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SCAR self contained aerial reconnaissance Pod self contained

SCAR self contained aerial reconnaissance Pod self contained


Self-contained Recce Pod Works with a Wi-Fi Link


SCAR Pod Gazelle

S.C.A.R. - Pod with Thales I-Master on PC-6 S.C.A.R. - Pod with FLIR Ultraforce 350 HD on PC-6

Vulcanair MMA with SCAR Pod


With this new S.C.A.R.-Pod every aircraft and helicopter equipped with hard points can be a surveillance ...

Backed by leading-edge aeronautical engineering expertise, Airborne is now offering its innovative self-contained aerial reconnaissance (SCAR) pod ...

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Cover S.C.A.R. - Pod

Thrush 510G

SCAR Pod mounting lug

Helitech 2015: Recce pod gets first customer - RH - Rotorhub - Shephard Media

The light weight carbon fibre S.C.A.R.-Pod carries a complete surveillance mission architecture which upgrades any aircraft with hardpoints into an ISR ...

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04A3617 04A3666 ohne Kennzeichen. S.C.A.R. - Pod ...

Airborne 2

LASA T-Bird Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Aircraft

With this completely self-sufficient reconnaissance pod every aircraft and helicopter equipped with hard points can be a surveillance aircraft instantly.

LASA Engineering

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has approved ESG's new supplemental type certificate (STC) installation of HD EOS on the EC135 helicopter, ...

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On the upcoming Singapore Airshow Airborne Technologies introduces its newest development – the S.C.A.R.-Pod (Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance Pod).

AC-208 Eliminator Armed Caravan Aircraft

Lynx helicopter with MX15 turret (Image Credit: Fighter Control)

Gazelle helicopter

scarpod 10

Airborne Technologies Images

15" EO/IR cameras scarpod 20

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From SAR and surveillance coverage in the Arctic to early warning and anti-piracy missions in the Indian Ocean, the requirement for an airborne tactical ...

LASA Engineering

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C295W Search and Rescue Aircraft

L-3 SPYDR II rapidly-reconfigurable multi-mission ISR aircraft. L-3 Communications (.pdf brochure) Also available as an upgrade on older/second-hand ...

With many countries facing fiscal crunches, aerial surveillance solutions that meet budgetary constraints or leverage more out of existing assets are being ...

The development of light attack and ISR aircraft based on platforms that were originally ...

USAF Selects DB-110 Airborne Reconnaissance System For Multi-Nation FMS Acquisition

Posted Image

DA62 MPP Special Mission Aircraft

Bronco Combat Systems USA Launches AHRLAC-based Bronco II C4ISR, Precision Strike Aircraft

The Aero 3A news agency flew a Quad Phantom mini-UAV over the static park at this year's Paris Air Show, equipped with a high-definition camera.

Airborne Technologies GmbH

Posted Image

GovSat-1 (SES-16) Communications Satellite

Watch this video on YouTube

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Airborne Technologies

The Naval Air Systems Command handled the modifications to the two aircraft, which cost approximately $20 million in total. This package included various ...


... of weapons and sensors that would allow it “find, fix, and finish” the enemy independently in cooperation with other manned or unmanned aircraft and be ...

The US Air Force's 6th Special Operations Squadron began looking at the armed ISR crop-duster concept in 2012 and, when a requirement emerged to provide ...

Originalno dizajniran za Pilatus PC-9 jednomotorni turbo-prop avion, S.C.A.R.-Pod (Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance Pod) može da se integriše na bilo ...

... Helitech 2015: FastFin tail mod on display ...

The MX-8 turret offers a significant reduction in cost compared with larger systems, making it a more attractive option for non-military operators, ...

IOMAX S2R-660 Archangel light attack and reconnaissance aircraft (AT-802)-OA-8 Longsword: Details

Paris Air Show 2017: L3 showcase Longsword light attack, SPYDR II ISR aircrafts

Airborne Technologies was chosen to demonstrate its ISR S.C.A.R. Pod in the ADRIATIC STRIKE exercise in Slovenia, to provide live video from a PC-9 trainer ...

IOMAX S2R-660 Archangel light attack and reconnaissance aircraft (AT-802)-OA-8 Longsword - Image: sohu.com

Mission Management Unit

... podvješajna gondola za zrakoplove s integriranim elektroptičkim senzorima pod oznakom S.C.A.R.-POD 10 (Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance Pod)

poster MMA

Trainee mechanic from the L'Armée de Terre inspects SA342 Gazelle 'GMD' during training operations

This Thrush aircraft, originally purchased by FSG, is currently grounded at a hangar in

And some drawings in both colour schemes.

SA341G Gazelle RA-1233G as seen in St.Petersburg on 6th April 2013 which has crashed today

Bardzo interesującą konstrukcją jest zasobnik obserwacyjny S.C.A.R. Pod (Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance Pod) wyprodukowany przez austriacką Airborne ...

Airborne Refuelling

Go Gazelle!

As YU-HBB at Luxembourg Findel Airport in October 1995.

After this photo of the Thrush aircraft was posted by a plane spotter in Malta,

Gazelle continuing to be a very useful platform for variety of armory & surveillance equipment …

The lug suspensions enable immediate use on every aircraft with hard points. The light weight carbon fibre pod carries a complete surveillance ...

Army Air Corps SA341B Gazelle as seen in 1978

... Helitech 2015: Airbus showcases H160 (video) ...

Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS)

Lasa Engineering T-Bird - Image: sohu.com

The Ka-226T is a light multirole helicopter, which can be operated in dense urban areas and in mountainous locations. (Photos: Russian Helicopters)

http://www.helitechevents.com/en/Exhibitors/566248/Airborne -Technologies-GmbH/Products/815885/SCAR-Pod

SA341G F-WTNV (cn 1006) arriving at Twenthe Air Force Base in Holland on 30th August 1974

Paravion's line of airborne camera sensor mounts include applications for Cessna aircraft and allow for a maximum weight and dimension payload as noted ...

Airborne technicians work on installing retractable surveillance gear. Photo obtained by The Intercept

Memories of RA-1233G:


Boeing has admitted a flaw in the KC-46 Pegasus plane's refuelling boom means it

Cessna Replacement - The Options [Archive] - Page 3 - IMO Discussion Board

poster MMA

A painting of Army Gazelles over Middle Wallop

A Soko-built Gazelle operated by the Air Force of Montenegro

And some drawings in both colour schemes.

Airborne technicians in Austria work on the surveillance gear attached to one of the Thrush airplanes