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Sung Oh 24K t Kpop

Sung Oh 24K t Kpop


24K SungO twitter update 1/5/2015-------


His wink❤ ❤ ❤️24K SungO twitter update 21/4/2015

Sung Oh // 24K

24K SungO twitter update -----------왔어요

Sungoh will come back

SungOh... Am I the only one that sees V?


24K SungO twitter update 9/5/2015 -------

(BTS) V & Sung Oh (24K) I See Not Diference

Sungoh · BaeKpop

24K SungO twitter update 4/2/2015 -------

i miss Sungoh #24k #sungoh #kpop


[24K] Sung Oh 성오 - Cute Moments #1

Sungoh #24K

Sungoh and Taehyung

24k and sungoh image

kpop, 24k, and sungoh image

please support SungOh.


“A picture that was posted on 24K Sungoh's Instagram account. Sungoh and V's selfie together.

[+94, -0] I won't mention his styling and concept because his company chooses them but he says himself that he looks like V and copies V's selcas ㅋㅋ I'm ...

Alright now you can comment your definition of Sungoh, Down below in the comments. After 12am kst on Tuesday, entry's will not be accepted and there will be ...

After introducing the group leader Cory, 24K has now introduced members Ki Su, Sung Oh and Seok ...

... from the hair color to his style doesn't it remind you of someone? The real problem is their entire team is feeling more and more like BTS recently”

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24k and sungoh image

cory, 24k, and sungo image



24k, sungoh, and kpop image

kpop, 24k, and sungoh image

Does anyone know? :3

I am nothing without 24K. #24k #24u #choeun #cory #sungoh #kisu #jeonguk #changsun #jinhong #hongseob #hui #bigone #lianghui #daeil #kpop #korea #24к ...


[Bangtan boys look-alike] BTS Taehyung(V) versus 24K SungOh (New family member ?) - YouTube

Pann Pann Pann


Netizens accuse 24K member Sungoh for wanting to be part of the look-alike duo, EXO's Baekhyun and BTS' V.

Choeun Entertainment

Birth Name: Yoo Sung Oh Stage Name: Sungoh Birthday: January 8, 1991. Position: Main Vocalist Height: 180 cm. Blood Type: AB Twitter: @24K_SungO

kpop, 24k, and sungoh image

In pictures, Kisu was my definite bias, but not in this MV. For some reason his face just didn't look right in this MV. No me gusta.

9f15816386effbb71d8f3e25dc949c0e. c566364e067a730c6254952830b43837. “

Why are doing this to us @24k_realbigone ? You ain't good for us

Having just released their mini album a mere few days ago, the four members of rookie group 4K, consisting of Cory, Seokjun, SungOh and Kisu, are the first ...

8. [+35, -2] I think I know what he's intending to do

24k and sung oh image

24k image


English Name: Cory Hong Stage Name: Cory Birthday: November 25, 1990. Position: Leader, Main Vocalist Height: 177 cm. Blood Type: O Instagram: @24k_coreeya

Don't you think that Sungoh from 24k and V from BTS look alike in a way

24k Sung oh


kpop, 24k, and sungoh image


24K MEMBER5. SungOh


kpop, 24k, and sungoh image

24k, sungoh, and yu sungoh image

SungOh is pretty hot too! Plus he reminds me a lot of Aoora from AA, don't they look alike?


As we all know 24k is another underrated idol group that doesn't get a lot of recondition as they should.☹

Like as in 24K? Um, then what is this?

24k and sungoh image

“This is 24K Sungoh before he switched his ways of makeup and hair

kpop, 24k, and sungoh image

sungoh image

8, 1991 #Sungoh #YooSungoh #kpop #idol #bae #bias #24k #24u #singerpic.twitter.com/N2d7SgTXTi

//Kpop Imagines//


Birth Name : Yoo Sung Oh

Kpop Confessions on Twitter: "Please don't , don't do this again like ya did with 24k's Sungoh & the eyeliner family thing -.-… "

24K to Return to Europe with Encore Concert

5:57 PM - 8 Jan 2018

24K (투포케이) currently consists of Cory, Kisu, Jeonguk, Changsun, Jinhong,Hongseob and Kiyong. 24K debuted on September 6, 2012, under Choeun ...

He looks nothing like V but he styles himself to look like V and is media playing that they look alike. I hope 24K stops copying other idols and wake up.”

#24k #band #boysrepublic #changsun #cory #daeil #dateing #hongseob #hui #infinite #jeonguk #jinhong #kisu #kpop #love #minsu #royalfamily #sungoh


Topp Dogg (탑독) debuted under Stardom Entertainment on October 22, 2013, which now merged under HUNUS Entertainment. On February 21, Hunus Entertainment ...


fanskpopboys on Twitter: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNGOH!!!😘😘🎁🎊🎂♥♥ #happybirthday #SungOh #24K #24U #love #cute #sexy #HappySungohDay https://t .co/tITXAxqnhr"


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"24K (투포케이) - Sungoh" Unisex T-Shirt by jamillakhama | Redbubble

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