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St Gobnait gubnet Bee Happy t Bees

St Gobnait gubnet Bee Happy t Bees


St. Gobnait (gub-net) · Bee HappyPatron ...


st. gobnait images | St. Gobnait, patron saint of bee keepers (Irish


St.-Gobnet-and-bees-detail.jpg (1014×1600

Saint Gobnait by Mickey Mc Fadden, Also known as Gobnat or Mo Gobnat, Saint

September 2014 Statue of St Gobnait standing on a beehive with bees at its base, Ballyvourney, Co. Cork. Author's private collection

She appears with a nun's habit standing on a bee hive surrounded by bees. Gobnait is the patron saint of bee ...

St Gobnait in the rain. Statue of St Gobnait created by Seamus Murphy in the 1950s.

Gobnait was [also] the patron saint of bee keepers and kept her own bees. There are a number of legend in which she unleashes her bees to attack enemies.

Local traditions connect St Gobnait with bees, with Ballyvourney, Co Cork and with care for the sick. It is a happy coincidence that her feast is on World ...

Statue of St. Gobnait at Ballyvourney County, Cork, Ireland. Take note of the lovely bee emblems at the base of the statue.

St Gobnait - Patron Saint of Beekeepers

Royalty by Anita Inverarity

St. Gobnait - image by Patricia Banker

Beekeeping: The Honey Bee Life Cycle

Medieval statue of St Gobnait

Iconography - Sacred Wind Studio

Drawing showing the little pilgrim, now hard to define

The Patron Saint of Bees

Melissa – Goddess of the Bees by Cat Hawkins 2012 Prismacolor, fine liners, acrylic paint.

St Bernard of Clairvaux, the patron saint of bee keepers.

Mrs Harrison's bee dress Circa1882

Drawing of a Ukrainian apiary from the early from John's Beekeeping Notebook, a commonplace of bee history and a collection interesting notes.

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One story tells how St. Gobnait kept the plague out of Ballyvourney by designating it consecrated ground. She had a strong relationship with bees and used ...

On either side of St Gobnait another fearful scene unfolds. According to legend, robbers attempted to break into St Gobnait's abbey but she set her bees ...

99 Interesting Facts about Honey Bee !

St. Abigail HD

The Bee's Reverie ≗ Card with quote by John Chrysostom from saintspreserved.com/


The First Book of Bees pages of bee-rific fun!


Bee facts!

Saatchi Art: Honey music Painting by Andrew Merenkov

At St Gobnait's Church in Ballyvourney it is customary to rub the sheela as part of the rounds


BEESWAX Casting Mold Beekeepers Saint Ambrosius from Antique Mold

Bee girl

Graham Sutherland Bees series, 1963. Inspiration for this series was gathered while he lived

American Scientists Confirm: Pesticides Are Killing Honey Bees

Bee Syrup Mixing Chart

St. Gobnait tomb Ballyvourney

medieval bees | by t. van gieson

Cobalt decanter

Making the Rounds at Saint Gobnait's Shrine on the Feast Day

A 200 year-old oak tree fell in Jacob Smith Park in Scriven, near Knaresborough and has revealed a nest of over 6,000 honeybees.

Bildergebnis für bee yourself

Deco Bee by ~KiriMothDesigns on deviantART

(St. Gobnait – Patron Saint of Bees and Beekeeping – Gougane Barra, ...

TWO BEES or not two bees ? by judibird, via Flickr


Asheville Stained Glass - Biltmore Glassworks Painted and fired glass bee.

Trigona Carbonaria (native australian stingless bee) hive 314730_437234339631880_1922440227_n.jpg (403×403

Beekeeping in the heights


Beehive legs that block ants from getting into the hive.

Mason bee inside home made housing complex.

Early American Gardens: Bees & beehives from medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

“As profiled in a Harry Clarke stained-class window in Cork, St Gobnait's. “

London Cocktail Week: Wednesday's Waldorf Gloom Lifter

Love the look of this apiary, wouldn't mind building something like it for my backyard.

Keeping bees on Long Island since 1949.

Happy Mother's Day Hail Mary thank you for always keeping me safe and never…

Pointillism drawing of honey bees. B E E happy // Melissa Malice…


Honey Do List. And that is the truth!

We hadn't realised until we unearthed these stories that we have the saint's name in our larder! Our favourite honey is known as Molaga – we get it from our ...

Butterflies, hover flies and bumble bees seemed to be everywhere we looked. The orange-tip butterfly (the one that loves the Cuckooflower) wouldn't stay ...

Harry Clarke) Saint Gobnait Window

We paid our respects to St Gobnait of course, who has three wells dedicated to her in the vicinity.

Saint Gobnait (Abigail?) founded a women's order in Ballyvourney after meeting 7?

St Gobnait, The Irish Paton Saint Of Bees

The Presentation in the Temple and The Immaculate Conception 1925 St Mary's Church, Ballinrobe.

St. Gobnait well Dingle Co Kerry Ireland

As we highlighted in a recent post, there are several Pharisaic rules and regulations in place to successfully nominate a saint. For easy reference, we are ...

It's abundant and beautiful, and with a name like that surely it's a-buzz with bees? No – apparently the flower is too long and the bees can't ...

medieval beekeeping from the Vatican Library archives

St. Gobnait/Deborah/Abigail, patroness of bees and beekeepers

The Beekeepers, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1568

Bee Myths, Philosophy and Folklore

Map showing Ballyvourney, Ireland, where St. Gobnait is said to have stopped the

If you're not sure that this is actually possible, watch Happy Birthday Timmy. We watched in in the world's tiniest cinema – only room for three.

Letters from the Hive - An intimate history of bees, honey and humankind. "What may be the single best book of bees."

Bees: Honey or Hive Touchstone Pendants - PatriArts Gallery

St. Benedict

Apart from metal mining and saints, another important connection is shared fishing grounds. From medieval times onwards (and perhaps before) the Cornish ...

Bee in Foxglove

Save the Bees BOOK

I still haven't calmed down about the driver's license – what they put me through, when I could have been driving THIS!

Looking for Amazing Nuns.

How to Disinfect Beehives · Raising BeesBee HappyBees ...

E's Bee's

Saint ...

It need not be a skull. Mine is a red bus.

Image of St. Joan of Arc Hand Painted Solid Resin Statue

Happy cutting and glueing!