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Quick Tip No More Blur About Photography t

Quick Tip No More Blur About Photography t


Pro Tips: How to Blur the Background of Your Smartphone Photos Without Apps or Filters (4K) - YouTube

I've put together a few big articles recently so I thought it was about

Super Beginner Photography Tips | Learning a DSLR can be overwhelming. Here's easy tips to get you started! Click through for tips and a FREE printable!

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photography cheatsheet. no matter how many times I've read about aperature it just won't stick .

Action Photography Tips

If you enjoy sports and other fast-moving things, then you've probably spent some time marveling at the amazing photos some photographers manage to capture ...

Okay so here's the second set of 5 things your camera bag needs. Last week

How to Add Blur to Photos in Lightroom


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Shoot every day Like any skill, the more you do it, the better you can get. The best camera you have is the one in your hand, so if you aren't out ...

Photography Tips | How to take better photos | Quick guide to camera settings

iPhone Abstracts Quick Tips

Cheat Sheet Manual Photography - The Fashion Camera

motion blur photography. Motion blur showing a monk in a red robe as he escapes

4 Ways To Get A Blurred Background. Indoor Photography TipsStreet ...


Great travel photography tips and reminders no matter what your skill level! How to Take


Photo by Mattia Righetti

47 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

Canon 200mm lens


While specialists of this subject embrace it as a deep-seated passion and have a never-ending quest for technical and creative advancement, those more ...

Quick Tip Photo Cards - Photography Cheat Sheets for Moms!

How to Use Prime Lenses in Low-Light Environments

Photo tips - Photography tips - Shutter speed - Photo blog - Photography - Kids photography

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What is a fast lens?


Whether photography is a hobby or a profession, you'll get a whole lot more out of it if you understand how it works. With a firm grasp of aperture, ...

Photography Tip- Control Background Blur with Aperture

After Effects Pro Tip: Quit Using Gaussian Blur Forever - Lack of Control

Don't lose the moment Those two moments I mentioned above, when I did not have a camera to capture them, I remember vividly because I was present and I was ...

2) Memorize the Definition of Shutter Speed

Well we are continuing our quest to make everyone better photographers with our great photo tips and photo classes by offering some more cheat sheets!

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DJI Quick Tips - Spark - Take Photos Like a Pro with ShallowFocus

Often, the background looks just great with your subject on the LCD screen. But. More information. More information

Final Cut Pro X Quick Tips — Motion Blur inside FCPX

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How To Get Rid Of Motion Blur When Shooting Sports Indoors. How to Photograph Fast Action

For the purposes of this article, I haven't even activated the separate focus and exposure reticules. You can see that the +/- exposure compensation ...

Nothing is more annoying than getting home from an event and realizing that most of your photos have turned out blurry. There are 4 major causes of blurry ...

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blurry effect tutorial

An intentionally over- or underexposed image is usually much more compelling than one that was incorrectly exposed accidently. The only good blur is ...

Credit: Nikon

Quick Start Video Guide for the Nikon

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Share images. Get outside. Explore inside. But, regardless of your results, have fun with photography. Nothing else really matters—not even the photograph.

Bokeh refers to the out-of-focus area of a photograph, usually created by sources of light and color behind the subject. This quick tip will show you ...

How to Photograph Children

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Jody Dole photo of grass with lots of bokeh

Read more about the Zoom Effect from another photographers perspective here.


landscape photography tips

how to photograph people

Photography Cheat Sheets – Amazing Tips For Brilliant Photos!

Are you blocking others from a great view? Are you in a bad section of town? Be aware of what is happening around you both for safety and courtesy and to ...

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Top Studio Lighting Tips There are no rules in photography ……..apart from

What is Reciprocal Rule in Photography?

Learn how to take great photographs with these photography tips

5 Quick Tips for Sharper Images with any camera and lens

How to get a blurred background. Photography Tips ...

Quick Tip - How to get multiple subject in focus

There is a common misconception that if your image isn't tack sharp and free of motion blur then it isn't a good image. I'd like to show you three ways you ...

How To Market Your Photography Business

Here motion blur adds interest to the picture, but what if you wanted to see

Too bad your tripod isn't compatible with your smartphone. Or is it? Maybe one day smartphones will come with... Read More

Here's a quick exercise to help you understand how to use the camera's aperture settings to control the amount of background blur in an image.

While working with limited light can be tricky at times, it can also offer new creative opportunities. Here are a few low-light photography tips to make the ...

How to edit your photos to your heart's content

Here are 7 tips to master winter photography

It's here! Photo Week 2017 is around the corner with 40 incredible classes and 20 award winning instructors. Learn More here.


The sacred trinity of photography: What you need to know about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO