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Scientists racing to save research monkeys in hurricaneravaged

Scientists racing to save research monkeys in hurricaneravaged


In this photo taken Wednesday, a monkey drinks from a puddle on Cayo Santiago, known as Monkey Island, in Puerto Rico. (Ramon Espinosa/Associated Press)

One of the first places Hurricane Maria hit in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico was Cayo Santiago, also known as Monkey Island.

In this Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017 photo, a female monkey holds her

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These monkeys on the Caribbean island of Cayo Santiago are among those being aided by researchers. (Photo by Lauren Brent)

Rhesus monkeys on Cayo Santiago. Alyssa Arre, CC BY-ND

Scientists Unite to Save "Monkey Island" After Hurricane Maria

Rhesus macaques. Credit: Lauren Brent

A monkey walks over the rubble left in the wake of Hurricane Maria on Cayo Santiago

Puerto Rico's Monkey Island Lures Scientists For Generations

In this screen grab made from a video Wednesday, scientists return to land from Monkey Island, where university staff and local employees are frantically ...

Rhesus macaques. Credit: Lauren Brent

A Race to Save Monkey Island in Puerto Rico

Rhesus macaques. Credit: Lauren Brent

Workers repair research facilities destroyed by Hurricane Maria on Monkey Island. (Ramon Espinosa/Associated Press)

Research station staff return to Cayo Santiago after Hurricane Maria to start assessing conditions on the island. Bonn Aure, CC BY-ND

... Scientists For Generations · A Rare Peek at Rhesus Monkeys on Cayo Santiago

A monkey grips a tree.

A rare peek at Rhesus monkeys on Cayo Santiago

Rhesus monkeys on Cayo Santiago before Hurricane Maria. Alexandra Rosati, CC BY-ND

Cayo Santiago Biological Field Station - Educational Research Center - Humacao, Puerto Rico - 7 Reviews - 85 Photos | Facebook

Puerto Rico's Monkey Island research centre ravaged by hurricane

two baby macaque monkeys held by scientist in lab coat and gloves

Oxford University academics gave the vaccine to almost 1,400 children despite it killing five of six

In this July 29, 2008 file photo, rhesus macaque monkeys groom one another on Cayo Santiago, known as Monkey Island, off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico.

A Race to Save Monkey Island in Puerto Rico

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Here's What Puerto Rico Looks Like Six Months After Hurricane Maria

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A Race to Save Monkey Island in Puerto Rico

Long-tailed macaques on the Indian island of Great Nicobar use a variety of improvised

Hurricane Irma passes the eastern end of Cuba on the morning of 8 September.


Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences trained the monkeys to recognise their own reflection by

The blaze has wiped out a whole colony of Patas monkeys (pictured, one of

Researchers plan to test their vaccine on a colony of rhesus monkeys, like the one

The captured monkey, its arms tied tightly behind its back, sits crouched over in a Mumbai residential colony trying with its teeth to untie the cord bound ...

How One Small Town In Puerto Rico Holds On To Hope Six Months After Hurricane Maria

Credit: Florida International University

Can I rub your nose, little man?

Go bananas: The two baboons clashed in the wild, staging a fierce fight (Image: Caters)

Young Spider Monkey in a Bolivian Rescue Center

Joe Cadey, a monkey trapper poses, holds a vervet monkey he captured in the

Monkeys are among the animals tested on in the UK

A truck owned by the Barbuda Archaeological Research Center sits in floodwaters from Hurricane Irma. The island's historic Martello Tower is in the ...

Wolf's Mona Monkey

Sclater's guenon (Cercopithecus sclateri) at CERCOPAN primate sanctuary in Nigeria - photo by LaetitiaC, via Wikipedia; Also known as Sclater's monkey or ...

Monkey Family by Sophie Vigneault

Deadly tropical storm Ophelia hammers Ireland

Loss of monkeys and birds in tropical forests driving up carbon emissions

ChiChi, saved from an uncertain future when the

Monkeys are not susceptible to HIV, so researchers had to create a virus that was

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Actress Jennifer Garner, a Save the Children trustee and ambassador, helped distribute supplies after Hurricane Harvey. Anthony Rathbun/Save the Children ...

... maqaque monkey feedyeti.com ...

Schmidt's Spot-Nosed Guenon

A family of Barbary macaques were photographed on Tuesday - hours after the fire killed the

Mona Monkey (Cercopithecus mona) by Justin Otto on flickr

Cayo Santiago before Hurricane Maria. yasmapaz & ace_heart, CC BY-SA

Fifteen years ago a scientific experiment gone wrong gave RISE to a species of intelligent apes … and a virus that nearly destroyed the human race.

Dr Neng Gong, from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: 'Our findings

As Beckles deals with the tragedy, another team of people who care for Puerto Rico's

Florida monkeys are excreting an infectious disease fatal to humans

Credit: Florida International University

Hurricane Maria blacks out Puerto Rico

A female proboscis monkey and her baby.

Harry Harlow's most famous experiments involved isolating an infant rhesus monkey until it was socially and emotionally devastated.

Site of Hurricane Irma's 1st Florida Keys landfall leveled by storm


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Male orangutans face the direction they plan to travel and emit 'long calls' in that direction. (Credit: UZH)

The macaques mostly showed a preferences for slimy, hairy and thorny food. To remove

Little could be done to save enclosures and fences from the storm, but Reillo and his team secured the animals, including 40 endangered east African bongo ...

Hurricane Hunters capture amazing video from inside Irma's eye

An angry proboscis monkey

Hundreds of feral dogs that ran wild on Puerto Rico's so-called 'Dead Dog

Woman trouble: The pair were apparently competing for the affections of females (Image: Caters)

Women walk in the rain brought by Hurricane Irma in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. REUTERS/Andres Martinez Casares

Scientists have genetically modified monkeys to study autism

Two portraits, one of an adult pig-tailed macaque, the other of a juvenile.


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... staff posted this aerial view of Punta Santiago, showing an SOS request for water and food near the Caribbean Primate Research Center office on Sept.

Conservative estimates show about 300 people were killed by storms in 2017, which marks a massive decrease to the deadliest hurricane in U.S. history — the ...

Nature, July 20, 2016 doi :10.1038/535338a

(Image: Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

All of the 13 monkeys living in the winter enclosure at the Woburn Safari Park (

Alexandra Rosati

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Heavy damage to the research infrastructure is seen on Cayo Santiago after Hurricane Maria, Sept