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Three Reasons to Keep Older Horses Moving Equine Health

Three Reasons to Keep Older Horses Moving Equine Health


Feeding Horses to Increase Weight and Body Condition

Why Does a Horse Buck?

Lots of turnout and a healthy diet have kept this senior citizen in good condition.

Weight Gain for Older Horses

Understanding Herd Dynamics

Brown horse on pasture

A horse's chronological age certainly plays a role in whether he or she is considered old or not, but I think it's important to consider his physical ...

Why is My Horse's Manure Runny?

Keep Your Horse Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer Increases Chances of Colic and Heat Stroke Health Conditions in Your Horse

Laminitis in Horses | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention of Laminitis in Horses | Blue Cross

Senior horses

Caring for Senior Horses: What to Remember

Information For Those With Older Horses

Mares and Hormones

Castration: The When and How

Health Concerns Related to Equine Obesity. An older

Slow Motion Video 3 yr old Warmblood Gelding with Wobblers Syndrome, Turn and back - YouTube


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Hat Trick LA is an example of an endurance horse with ideal conformation for the sport

The first few months of the foal's life are critically important.

The Incredible Equine Neck

Horse Biting

In fact, aging itself has little effect on the equine airway. Respiratory conditions are just as likely to develop in younger horses as in their older ...

Sometimes horses kick out of simple playfulness. |

Why do horses yawn? Several biological reasons may cause a yawn, but a horse

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The tail pull is one of the diagnostic tests veterinarians commonly use to assess a horse's

Hard Keeper

Digestion in the Horse

Consequences of Stall Confinement

Swayback can occur in old horses as soft-tissue attachments slacken and muscle loses tone

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Feeding the laminitic horse

Remington, 34-year-old retired endurance horse BEFORE

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El Rey Magnum's father Basilio, pictured, also has an unnatural look. Arabian show

How To Protect Your Horse's Health on the Road

One way to begin riding your horse from back to front is to create three speeds

Horses in modern day society travel a lot. In fact it is amusing to think that throughout history, a horse's most basic function was to transport humans ...


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The suspensory ligament stretches to let the fetlock sink under the horse's weight, absorbing shock

For the horse, the obvious benefit of going for the stretch is the carrot,

Horse Cribbing />

Image titled Groom a Horse Step 1

Remington, 34-year-old retired endurance horse AFTER

The more correctly you use your aids to communicate with your horse, the better he

Equine Sarcoid

Managing the Changing Needs of Older Horses

HHHP_Wild Horse Cover

Horse Health Checklist


Old Horse

Herpes Virus in Horses

HappyHorseHealthyPlanet_Horse eating trees

Keep a close eye on your horse's health during hot weather.

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Draft Horse & Girl Photo - Small

How a Horse Keeps Cool

Number six: Horses once had three toes


Pinned ears

Hack Up Bespoke Benefits Both The Young And Old Horses

For a number of reasons, older horses may have a difficult time in maintaining a healthy weight. Most often, problems are associated with dental problems ...

Good horse health care makes for happy horses!

Horse Shelters Benefit Horse Health. Horse's ...

keep horses legs healthy

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The Facts About Sand Colic in Horses

Clearly, your horse is losing weight. And suddenly the questions are flying through your mind: What's wrong? Is he sick? Am I not feeding him right?

Ten Tips to Keep Your Horses Cool

Helpful hint in older horses or horses with teeth problems:

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horses eating hay

Jumping and speed work can overload the deep digital flexor tendon when it stretches to the

Horses in Cold Weather

Most Common Horse Illnesses and injuries revealed by Petplan Equine

Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)

Horse Health: Often the best treatment is benign neglect until they get better on their own

Clicking Joints in Horses

The triangular posterior pectoral muscle is one of three pectoral muscles that help move your horse's

Assess, Help Your Horse's Health While Grooming

21 Sport Horse Conformation Questions with John Madden

Your horse is groomed to a high shine, hoofs picked, mane neatly combed. Now it's time for the part of the tacking process you've been dreading: saddling.


Carla Taylor and her 3 fellas.

Sweaty Horse

What is Causing Your Horse's Belly to Be Huge?

How to and how often to deworm your horse - Hygain

horses grazing