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This is a simple way on how to make a silencer for airsoft but the

This is a simple way on how to make a silencer for airsoft but the


How to Make an Airsoft Suppressor

how 2 make a silencer for a Colt Delta Elite Airsoft gun

Introduction: Airsoft Silencer

OCToo embarrassed to use a springer for airsoft wars? Can't afford a suppressor? Cheap DIY supressor to make even your worst enemies cringe ...

How to make a homemade airsoft silencer (easy)

How To Make An Airsoft Suppressor For Any Gun

Picture of Paper Airsoft Silencer/ Plus Better Accuracy!

Introduction: Homemade Airsoft Silencer

Well..that is..if you are making it for an M4/M15 =P

Introduction: The Cheapest and Best Looking Way to Make an Airsoft Silencer

Picture of Slide It In!

Introduction: Airsoft Gun Silencer

Mac 11 / M11 Solid Aluminium 'Suppressor' - with a twist!

M1911 Suppressor

The only thing shorter than the ERECTOR silencer is the name of the company that makes it: Q. But it's also the longest .22 LR suppressor on the market.

How to make a cheap airsoft silencer(tutorial)

Picture of Airsoft Suppressor / Amplifier (Easy)

Image titled Make a BB Gun Silencer Step 1

OnRifle. ...

ThathirdFilms: How to create a Silent Airsoft Gun without a PVC Silencer

Added this silencer (don't make it any quieter) (i.redd.it)

Airsoft Fifty Cal Suppressor // Callsign: Reach Snow Wolf M82A1 Build

(Another reason that these silencers were chrome was simply because we didn't have the resources at the time to produce any other color.) Silencer on P90

Amazon.com : Double Eagle M22 silenced pistol fps-300 airsoft gun(Airsoft Gun) : Airsoft Pistol Full Metal : Sports & Outdoors

A Silence More Eloquent Than Words

Now, you can spray paint or just electrically tape the silencer black and your done. It might silence the gun a little bit but basically, it's for the look.


Silenced Airsoft P90 - Quiet AEG Build

PM me if you want details on how I made it.

Image titled Make a BB Gun Silencer Step 4Bullet5

Homemade Airsoft Silencer

what is a revolver cylinder gap

Enlarge Image Airsoft Surgeon AI L96 300 Win MAG w/ Surefire Silencer

This is a simple way on how to make a silencer for airsoft but the concept is the same. IF you use it for a real firearm DO NOT USE cotton.

Hive suppressor and pts fortis (i.redd.it)

How To Make An Airsoft Gun Silencer

1 3/4 inch diameter by 5 inch long suppressor. The 9mm Tavor uses an odd 1/2x36 barrel thread.

WELL (UTG) L96 homemade mock silencer very airsoft sniper

Added a suppressor to my Ak74u (i.redd.it)

CreativeMy Attempt at an Airsoft Version of the PRB92 (i.redd.it)

DIY Airsoft AMPLIFIER!!! Super Cheap, Simple (and Ghetto lol), NO TOOLS NEEDED!! Amp/ Suppressor

Full Metal SD-Type Mock Silencer for Airsoft AEG

Image titled Make a BB Gun Silencer Step 2

Silencer Mounting Systems Silencer Mounting Systems

Bigger is better.

MadBull AK PBS Mock Suppressors, MadBull AK Suppressors, MadBull AK Mock Suppressors, Beta .


DE-M807_LEFT34. ...

GUN PICGot a suppressor to make my Glock more tacticool (i.redd.it)

madbull delta p brevis supporessor, airsoft suppressor, airsoft mock suppressor, airsoft reviews,

HK-2272545-(WALTHER-PPQ-KIT-TAN)_left34.jpg ...

Lancer Tactical M4 SD AEG RIS Airsoft Rifle w/ Mock Suppressor ...

I think I'll put a suppressor on it and maybe get some better fitting mags, but otherwise I couldn't be happier with this gun.

I have always wondered about two things since I was a kid and saw James Bond screwing a silencer into his gun: How the hell does a silencer look inside and ...

When ...

A&K DMR M4 with Suppressor

Enlarge Image NPOAEG 9A-91 Full Steel AEG w/ Silencer

Silencing the debate (2009-06-19)

The Angry Angry Gun Company: Cheap Diy Fake Silencer For My Cheap Airsoft M4

Angel Custom "FPS-UP" Mock Suppressor (115mm 6.01mm Inner Barrel /

Once you have filled it enough so you can no longer see the tube (to only where you can look through it to see the other end, like a telescope), ...

silencer shop

Image titled Make a BB Gun Silencer Step 4

I will be reviewing the latest Hadron Airsoft Designs MK23 silencer very soon!

Original and modded silencer's foam

I've known Steven a while, I had one of his original prototype Top Dead Center (TDC) covers to test on my TM and ASG MK23's this product went on to be the ...

... HK-2272545-(WALTHER-PPQ-KIT-TAN)_right34.jpg ...

Here is my CM18 I'm currently in the process of setting up, and note the Suppressor on the end. No, it doesn't actually suppress, that would be illegal, but ...

Use scissors and cut one of the tips off of the marker to remove the tip that enables it to write (just enough so it will fit in the muzzle of the ...

The ...

Picture of Silenced Spring Airsoft Gun with Laser and Flashlight


Bolt KeyMod BR47 EBR with Inbuilt Suppressor ...

The ...

Started playing Airsoft again, and just finished my selfmade silencer (i.redd.it)

WE Glock 18C with Extended Mag and Suppressor! She is a beast!


Gun “Silencers” Don't Make Them Anywhere Near Silent

Evike Night Fire Dual Sensor Airsoft Auto Tracer / Mock Silencer Barrel Extension (Thread:

How to Foam Fill A Silencer for Airsoft for $0

Hover or touch above to zoom

Airsoft Surgeon 300 Win MAG Silencer Version

Image titled Make a BB Gun Silencer Step 3

Chrome Silencer

CYMA CM513 M4 – Inbuilt Silencer

I spoke with Alpha Dog Silencers and while they do not have anything particular new for SHOT Show 2017, we talked about HPA. The discussion was eye opening ...

Photo: Cutaway SilencerCo Osprey Silencer on GLOCK 20 Host - The Truth About Guns

How to make a mock airsoft silencer. This is a very simple fake silencer that ...

CYMA CM513 M4 – Inbuilt Silencer

The Silencerco Maxim doesn't look like other pistols because it isn't.