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That shits serious skillz for the resume follow LOL OMG

That shits serious skillz for the resume follow LOL OMG


Explore Funny Internet, Funny Work, and more! That shits serious skillz for the resume. follow.

Sample Letter Formats: Sample Cover Letter Template

Here's What Your Toddler's Resume Would Look Like

Free resume template Microsoft Word

derpy w/ choreography from satan, can't stop dabbing, always half naked, leader is single mom, and a couple dozen members. yeah that sounds about right < < < ...

YAS TO THE SECOND OMG As Louis C K once wisely said "you don't get to decide if you hurt someone"

supernatural tumblr textpost cast misha collins

Resume Examples Janitorial

A Practical Guide to LinkedIn Profile Success. Skills On ResumeHr ...

Some of the best job resumes of all time. These make my resumes seems professional as hell! And well done.

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Free resume template Microsoft Word

Professional Housekeeper/Maid Resume Template Free Download

"If you can't blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullcrap.

How to add Dungeons & Dragons to your resume

"ps my favorite color is taupe because it rhymes with dope" .. I'd hire him. "

The original post was written by Ashley Harrington who was trying to find a formal date for her roommate.

Staff Nurse CV Example

7 Tips On How To Write A Resume That Grabs Recruiters' Attention [Infographic

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4000 pins... omg i have a problem.

Cosmetology Student Cover Letter

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Cosmetology Resume Skills Example - http://www.resumecareer.info/cosmetology-resume-skills-example-11/

Acting Resume Example

Today's resume.


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I find in Alberta, Canada, I still need drier sheets. It's tundra, so basically cold desert, and stupid dry

He ain't shit

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Morning Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

infographic Resume Cheat Sheet work business job interview infographic job boss inforgraph e.

Omg yes!!! All those fb pages you follow....my ex this my ex that....then post about moving on and not living in the past. You make yourself look so fucking ...

Modern Resume Template for Word, 1-3 Page Resume + Cover Letter + Reference Page | US Letter | A4 | Modern Cv Template | INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Gotta admit, that would be a weird one to put on a resume.

Stewie Griffin's four languages

Get this wrong and you're out of the game. Recruiters spend less than 30 seconds on one. Let's make sure they look at yours. I'm going to break the resume ...

OMG yess my friend does this every morning like Earbuds in conversation on pause - Lol! My mom always wants to talk when they are in but never when my ...

Omg I love Ashton's sketches, and I rarely see them. I really love the style he uses I've actually talked to him a little bit about it before.

Tom Hiddleston's CV as posted on Hamilton Hodell. Link: http://www.hamiltonhodell.co.uk/cv/client_tom-hiddleston_id_100079.htm

I love it! "You had abs?" XD...they'll still be hot 10 years later!

Hair Stylist Resume Example

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All joking aside - this can happen for you. resume, professional dress, education, interview skills) to land the job. Career and Employment is here to help!

Needle dicked, shit quiffed, full of shit fuckboys need not apply.

Simple but creative and professional CV template 25, in yellow #matebe #careernetwork #teammatenetwork #cvresumetemplates


To reiterate: I am not an HR person, so I don't know how much education weighs against experience when choosing possible employees.

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Harborfields Public Library's Career & College Center: 43 Killer Resume Tips That Will Get You Hired


nah this shit lowkey annoys the fuck out of me lol

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"So, I got handed this resumé today" ...

Queen Elsa Resume

The last one is so cute < < Holy shit I can't it's too

"Fuck that shit" is a perfectly acceptable replacement for the word "no"

Creative CV Template 21 for new graduted, student, in Gray #matebe #careernetwork #teammatenetwork #cvresumetemplates

And a lot of times that liar is ourself

Hair Stylist Resume Template - 9+ Free Samples, Examples, Format Download

Top /r/Ice_poseidon mod takes control over /r/andymilonakis : LivestreamFail

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A Ridiculously Rich Pot Smoking Teen Is Ghetto? - The best funny pictures

Old people say weird shit sometimes lol Same shit different smell Deborah :)

This is a REAL McDonalds job application

Woopity doo murder for you < < < XDD ooh a nice murder, that'll cheer you up < <

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"We Don't Normally Do This, But..."

This should be my reply next time they

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Free resume template Microsoft Word

27 Animal Memes That Make Us LOL: Just about everywhere you turn there's a silly

This shit is hilarious... At least it is to me this morning :

Top Ten Funniest Resume/CV Mistakes: Avoid these at ALL cost!

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This is definitely my comm room!

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Not long ago, I cried because I saw a cute video of kittens. So, I cried. Thanks, hormones.as a girl who /doesn't cry/, I feel extra awesome.

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My life. I must just be good at taking jokes.

Stealthily pooping at a date's house without them knowing it.


If you thought that was worth getting something out of, try this.

I think the kid is not injured and still alive... So why is he in court?!