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RTSea Blog observations on oceans sharks and nature June 2011

RTSea Blog observations on oceans sharks and nature June 2011


Ocean Conservation and Culture: one does not have to look far to find conflict

Sharks of the Atlantic: new report cites dismal international conservation efforts

Florida's Shark Congregation: sharks swarm in the shallows prior to northern migration

As a filmmaker, one of the reasons I write the RTSeaBlog is because through my work I have come to see that there is a tremendous amount of important ...

Great White Shark: San Diego sighting adds one more juvenile to population

Sharks Win By A Nose: research details stereo olfactory ability

Here is a long but valuable post script to my comments at the start of the month regarding the pseudo-scientific concept that without sharks the Earth would ...

The first shark I ever filmed professionally, to this day, probably remains as my all-time favorite: the great white shark. There are certainly sharks that ...

How Do You Clean A Shark's Skin?: small reef fish know how

Now that Discovery Channel's Shark Week has concluded and the entertainment frenzy that surrounds it has subsided, we all can get back to some ...

Australia's Grey Nurse Sharks: NSW anglers under new restrictions to protect sharks

As marine biologists continue to study the physiology and behaviors of sharks, we are learning more and more about these fascinating creatures and what we ...

Great White Sharks and Boats: do they stalk small boats?

Another shark video is making the viral rounds on the Internet. But rather than be one that invokes sadness or anger for depicting some poor trophy prize ...

Several news items have been swirling around the shark conservation news outlets and blogs of late - from the big picture, population view to the more ...

Filmmaker's Journal: Oceanic whitetip sharks

Shark frenzy is in high gear once again - and not due to the sharks, but by the news media which can seem to have a taste for blood greater than any ocean ...

Basking Shark: NOAA's "species of concern" designation is a warning flag

A Great White Adolescent: juvenile white shark makes rare appearance for whale watchers

RTSea Blog: observations on oceans, sharks and nature: Atlantic Shark Conservation: Oceana appeals to ICCAT for leadership

RTSea Blog: observations on oceans, sharks and nature

Guam's Dwindling Shark Population: new study supports need for protective legislation

Whale sharks - the largest fish on the planet. For many of us who dip below the surface of the sea, either with snorkels or scuba, catching a glimpse of any ...

For better or worse, this is the shark's time of year. Newspapers, magazines, television programming and news broadcast, and motion pictures - all forms of ...

ICCAT PostScript: silky shark afforded greater protection but other species ignored

Here's a piece of good news for manta rays and all those who love them. David Shiffman (WhySharksMatter) writes in southernfriedscience.com about steps ...

My friend and shark advocate colleague, David Shiffman, ran an interesting post in his blog, Southern Fried Science, on the Largetooth Sawfish and its new ...

The islands that make up Bermuda lie just west of the center of the Sargasso Sea in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Further north and a bit removed from its ...

“It's a shark party kinda day @discoversharks #skyeandstaghorn”

Thresher Shark Airborne: researcher takes remarkable pix of shark leaping

New Deep Water Shark Species: CA research team finds 4 new sharks off African coast

From Shark Teeth To Shark Cage: some interesting items in the news

Marine-Based Medicines: making ocean conservation personal

Shark Nets - long standing shark "deterrents" strung along some of the more popular beaches in South Africa and Australia - have become a source of concern ...

At the end of the month I will get to do both at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN. I will arrive at the end of the month to do local media ...

Sharks Bite Back Without Biting: study finds deadly bacteria

Photos by Sam Cahir, predapix

Shark's Sense of Smell: scientist sniffs out the subtleties of acute sense

Ocean conservationists often talk of how commercial activities impact marine environments to where species populations are brought to a tipping point, ...

Filmmaker's Journal: one of Bahama's groupers comes to play

For you shark advocates, here's an important post from my friends at Beqa Adventure Divers in Fiji regarding protection for Grey Nurse Sharks (GNS) in ...

Brimming Pools: latest Nat Geo issue looks at the vibrant diversity of tidepools

Back in June, I wrote about the tenuous state of the Hawaiian monk seal, one of the most endangered marine mammals on the planet.

California's Shark Fin Prohibition: AB 376 introduced to protect sharks

Shark-Safe Beaches: testing aerial spotters and dismissing electro-magnetics

A Week for Sharks: CA shark fin ban is now law, Australia concerned over shark diving

Ocean conservation can be challenging because it requires engaging an audience in a world that for the most part they cannot see.

Bahamas' Deep Water Sharks: institute conducts research into little-known species

Following the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there was understandable concern for a variety of species that inhabit the area, ...

Rally 'Round the Rodent: small mammals are ecological foundation

Captive Whale Shows: eco-tourism provides alternatives

Coral Reef Stress Factors: scientists develop world map for better marine management

As a follow up to my recent post on shark conservation advocate Stefanie Brendl, here's something from my friends at SharkDiver, running an interesting post ...

A story is moving quickly through the news media like an Arizona wildfire - from England to India, from the New York Times to Al Jazeera.

Protecting Corals and Island Nations: conservation group and the President of Palau both speak out

In early February, the U.S. appointed head of the oil compensation fund, set up at the conclusion of the BP Gulf oil spill, declared that the Gulf of Mexico ...

Living Ocean Foundation: a 6-year coral reef expedition with hopes of making a difference

Captive Dolphins: 25 dolphins are held in waiting for a proposed Singapore resort

Are we losing touch with nature? Is there a generation(s) of children coming up who can only relate to nature distantly, without the true experience of ...

Japan's Seafood Heritage: careful conservation diplomacy to challenge centuries-old practices

Geoengineering is in the news again. USA Today ran an article that summarized some of the latest proposed geoengineering concepts.

Florida's Dead Shark Mystery: 15 small sharks wash ashore along west coast

Coral's Fight or Flight: Coral Sea reserve proposed, but some corals can migrate to the poles

RTSea Blog: observations on oceans, sharks and nature: June 2011 | sharks | Pinterest | Shark

Monday, November 7, 2011

One of my favorite shots by our friend @sharksneedlove 💙

RTSea Blog: observations on oceans, sharks and nature: June 2011

An international team of scientists, led by the Institute for Ocean Conservation Science at Stony Brook University, has used DNA to determine that groups of ...

It was just a couple of years ago that the Shark-Free Marina Initiative (SFMI) was launched as a way to contribute to shark conservation by getting marinas ...

The bull shark, despite being a saltwater shark, has migrated into Lake Nicaragua.

silhouettes & shading

News reports that the support crew, for ocean endurance swimmer Penny Palfrey, killed several curious oceanic whitetip sharks during the course of her swim ...

It's Wednesday, June 8, 2011 - World Ocean Day. And while I'm laying about , nursing a sore throat and cold, I'll still do my part to commemorate this ...

s274023028341364254_p602_i43_w1000.jpeg (1000×750)

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Blue shark getting an up-close with a diver Photographed by| @pats0n

Shark jaws

Shark barrel #clarklittlegallery @oneoceandiving

“Amazing shot via

Take a plunge into the deep ocean waters to explore these Spectacular Sharks !

Shark species facing extinction - in pictures

white tip shark

Filmmaker's Journal: when things go wrong, take it in stride

This is a sandbar shark and a Galapagos shark enjoying a swim together during a sunrise dive with One Ocean Diving.com @oneoceandiving.

The bull shark is one of the most dangerous sharks on earth and is actually responsible for most attacks attributed to other sharks.

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nice angle

Have a look at our guide on everything you need to know about a wide range of marine wildlife in the areas in which our tours operate.

great White Shark KATHARINE returning to Cape Cod! Exquisite 1year migration track juv Atlantic white

22 best Mako Shark images on Pinterest | Sharks, Shark and Great white shark

The largest shark migration in U. coastal waters occurs every winter off Florida during the peak of tourist season

If you think surfing in water full of Great White Sharks while wearing a black wet suit is a good idea, think again.

Why we love to fear sharks

Dusky sharks used to be plentiful in their wide range, which extends to the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Commercial fishing, pollution and other ...

Blue shark getting an up-close with a diver Photographed by| @pats0n | logo study | Pinterest | Blue shark and Shark

Why Don't You See Great White Sharks in Aquariums?

Street Sharks jawsome

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