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Save Tesla39s lab Wardenclyffe NY The structure is long gone but a

Save Tesla39s lab Wardenclyffe NY The structure is long gone but a


1904 image of Wardenclyffe Tower located in Shoreham, Long Island, New York

The laboratory was the brick building which is about 94 feet square and as tall as a two-story building. It was completed in a few months, and the concrete ...

5 Visions That Showed Nikola Tesla Was Ahead of His Time. Tesla S LabsWardenclyffe TowerHistoryLong ...

Wardenclyffe Tower and Lab

The Wardenclyffe tower was meant to be an international power source, created by none other

Tesla Tower erected in Shoreham, Long Island, New York was 187 feet high, the spherical top was 68 feet in diameter. The Tower, which was to be used by ...

Nikola Tesla-- The Wardenclyffe Tower located in Shoreham, Long Island, New York

Wardenclyffe Tunnels Investigation: Beneath Tesla's Broadcast Power Tower

Wardenclyffe... View of Tesla's laboratory building and the uncompleted transmitting tower.

The Tesla laboratory designed by Stanford White as it is today. Located on Route 25A

Tesla Laboratory, Long Island, New York

Tesla: #Tesla #Wardenclyffe #Tower #Project.

http://teslasciencecenter.org/images/teslalab090314.jpg. Wardenclyffe ...

Wardenclyffe Tower

poster depicting tesla's controversial wardenclyffe tower

Last ...

Useful Notes / Nikola Tesla

Both of these inventions might have been useful for improving the Wardenclyffe plant's performance; the first for the magnifying transmitter itself, ...

Interior of Tesla's Long Island Laboratory... Wardenclyffe. Note Tesla's numerous inventions are


Office and experimental area inside Tesla's laboratory. A rare view.

Nikola Tesla, left, and Wardenclyffe Laboratory and Tower in Shoreham. The tower has since been demolished, but the lab still stands.

Tesla peaks out the door of the Colorado Springs laboratory, early summer 1899

... and creating such a commotion of electricity in the earth that sparks an inch long can be drawn from a water main at a distance of three hundred feet ...

24: Wardenclyffe Tower (1992) and Then! (1990/2003)

Nikola Tesla and His Wardenclyffe Tower and Laboratory

A multiple exposure publicity picture of Tesla sitting in his Colorado Springs laboratory with his "

New MoMA Extension: Tower Verre by Jean Nouvel, Midtown Manhattan, New York City © Ateliers Jean Nouvel Click the picture for more!

The other site I have posted about earlier in this thread is the "Telefunken" Sayville area another very important place Tesla worked at and is a restricted ...

"Let's build a GODDAMN museum!" Help me raise money to buy back Nikola

Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower and Laboratory (FOR SALE!)


Wardenclyffe Laboratory

Nikola Tesla`s Wardenclyffe tower in opperation (origional drawing by Frank R…


See 26 photos and 2 tips from 123 visitors to Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe. "They recently unveiled a cool, new Tesla statue and are set to.

The Golden Age of NASA Infographic shared by Dec 2014 in Science Every US space mission from Mercury to Apollo-Soyuz with astronauts color-coded by ...

Nikola Tesla in his Colorado Laboratory with magnifying transmitter

Frankenstein Laboratory Props

Rare notes from Tesla on Wardenclyffe. By Leland Anderson

Second Laboratory: 46 E. Houston Street (1895-1902)

Wardenclyffe Lab

Tesla and his assistants built a one-of-a-kind laboratory on the outskirts of town, which looked like a large barn topped by a 180-foot metal tower.

Nikola Tesla. Be in the stillness of yourself to connect with your reality.

The laboratory where Tesla and Westinghouse developed apparatus for AC systems

Wardenclyffe from the Side The general layout of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower power supply

A recently discovered set of original Nikola Tesla drawings reveal a map to multiplication that contains all numbers in a simple to use system.

Nikola Tesla in the Lab Poster

Financially supported by J. Pierpont Morgan, Tesla built the Wardenclyffe laboratory and its famous transmitting tower in Shoreham, Long Island between 1901 ...

The other important item is a document lifting the "restricted" airspace above Gardiner's Island by the FAA, as the U. S. Navy has determined that this ...

The Wardenclyffe tower, also called a "magnifying transmitter," was meant to be

At that very moment some type of military ordinance went off near the old man who was holding Chester in his arms, it created a large red flash and blinding ...

wardenclyffe tower - Google Search

What the Wardenclyffe tower might have looked like when completed.

This patent of a "Wireless Energy Transfer System" in 2011 refers to 4 Nikola Tesla patents and this patent represents our modern system of radio ...

Jonathan White review of Lincoln: The Man Who Saved America

At the time that Tesla's lab burned down, he was developing a wireless transmitter for communications. By 1895, Tesla claimed to have completed this system ...

This ...

Transmitter, 3d Render by Leo Blanchette. Invention

Tesla's Metaphysics and Cosmology (Velimir Abramovic) | Nikola Tesla | Physics & Mathematics

Tesla Coil with a Six-Pack Capacitor

The Great Pyramid of Giza – A Nikola Tesla Like Power Plant Created Thousands of Years Ago

It's a sound maker that plugs in to a computer, and makes awesome spooky sounds by ...

Tesla's Colorado laboratory in 1899.

In this manner many compounds of nitrogen forms of energy may be manufactured all over the world, at a small cost, and in any desired amount, and by means ...

Mark Twain in the lab of Nikola Tesla, spring of Originally published as part of an article by T. Martin called “Tesla's Oscillator and Other Inventions” ...

WikimediaCommons // Dickinson V. Alley //  ...

tinyTesla is a DIY mini musical Tesla coil kit that anyone can build. Once complete, tiny Tesla shoots 4 inch sparks (tiny lightning), plays music and ...


The lab in its glory days

Photograph of Tesla's boat detailing the prop and rudder

Last Documentation Of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Lab - YouTube

Mark Twain y Nikola Tesla.

Thomas Edison's innovative laboratory, built in 1887. He created and perfected over half of

Tesla Free Energy Machine | opposition of pvd ald cvd and pecvd analytical instruments and

Nikola Tesla, From Looking Back at Rocky Point - In The Shadow of The Radio. Wardenclyffe in Shoreham, Long Island was the laboratory ...

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Nikola Tesla Earthquake Machine | Earthquake Machine I - The Gillender Building caused a Tsunami in .

Tesla's work in Colorado Springs allowed him to return to New York to pursue the…

1993 CONTENTS • Preface • Introduction • Verisimilitude • The Achilles' Heel of the Illuminati - "Ether Physics" and Flying Saucer Propulsion • A Brief ...

A photograph taken in the Wardenclyffe plant generator room showing a 200 kilowatt, 3-phase direct-connecting Westinghouse alternating current generator.

Scenes from Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe's ...

Typically, lightning discharges 30,000 amperes, at up to 100 million volts, and emits light, radio waves, x-rays and even gamma rays.

Tesla's electric generator and ankh More

Did Nikola Tesla Really Discover "Free Energy"

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A non-profit kickstartered the funds and bought the NY property and are turning it

Dynamic theory of gravity

Nikola Tesla Experiments | Tesla experiments in Berlin

1919 May

"Empecé a imaginar una máquina de CC, visualizar su funcionamiento y seguí el flujo cambiante de la corriente eléctrica en la armadura.

Nikola Tesla 3

2.4 Owing to the structure of their compound eyes, insects such as moths follow an equiangular spiral when drawn towards a candle flame.

(Photo of Tesla's Gigafactory by Planet Labs, Wikimedia Commons)