male

Great Backyard Birds of Winter - Garden Style San Antonio

Desert Cardinal by Bryan Keil on 500px

Adult female Pyrrhuloxia, March 1995

Summer Tanager

southwest Northern Cardinal

A Curve-billed Thrasher can Sing much like a Northern Mockingbird (photo Bob Bowers

Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal, Rio Grande Valley, Texas


A Sharp-shinned Hawk, Trying to Look Innocent and Harmless (photo Bob Bowers

A beautiful male Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis sinuatus) makes a surprise visit to the visitor's center

Pyrrhuloxia aka Desert Cardinal by Trey Barron by

Pyrrhuloxia, Cardinalis sinuatus

Scarlet Tanager

Pyrrhuloxia, Cardinalis sinuatus

Vermilion Flycatcher | Tucson | Arizona | Birding | Photo via Instagram by @derrickkirkwood

Juvenile pyrrhuloxia 7-20-10

Pyrrhuloxia feeds on seeds, fruits of cactus and insects such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles…

Bridled Titmouse (Baeolophus wollweberi) found in Eastern and Southeastern Arizona and Southwest New Mexico, into Southern Mexico.

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images


He lives in a harsh environment...hawks and falcons hunt nearby. He questions if leaving is necessary.

Beautiful Arizona Roadrunner ~ Beep Beep ~

A Gila woodpecker outside its nest in a saguaro cactus in Surprise, Arizona.

Western Tanager

Photo Gallery

It takes a bit more effort to discover an Arizona Woodpecker...rare to the United States as they are, but somehow worth it.

Nest is a small compact cup made with thorny twigs, strips of bark and coarse grass. Interior is lined with rootlets mainly on bottom, and horsehair, ...

PYRRHULOXIA (male) Note gray color, very short curved yellow bill, bright red crest, face and wings that contrast with the brown NOCA

Pyrrhuloxia in Green Valley, Arizona

male Pyrrhuloxia


The Pyrrhuloxia beak is quite parrot-like. These close relatives sound much alike, with the Pyrrhuloxia's song being a little higher pitched and clipped.

Cardinal Phainopepla Pyrrhuloxia Pr1cs

Pyrrhuloxia 7-5-10

Five-striped Sparrow

Pyrrhuloxia 6-11-07

As I went a few feet next door to Rosey Creek, I saw more birds, such as this female Black-headed Grosbeak. Little did I know at the time, but I captured ...

This looks to be a first-year juvenile. Adult-like in many ways...she just doesn't appear to be fully mature yet.

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Phainopepla Female is similar to Northern Cardinal