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Scared littles faces on eggs This reminds me of the Jib Jab card

Scared littles faces on eggs This reminds me of the Jib Jab card


Casting two in Aqua's 90s-era bubblegum dance hit sends a clear birthday message:

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Whether you're a Team DNCE member or just love a good cake fight, it's a blast to cast 5 in this laughtastic video!


Need a hilarious music video for the birthday person and another friend to star in?

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25sswv2olvr3u4ppuoi4sxcq · Jib JabChristmas ...

Sonny & Cher never saw this coming when they created "I Got You Babe"

Ever wanted to sing in a barbershop quartet?

... Carlos Danger ...

Meet the guys!

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"i'm not scared of anybody, if you get near me i'm calling the cops!" - elbow 2018 - BBOYT

Helen Mirren stands out in cute, colourful dress any woman could wear - Starts at 60

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Funny face type cute eggs 11587

What do you get when you cross a dapper, old-fashioned moustache with a little clever wordplay? Tons of pun! Find this Pin and more on Jib Jab cards ...

You think eCards and Starring You shenanigans just come outta nowhere? Just magic outta thin air? No way! Real live humans need to art and technology and ...


I finally figured out who you remind me of and it's not helping me like you. I think you look like Paul Giamatti.

Here is sweet Airam & me. I love Airam. She is my sweet substitute daughter that I enjoyed so much working with and developing a friendship.

Every Reference You Might Have Missed in Taylor Swift's Music Video for 'Look What You Made Me Do'

... Don't Want No Treble ...

Ian Delaney's writing has been published in Twisted Vine, the Rumpus, and Byzantium. He lives in the Bay Area and works in publishing.


Vincent Chabany-Douarre studies American history at La Sorbonne, Paris. His work has been featured in The Belleville Park Pages, The Bastille, ...



My Holy Fool within told me not to be afraid ...

... one to hunt for chocolate eggs and one to feast. Heck, we can even add St. Patrick's Day to the list where there's only one day for green beer.

This is the cover art and shows why I'm so interested in this game: the atmosphere is just right (image by Galakta)

happy to be alive after Matterhorn!.JPG

I put my little setup on the floor of my childhood room, and plugged the mirror into the wall and directly under my bulletin board scattered with childhood ...

couple crisis

photo by Ivan Besser

Romance for the Evolved, Modern Human

However ...

We spent the later part of the day wandering the grounds of The Elms, and discovered this scary-looking statuary.

They are amazing, and I can't believe they're mine.


Lightkeeper's Ball by Colleen Coble

'Now he's trying to weasel out of it!' Jane Fonda slams US President Donald Trump for denying Vladimir Putin played a part in election tampering

lady at market feast copy

Chelsea Bartlett is a recent graduate of the Stonecoast MFA program on the beautiful coast of Maine, where she was born and raised.

a Beautiful Bridge 

Another dish shows up and we split it; it's a vegetable and at this point I don't care what kind of vegetable; it's marinated and so full of flavour that it ...

Based on our ages, her long-lived parents and the fact that women tend to live longer than men, my wife should have outlived me by 20 years.

Un momento, por favor- while I put on my face. Gracias. (


Photo Oct 01, 8 54 48 PM

Tom sent me this photo, er, essay, diptyche a couple of weeks ago. He calls it "ditto".

It's a very good book and I recommend it. It has a little bit of everything in it. Maybe a little bit risque in some parts. Which reminds me of one time ...

Some of you may remember that I took some art lessons awhile back. This is me and my art instructor, Jan Cianflone:

I wrestled Owen Hart in his very first match as the "Blue Blazer", he and I were so excited about wrestling each other that we forgot to have a good match.

Lunar nagas make the best pirate astrologers!

Child crying

I probably sound like a self indulgent buffoon but the job of a stay-at-home-dad never stops. It's true! So what have been upto for the past 10 days or so?

He describes his dish, Woo Hyun-woo Ramyun, as a steamed egg dish, because Hyun-woo's teeth are weak, so you have to crush everything into little pieces for ...

The Kikao by Diana Nyakyi

sad little girl in the car seat

Annalee was the Wicked Witch of the West and her friend Paige popped in as a bonus addition of Oz himself (as seen in back middle.)

Grey Monday by Rosemary Benzing

JAY & ERIN Make sure you put this picture in your basement to scare away the mice!


“I want to go home, mommy”. He's almost crying now. Breathing through the second degree (and counting) burns, I can barely hear/see him; I am literally ...

Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing was one of the first groups to receive taxpayer funds from the President's Faith-based Initiative for "relief work" on ...

Drawings by Mark Ulriksen

Johnny is upset ...

photo by Ivan Besser

Big scary windmills.

... 24.


A ...


... Robbie Harrison! 1.

Virginia Luck

I've always wanted to be the only person in a movie theatre…just alone watching the film in the pitch black auditorium…little me…in the past, ...

People get into their own little bubble when they take selfies. Every year there are hundreds of cases of people falling off mountains or getting hit by ...

Next to her we have Scout as Toto, then me as the Cowardly Lion.

I won't horrify you with the gory details but it's not a pretty sight let me tell you.

Face Down in the Rain

We've always gotten the champion we deserve, and this time is no different. Jack Johnson became the first African-American world champion at the turn of the ...

You die, makes me look bad. You know how much I like to look good."

Lots of cousin kisses between Ernie and Embry (who just opens her mouth when he licks her...too cute)

Due to some delay on the way, some administration and a pee break at the start, I left at 8 instead of 7am. It was raining, a little bit cold, ...

... that that could've been you or me on that plane. Several years after its theatrical release, this film now feels incapable of being overshadowed.

Me and Tid in what was possibly 1978 or 1979

The difficulty of coordinating primary care

Mamood tells me that as he grew older — and with Islamic marriage on his mind — he attempted to become a more devout Muslim. As he was doing so, however, ...