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The World Bank and the IMF Are Enabling the Next Crisis Truthdig

The World Bank and the IMF Are Enabling the Next Crisis Truthdig


The World Bank and the IMF Are Enabling the Next Crisis

The Brexit Effect

All the signs that should lead to higher wages are present. Today, employers are saying that it is hard to find workers and many small businesses say they ...

Is this crisis like Lehman Brothers on steroids? This is what you need to know about the Deutsche Bank crisis today…

Through Chinese policies to smooth China's external leveraging by increasing borrowing through Hong Kong, the world's exposure to the Chinese financial ...

Higher oil prices have fuelled US inflation expectations higher and that is what is causing the recent sell-off in US long bonds (TLT) (click on images):

Although household debt on its own is unlikely to trigger a financial crisis, the household balance sheet is increasingly squeezed on both the asset and the ...

Firms that pay taxes exhibit higher rates of job creation. Tax cuts create dependency in the corporate world !

Over the past couple of months the story keeping many people on the edge of their seats has been the ongoing dilemma of Greece's detested debt burden, ...

Nobel Economics laureate and New York ...

Rebecca Moore of Plan Sponsor reports, Public Pensions Have Been Able to Pay Promised Benefits:

Nomi Prins on the Banks That Run the World (Audio and Transcript)

The legal channel for moving money out of China by and large is composed of two steps. First, banks have to convert RMB into US dollars for customers.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: a cheerleader for financial deregulation. (IMF / CC 2.0)

Tech Giants Look the Other Way on Rights Abuses Stemming From Cobalt Mining in Congo

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump at the APEC Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam, in November. (Jorge Silva / AP)

Live at Truthdig: What Can Be Done to Reform the U.S. Prison System?

Paris Climate Conference 'At the Limits of Suicide,' Commitments Nowhere Near Enough to Miss 2 C | robertscribbler

Global Corporatocracy

Argentina Blew A Billion Dollars To Rescue The Peso On Friday… And Failed

2012-04-30-Ceglia_Zuckerberg_Harvard_All_Emails_New_v6-Apr-30-2012_Page_7.jpg ...

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Khamaenei Proud To Support Palestine

In his article, Who Is The New Secret Buyer Of U.S. Debt?, Brandon Smith tries to solve one of the mysteries of recent events in financial markets: the ...


“Chinese policymakers are aware the market risks overheating and will act accordingly.” “In the next few months we believe the government will put further ...

Graph: in the late 1970s the manufactured crisis of 'stagflation' was used to discard the New Deal in favor of neoliberalism. Carter appointee Paul Volcker ...


The Intercept's Interference: Notes on Media, Capitalism, & Imperialism | Part II: Non-Governmental Force Multipliers



The Trouble with Euros

The Militarization of the Police

What is the fundamental basis of bank wealth and power?

Privacy Tools: Encrypt What You Can via TruthDig


Investing, Risk, Politics & Taxes: Global Central Bank Leverage

... chair of the geopolitics division of The Hampton Institute, research director for Occupy.com's Global Power Project and World of Resistance (WoR) Report ...


... security & rule of ...

Note sent by Shimon Peres to Avner Cohen justifying the former's building of Dimona and Israel's


This groundswell, as we now know, involved more than just an increased turnout of first-time voters, since it mostly comprised disaffected Lib Dems, ...

As I've stated previously, the biggest risk Marko sees ahead is in Asia (not the Middle East) where the Sino-American symbiosis is over and East Asia is the ...

Where is your money going?

Maybe it's when they started completion work. In that case new wells for March and April would decrease a lot and so will total production in that case.

2012-04-30-Ceglia_Zuckerberg_Harvard_All_Emails_New_v6-Apr-30-2012_Page_1.jpg ...


Why did you want to travel all the way to Toronto to be a part of the protests against Bill C-51?

chartoftheday_3632_syria_is_the_worst_refugee_crisis_of_our_generation_n. To nuance the ...

spectre footnotes

They are the backbone of the party, with a former president, nearly 50 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and numerous mayors in major American ...

“This could mean a reduction in trade surpluses in the region: exports could suffer from protectionist efforts.”

Bill Moyers | Bill Moyers and Chris Hedges on Capitalism's 'Sacrifice Zones' (07/20/12) [56:37]


Graph ...

What ...


Here are some other ideas for consideration by the citizenry and by elected leaders:

(image: Telesur). Since the ...

Truth about the US/NATO War Axis as Main Threat, Obstacle and Enemy of Global Peace: Panoramic Picture in Mosaic of the Proofs

When a bank in London lends to a Hong Kong-based bank, the presumptions are that the ultimate risks are with relatively liquid assets denominated in a ...

Funding Infrastructure: Why China Is Running Circles Around America | WEB OF DEBT BLOG

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Source: Andrew Gavin Marshall

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Occupy Everywhere - Sept 17th - Day of Rage Against Wall Street and what it stands for! [Archive] - DEEP POLITICS FORUM

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-04-14/fossil-fuels-just-lost-the -race-against-renewables

Relationship between fiscal tightening (austerity) in Eurozone countries with their GDP growth rate, 2008–12

The ...

To hear about the Greek referendum vote from the world-wide corporately controlled media empire that Rupert Murdoch built with the assistance of the ...

Monsanto: Corporate Crimes | Corporate Watch


Egypt Urged Quiet Acceptance Of Jerusalem Decision


This Infographic Shows How Only 10 Companies Control All the World's Brands


Without growth, there's only one ending for Euro debt crisis

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The email from Patel represented a last-ditch effort to garner support for a no-fly zone as the US prepared to launch an attack on Syria.

How Big Oil Conquered the World

Graph ...


Hezbollah's Indefinite Presence In Syria

The antiwar movement could score another victory against the government this evening. The two nationalist parties have tabled a motion demanding an inquiry ...

... allowed the subprime mortgage foreclosures and banking crisis, and created Medicare's drug plan, which legislates monopoly pricing for drug companies.