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The Salish Sea In Danger pugetsound sanjuans orcas salmon

The Salish Sea In Danger pugetsound sanjuans orcas salmon


The Salish Sea: In Danger #pugetsound #sanjuans #orcas #salmon #coal


J52 on June 25, 2017. (Photo by Ken Balcomb)

A young resident killer whale chases a chinook salmon in the Salish Sea near San Juan

Orcas' need for Columbia fish puts them in debate over saving salmon | Idaho Statesman

Mist from the breath of killer whales is collected at the end of a long pole

The newborn orca ...

Killer whales live wild and free in the San Juans

It's a boy! / Photo: Center for Whale Research

Can the Endangered Orca Whale Save the Sound?

The newborn calf J-54 swims near its mother J-22 today near San

K-25, a 26-year-old male orca named Scoter, is seen breaching Monday when a large group of Southern Residents arrived in the Salish Sea.

Photo by Robin Baird, The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest

An orca swims near the San Juan Islands. The killer whales are endangered because of

A 29-year-old female named Racer (L-72) and her

An armada of orca whales surface to breath near Lim Kiln State Park on San Juan Island. Federal scientists struggle to protect endangered species in a ...

Southern Resident killers whales Mega (L-41) and Ocean Sun (L-

Killer whales live wild and free in the San Juans

Endangered orcas in Puget Sound and west of Seattle in 2014.

J pod returned to the San Juans yesterday after being gone more than 70 days.

For Decades, Granny Was the Leader of a Pack of Endangered Orcas. Then One Day, She Disappeared. - Features - The Stranger

J52 on September 15,, 2017. (Photo by Ken Balcomb)

May all the orcas be wild and free🌊🐬

We call it porpoising for some reason. Strait of Georgia headed toward the Frazer River. Wish the lighting had been better, but you get the idea. / Capt.

Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea

Have a joyful Monday everyone! beginning to leave Fjords, Norway. Scientists counted over orcas and 100 humpback whales in the last few weeks!


Orcas are an endangered species in inland waters of the Salish Sea, encompassing Puget Sound

Map of the Salish Sea

Kayakers in Haro Strait have an up-close encounter with K-11, then. An orca swims near the ...

I've seen Orcas off Vancouver Island, off Prince Rupert and off Haida Gwaii Island. ~ Momma and Baby ~ Puget Sound photo by Michael Charest via KIRO 7 ...

Orca Whales

J2, aka "Granny," is on the right, in a photo taken by drone in September. She's about to catch that salmon and feed it to J45, whose mother had just died.

Our location in the Salish Sea at the crossroads, or perhaps more properly, crosswaters, of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound ...

Salish Sea: Amazon.ca: Music

The SeaDoc Society has teamed up with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other organizations to investigate why these remarkable ...

Killer whales are technically capable of eating all kinds of prey, but the orcas of

Ensure Fishing in Puget Sound

NOAA Fisheries today released a list of “priority actions” for eight endangered “species in the spotlight,” including the Southern Resident killer whales of ...

Contributed photo/NOAA At least 30,000 Atlantic salmon escaped into the Puget Sound last August

Kayakers and Quiet Boaters May Be Disturbing Endangered Killer Whales In Salish Sea

... activists will gather at Boulevard Park in Bellingham for the free community event “Two if by land, one if by sea: Oil transport threatens the Salish ...

Nigel, L-95, on the day he was darted with a satellite tag

Salish Sea

Orca Network's Sighting Network Map

Southern Resident orcas, San Juan Islands.

The Salish Sea, network of coastal waterways between British Columbia, Canada and Washington,

Orcas in the Wild

See all 12 photos

Comment by August 9: Anchorages in Our Preserves Need Environmental Review

Learn about orcas and how to protect them!

10/23 Whales!, airport fog, quakes, 'Blackfish,' Cathedral Grove, Vancouver WA oil, Gulf oil, shot sea otter, Victoria stormwater

L94 pushing a salmon on her head-2004

Five individuals recognized for their efforts to protect and promote the health of our Pacific Northwest environment.

Update on salmon escape in the San Juans | The Journal of the San Juan Islands

Petri dishes containing growth medium for bacteria catch the breath of killer whales as they swim

Salish Sea & Surrounding Basin, Stefan Freelan, WWU, 2009

An orca leaps near a whale watching-boat in the Salish Sea in the San Juan Islands. By federal and state law, boaters are required to stay 200 yards ...

Nov. 19. Ts with Sucia Island and Mt. Baker. We first found them at Speiden Island thanks to Kim and Karl Bruder, who run Lonesome Cove. Evening light.

More from Volume 6: The Salish Sea

Photos by Capt. Jim Maya

J-36, a 16-year-old female named Alki, swims with

California sea lions predating salmonids (salmon or steelhead) at Willamette Falls. Photo:

This unique natural history and travel guide to one of the premier eco-tourism destinations

L87 ...

Opening the black box: What's killing Puget Sound's salmon and steelhead?

Contributed photo/Dave Ellifrit, Center for Whale Research Southern resident orcas in the Salish Sea.

Springtime on the Salish Sea: Paddling the San Juan Islands

5/31 NDP-Green gov't, BC pipe, WA carbon, salmon smell, boat poop, safe seafood, oil spill data

salish-sea-lr3.jpg (399×700)

3/31 Orca baby, herring protest, hatcheries, creosote removal, oil tank cars, Pt Roberts eagles

Exploring inter-tidal life on the edge of Sucia Island with Mt. Baker in

What is the Salish Sea? The Salish Sea is one of the world's largest and biologically rich inland seas. The Salish Sea is the unified bi-national ecosystem ...

Sperm Whale in Boundary Pass

Southern Resident, L84, with a salmon in his mouth- Photo by Dave Ellifrit

Slam Dunk for Orcas, Salmon and Puget Sound The key word for the future of Puget Sound has four letters. You guessed it, orca. On my return trip by car to ...

Make the Salish Sea/Puget Sound a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area

L72 ...

Washington's San Juan Island is best place to see -- and sing to -- orcas | OregonLive.com

Press Releases 2015 | San Juan Islands Washington Visitors Bureau | Orcas Island | Lopez Island | Friday Harbor | San Juan Island

Action Alert: Recent Salish Sea Salmon Spill

Transient killer whale with a harbor seal in it's mouth- Photo by Dave Ellifrit. “

L87 Onyx

My Blog

The Salish Sea Drift Card Study approximates the spread of an oil spill in Burrard Inlet

Stand for the Salish Sea Rallies – January 16!

Minke Whales. Orcas aren't the ...

Salish Sea - Orcas. Flickr Credit: Christopher Michel

Where to See Orcas Near Seattle This Summer

Seal vs Salmon in Vancouver, BC. Photo: cesareb (CC BY-NC

May 19 is Endangered Species Day – protect what you love!


save the salish sea

Kayakers protest Atlantic salmon net pens near the Bainbridge Island facility during the Our Sound,

K21 ...

Killer whales have the potential to spread respiratory disease through the tiny droplets they exhale with

Sunset off of Sucia Island. Photo by Katie Campbell/ Moondance Sea Kayak Adventures