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The Evolution of Apple Ads Apples Ads and Apple ii t

The Evolution of Apple Ads Apples Ads and Apple ii t



vintage everyday: Vintage Apple Ads in the

The Evolution of Apple Ads

Apple II and III advertisement from Personal Computing

Old Apple Print Ad. It's simple. Its formatted correctly. It has a basic



vintage everyday: Vintage Apple Ads in the 1970s-80s

Ads for the Apple II and the business-oriented Apple III in the early 1980s compared their power to that of famous inventors of ages past, including Henry ...

Today in Apple history: Apple ships the first Mac

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Introducing Apple II, the personal computer Apple advertisement, 1977 Phrase by Leonardo da Vinci

1988 #apple mac #macintosh ii 2 computer 16x20 inch vintage print ad from $9.99


(Apple ad from

Plus the IIc was one of the cutest little computers on the planet. Look at how adorable it is in this ad next to the IIe.

... Apple ads which subvert viewer expectations. "Within just a few weeks, Steve [Jobs] received a letter from a “

vintage everyday: Vintage Apple Ads in the 1970s-80s

student hours later, we still love Apple Computer" - Scientific American (Sep,


How Steve Jobs' Laughable Early Apple Ads Evolved Into Today's Marketing Marvels


An Apple II advertisement

Original 1983 Lisa 1 Ad

(https://archive.org/details/Apple_II_-_Simplicity_is_the_ultimate_sophistication). “Apple II will change the ...

Apple II IMG 4212.jpg

Apple Ad – 1976

Today in Apple history: It's time to 'Think different'

Like many computer and technology ads at the time, Apple's early promotional material was dominated

The first Apple II ad packed a lot of stuff into two pages

Apple's App Store ads brought in nearly $1 billion in revenue last year, and its ad network ambitions would allow the company to grow its ad business ...

These days, Apple is more like a fashion label than an electronics company


There were a lot of detractors when the iMac was unveiled. People thought that the clear casing looked goofy and was just a gimmick. Apple's ads for the ...

apple runner Apple's 2004 remake of the 1984 ad ...

How PCs were advertised in the 1990s

Apple ad of 1981 pitching computers as the way to Thomas Edison-like inventiveness.

The Think Different campaign was full of simple ads that really ignited Apple's drive towards innovation and reestablished the brand after Steve came back.

An Apple IIe with DuoDisk and Monitor //.

Today in Apple history: Apple's war with IBM commences

Sometimes Apple made great bad ads, like this one. Yeah, it shows the Apple computer, and a kid having fun playing video games. But the computer is placed ...

This 1983 Apple ad stresses that the Apple IIe wasn't just a rehash.

Apple's 'Silhouette' campaign for the iPod

New iPad ads showcase Apple Pencil versatility

Jons and Woz

History[edit]. Introductory advertisement for the Apple ...

Two-page magazine ad for the Apple II computer that ran in “Scientific American

Image taken from an Apple II Advertisement

apple ii fruit ad funny commercial

Why Ad Companies Love Google's Ad Blocker, But Hate Apple's Privacy Features

Every Apple Computer Ad

Steve Jobs was obsessed with poets, and he and Woz both drew inspiration from one of the best, Bob Dylan. Any great folklorist will tell you that Apple's ...

6218280548_e40de3ef2f_o. An Apple II.

Apple specialized in compelling advertisements early on, as this page from a multi-page Apple II computer ad in the February 1978 edition of Byte magazine ...

14 best Apple ads: Funny, weird, embarrassing, iconic Apple adverts - Macworld UK

August 1981 full-page newspaper ad run by Apple in the Wall Street Journal welcoming

Werbeanzeige für Apple Lisa Advertising ...

The Apple IIc was Apple's first compact and portable computer.

Apple's “1984” Superbowl commercial, introducing the Macintosh, inaugurated a well-executed

apple android advert photos google iphone

When Apple launched the iPhone 4 in 2010, the company's website featured large images of the device ...

A Apple III

1984 — 1984

Since Apple's founding, manufacturing numbers were created by a single executive, Del Yokam, based on sales figures from the previous year.

brandchannel: Steve Jobs and the Evolution of the Apple Logo: "Don't Make it Cute"

Baked Apple Melted Burned Apple II computer with cat house fire Ad - 1982

Samsung's “It doesn't take a genius” vs. Apple's “Don't settle for cheap plastic”

iPhone-5C-For-The-Colorful. When Apple ...


Apple II ...

Apple II Newspaper Ad - 1982

The second Apple Computer logo, as created in 1976-77 with the rainbow color

1980 Apple II Ben Franklin Ad. "It's a wise man who owns an Apple

It's unclear if Apple is setting a precedent, or has only accidentally allowed the approval of a new app, known as Been Choice, into the iTunes App Store.

Watch the ad here. (Photo source.)

Apple Lisa (1983)

1984 Apple's Macintosh Commercial (HD). Mac History

Hip fashion and elegant necessity aren't revolutionary, and it's dishonest to pretend they are. Some have lamented the latest salvo in Apple's ...

But while every home computer ad bragged about technical specs and affordability in big blocks of text, Apple more quickly understood that it was selling a ...

The Jiama (嘉馬) SPS-109, a Taiwanese clone of the Apple II, looks almost identical to the Apple II and II+, including an identical case, color, ...

First Apple Commercial 1977 by High Technology, Inc.

7617568354_504c6aff6b_b. Wozniak designed the Apple II ...

Samsung's new campaign compares its Galaxy S III cellphone with the iPhone 5 from Apple, left. Fans of the iPhone have been creating parodies of ads from ...

1996 Power Macintosh Ad, featuring David Carson (2/2).

Posted ...

Retrospective and Evolution of Apple Ads

During the time of Apple II, and III, Apple's main competitors were IBM and Xerox. You might know Xerox from printers, they made computers too!

Apple 1984 Super Bowl Commercial Introducing Macintosh Computer (HD) - YouTube

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