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Save the whales again WWF urges rejection of IWC proposed

Save the whales again WWF urges rejection of IWC proposed


Save the whales, again: WWF urges rejection of IWC proposed whaling compromise

Japanese Whaling

Norwegians Hate Whale Meat, So Why Does Norway Insist on Killing Whales?

Hump back whales tale by hans dekker via flickr

Save the whales, again: WWF urges rejection of IWC proposed whaling compromise | Issues | Pinterest | Iwc

There Is A Little Left - Greenpeace Whale Protection Poster - SAVE the Whales

WWF opposes scientific whale kills. Credit: WWF

Sea Sheperd wants to safeguard whales from South Korea's new hunting plans

Antarctic whaling operations for Japan is now ILLEGAL! This is a major victory for saving whales!

Washington State Government Acts to Save Endangered Killer Whales - Governor Jay Inslee has signed an executive order calling for a number of measures to be ...

Plans for Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary voted down by whaling nations

A Decade Later: Springer, the First Wild Killer Whale Rescue | AquaBlog

Ed recounts the rescue of this whale who was later seen on Christmas day a few months later. alive and well.

WHALE WARS: Anti-whaling super ship sets sail to protect minke from Japanese 'poachers' | Nature | News | Express.co.uk

Irish proposals are intended to protect whales, but some environmentalists fear they might have the opposite effect

Urge the Army Corps of Engineers to review the risks from coal proposals.

Mother and baby whale swim with mother and baby dolphin

Greenpeace and WWF give conditional support to commercial whaling plan | Environment | The Guardian

Japanese whale hunters kill 122 pregnant minke

Dall's porpoise underwater

IWC should have whale conservation as priority - WWF

Whaling nations block South Atlantic sanctuary plans

Disappointment as New South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Proposal Rejected by the IWC

Save the dolphins-THE COVE.

Save the whales, again: WWF urges rejection of IWC proposed whaling compromise | Issues | Pinterest | Iwc

Save the duck! Clean Air Network and Rubber Duck partner together to demand clean air

South Atlantic sanctuary for proposal for whales is harpooned

It is more than evident that unless the current government is VOTED OUT, the last 55 Maui's Dolphins could become EXTINCT less than two decades from now.

... Campaign Whale Director, Andy Ottaway, at the IWC in Agadir

Greenland Defies IWC Rules by Authorizing Humpback Whaling before Hunt is Legal

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Save the whales, again: WWF urges rejection of IWC proposed whaling compromise | Issues | Pinterest | Iwc

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Southern Right Whale

Here are the 10 Most Endangered Whales in the World

Presentation of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Proposal

This Country Is About To Start Killing Whales Again ...


A new baby orca is seen swimming with its mother. The baby is reported to be healthy and spry. The addition to the local J Pod is always a cause for ...

Eleven species of whales use their baleen to filter seawater to catch krill (www.

Australia calls for immediate halt to Japanese whaling

Atlantic whale sanctuary hopes dashed at IWC

I know that you will do the right thing. WWF is honorable and I am sure will will answer their cry even if no one else does.


A whale and a calf being loaded aboard a factory ship, the Nisshin Maru. The sign above the slipway reads, "Legal research under the ICRW".

Read about Morgan's case here and here and use #FreeMorgan in social media and follow Voice Of The Orcas,

IWC 64 Blow by Blow Account of what happened

Minke meat for sale in Japan from so-called scientific hunts. Credit: WWF / Michael Gunther

Japan Wants to Resume Whale Hunting This Year

Southern Hemisphere baleen whale management areas. Source: IWC, 1980

Trading the whale-hunt to save the whale - A whale quota system?

Whaling regulation[edit]

North Atlantic right whale in water.

Please say NO to SeaWorld and its enslavement of animals by refusing to buy a ticket to this abusement park, and ask the marine park to release these ...

Bryde's whale feeding, © Nathan Meadows


Country is About To Start Killing Whales Again ...


Marine biologists discover rubbish haul in stomach of dead whale in Taiwan

Whales are among the most fascinating and talked about creatures on the planet. These mammals are not just the largest creatures of the ocean, ...

Faroe Islands barbaric whale slaughter 2012

IWC 66 Urgent Update - Meerkats

Keep Calm and Save the Whales! Source: http://ichooseyoupikachuu.tumblr

... Save whales, not whaling!

While ocean conservationists may be breathing a bit easier since last month's decision by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to uphold the ...

... Picture of a minke whale breaching ...

... criticism about keeping whales in captivity, announced Friday that a beluga whale living in its Wild Arctic attraction at its Orlando park has died.


At any point does any reader believe this calf would have survived in the wild where was free supply of food on which to be able to milk the baby?

(July 6, 2012) A bid to take whale conservation to the UN General Assembly failed at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) after criticism from hunting ...

All delegates were given water bottles with the IWC seventy anniversary logo - here the water bottles of Australia.


In aquariums, dolphins and other sea animals routinely die prematurely of stress and other captivity-related causes, and SeaWorld has an abysmal record.

WWF and IWC Push for Whale Sanctuaries

Bob Carr backs end of dolphin parks

Killer whale Overhead image of Southern Resident killer whales. This image shows the close bond between mother ...


... North Atlantic right whale off the Florida Gulf coast ...

How to Retire a Captive Orca: The Sea Sanctuaries of the Future

Delegates at IWC 62

Local residents try to save melon-headed dolphins stranded on the coast in Hokota,

Save The Whales

Korea Openly Admits to Having Plans to Kill Endangered Whales

Whale Art

... Picture of a fin whale breaching ...

Plans for Southern Atlantic Whale Sanctuary voted down by whaling nations

Today public hearings closed at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the case between Australia and Japan over whaling by Japan in the Southern Ocean ...

AMSTERDAM (AP) — A showdown looms this week over the 25-year ban on commercial whaling: Should it be eased, which might mean fewer whales are killed?



Source: WWF Atlas of the Environment 1990

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In rare natural event, mother right whale adopts orphaned calf (South Africa)

The U.S. delegation to the International Whaling Commission attends the IWC's opening session (AFP/

international whaling commission meeting