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Save those thumbs Cool stuff t History Black history and

Save those thumbs Cool stuff t History Black history and


Pic on right is a young Redd Fox

Conservative Christians have always fought for the Basic Human Rights of others! We are your · Voting HistoryHistory EducationBlack ...

Daniel Hale Williams, the first Black cardiologist to successfully perform open heart surgery.

15 Inspirational Quotes to Commemorate Black History Month

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Cecil Rhodes & King Leopold II of Belgium both killed more Africans than anybody else in human history!

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This makes perfect sense as to why in that scene in Aladdin happened.

15 Inspirational Quotes to Commemorate Black History Month

They made the slaves wear this so they wouldn't eat the corn while picking. African HistoryWomen In ...

"If you want a taste of freedom, keep going" - Harriet Tubman. she is the well known African American who freed herself and others from slavery

Her being punished for sending her child to school is the real crime.

Black history month!

Additional Art of Medieval and Renaissance era Blacks in Europe

Jet Magazine. September 2, 1985.via http://vintageblackads.tumblr · Jet MagazineVintage BlackVintage AdsVintage AdvertisementsThe 80sHistory ...

Black History: How Whites Instilled Global Legacy of Black Self Hatred - Willie Lynch Letter Revisited - CaribbeanFever / FeverEyes / CaribFever / Caribbean ...

... 2015 over 810 people have died in Jail. That's not including inmates who died in prison, and not including numbers from jails who keep data private.

Sorry for the bad word! Faith in humanity restored. Find this Pin and more on Black History ...

10 things my White friends can't do on social media during Black History Month

I refuse to stop talking about it until America gets its shit together.

This isn't the accurate reason for the term "redneck", but it's an interesting origin of the slang term "cracker". Wonder if that's also false.

Former FSU safety & Rhode Scholar Myron Rolle went from the NFL to being a neurosurgeon.

Fuck this black lives matter bull shit. Why am I being bombarded with this propaganda?


There's not 1 person that hasn't heard of this...powerful | We will never forget,and we won't let you forget either. | Pinterest | Black history, History ...

Things we do to this day and don't realize the history behind it.

They both had found out the truth and was coming together and being funded by Sam

Philanthropist, Activist, Black Panther, & Mother 2 The Late Tupac Shakur.

Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross, Croix de guerre Henry Lincoln Johnson was another person, an attorney and politician.

The Ancestors. History ...

152 best MLK Day / Black History Month images on Pinterest | School, King jr and Martin luther king for kids

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Drawing the connection between fascism abroad and hate at home, pre-Civil Rights activists declared the necessity of “double victory”

HE - DRUGGED - INNOCENT- WOMEN ! and got a mistrial down to the "only" 2 ( black) women on the jury ,,, in short "stupid people" who can't see what's in ...

The Real History of White People: An in depth look at the genetic mutation that

As the oldest Pullman porters die, it's time to reflect on the proud legacy of these African-American workers

I'm convinced that the history that we've been told it's not entirely true that it's been cunningly rewritten for the purposes of keeping us oppressed to ...

Malcolm X and Nine Other People I'd Like to Erase From Black History | The New Republic

Chinese Scientist Proves The First Inhabitants Of China Were Black!

1964 - Democrats enact 'entitlements' to help keep Black Americans 'in their place'.

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Keeping it REAL.

This wasn't that long ago.the cunt they recently put in charge carries this same kind of mindset towards races he considers to be inferior.

Tony Hansberry II is only but has already become instrumental in developing an advanced surgical stitching procedure used in hysterectomies. His goal is to ...

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I noticed the parallels as a kid . The frequency baby !

They be hungry for the preacher Man to push them from the Truth Thinking that's what God about.

The origin of the term "dreadlocks":

Ursula M. Burns, CEO of Xerox and Chair of the President's Export Council.

Many are saying it's indicative of Morehouse not having the money or common decency to implement a.

Pocahontas wasn't even a teenager when John Smith claims she saved him from execution. Whether the story happened the way Smith tells it—or even at all—is ...

A new book and movie document the accomplishments of NASA's black “human computers” whose work was at the heart of the country's greatest battles

Here are a few of my favorite Black History Month children's books to help you begin

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PAY ATTENTION to how they keep pushing the white girl on beautiful & powerful Black men in the media

Breaking Through the 1870 Brick Wall: The Significance of the Freedmen's Bureau Records. African American GenealogyHistory ...

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This Douglass Day, celebrate an icon's bicentennial while helping to transcribe the nation's black history

African American doctors and nurses attempting to save the life of a Klu Klux Klan member. This photo leaves me speechless.this is what respect for life is; ...

I am working on the history of Okpanam, a town in Delta State Capital Territory, Nigeria and I can identify with this phenomenon

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As an African American, I'd hate to see the unemployment rate increase under our Black president ...

Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett, Principal of the Institute for Colored Youth, Philadelphia, named minister to Haiti and became the first major Black diplomat ...

Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Ture *Do I really have to say that trolling gets you. Black History MonthBlack ...

Black History Month Reading Resources- online research, childrens books, biographies, and more

27 Photos That Have Been Recolored And Brought Back To Life

We declare our right on this earth to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, ...

The only way Robert Smalls could ensure that his family would stay together was to escape. (St. Martin's Press)

... senior history curator at the museum. Stop Murder by Police

I Have a Dream Mobile - printable template, scholastic instructor. - repinned by @. First Day School ActivitiesBlack History ...

I can't wait @ møe 🌞⛅🌟 fσℓℓσω мє for more!

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LOL Wow, she reeeeallly looks worried or concerned that the brother is not only reading but, reading something that is exposing her people while setting my ...

Alan Turing, the man who broke the enigma code during WWII, is estimated to have shortened the war by over two years, and to have saved over 14 million ...

As the nation teetered on the brink of war in the 1930s, two Western-educated thinkers struck out for the hinterlands to save their country's riches

bandit more egyptian history culture bandits ancient egypt african .

But it has every right to fear the people collectively - I am one with the people. " Huey P. Find this Pin and more on Black History: ...

Kids Poem, George Washington Carver - Black History Month

James Brown. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carter G. Woodson - Origins of Black History Month

London barber launches Britain's first Black owned grooming brand

Free Negro. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Economy may be defining issue of campaign: Former secretary of state, Colin Powell,

Famous Black History Makers

Oprah has cheered me through many a dark day, but she is disturbingly quiet about. History QuotesBlack ...

Vanderbilt professor Daniel Sharfstein discusses the history of the imprecise definition of race in America

Black History PeopleBlack ...

Celebrating the Remarkable Life of West Coast Activist Frances Albrier. In honor of Black History ...

Slavery refers to a condition in which individuals are owned by others who control the general conditions of their lives, including where they live, ...

Chappell's insightful social commentary on domination culture.


1963 march on washington.jpg

Modern Syrian Christians of Kerala believe that the Apostle Thomas visited in A.D. 52 to baptize their ancestors

Rebecca Black by Gage Skidmore.jpg. Black in 2014

Rare picture of Egyptian Sphincter, before the nose was broken off.

Essay about organ trafficking children "Human Trafficking" by Sandhya Bhat and Catherine Pushpam Joseph Co-Winners, Undergraduate Category, Student/Teacher ...