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To truly make the hours you are snoozing beauty sleep you need to

To truly make the hours you are snoozing beauty sleep you need to


Why hitting the snooze button can actually make you more tired

The National Sleep Foundation has updated its guidelines to reveal how much sleep we should all ...

What really happens to your body when you get 8 hours of sleep

Exactly How Many Hours of Sleep You Need to Burn Fat Fast | Reader's Digest

Sleeping Late on the Weekends Is Actually Making You Feel More Tired - Sleeping In Makes You More Tired, Study Suggests

... How to Make the Most of Your Beauty Sleep

Expert Advice: How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need?

You know tossing and turning leaves you bleary, unfocused, and irritable—but have you considered how it's making you look?

4 Steps to Calculate Exactly How Much Sleep You Really Need

Make sure you have total darkness

No matter how much sleep you get it never feels like quite enough

What to do so the time change doesn't WRECK you

Do you fancy bags under your eyes, pasty skin, pimples, crows feet and a droopy jawline? Nope, no one does.

woman sleep mask surprised Shutterstock. Most of us don't have much of a choice as to when we ...

How much sleep do you need?

Snooze button. Does hitting the snooze button make you ...

How many hours of sleep you should be getting via Byrdie on LaurenConrad.com

sleeping Glowing skin is just one indication that you're well rested. Teerawit Chankowet/Shutterstock


Scientists revealed sleeping less than four hours a night increases the risk of heart disease by


Scroll down for video. A new study by experts at the National Sleep Foundation in the US has recommended how

Stop hitting the snooze button and get better sleep, says neuroscientist

The snooze button is one of life's little luxuries, and it's easy to kid yourself into thinking that all you need is an extra ten, twenty—hell, let's make ...

Beauty Sleep Is A Real Thing, According To A New Survey, & Your Bedtime Plays A Huge Role

Science explains how continually sneaking five or ten more minutes sleep is actually detrimental and doesn't help you feel more rested in the long run.

Sometimes you can't get those eight hours in, but you can still make the most of it.

Lack of sleep only has negative outcomes. When you don't get enough sleep you get angry easier and you are at a risk for depression if the lack of sleep is ...

Does Meditation Help You Sleep? Science Says Mindfulness Is The Key To A Good Snooze

sleep deprivation

You're hitting snooze—repeatedly

11 Gifts For People Who Love To Sleep & Cherish Their Snooze Time More Than Anything

The so-called "Snooze Button Effect" is notoriously bad for you, interrupting your natural sleep cycle and too short to actually contribute to truly gaining ...

The Reason The Snooze Button Only Gives You 9 Extra Minutes Of Sleep

Go ahead, hit the snooze button! These overnight beauty hacks are so good, even Sleeping Beauty would be jealous.

9 Ways To Stop Hitting The Snooze Button, So You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed


Do Women Really Need More Sleep Than Men? It's More Complicated Than You Might Think

Why trying to sleep for eight hours straight and snoozing your alarm is bad for you

Get the latest from TODAY. Sign up for our newsletter. SUBSCRIBE. For years, we've heard that we need a solid eight hours of sleep.

Get help falling asleep (and staying asleep) with an app called Pzizz Pro.

Go to bed early. No, stay up late. Wake up early. No, sleep in. Turn off your phone, but watch TV. Get more than 6 hours, but not 10. Don't take sleeping ...

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Sleep Deprivation Could Actually Make You Happier, According to Science | Reader's Digest

Get the Best Sleep When You Only Have 6 Hours (or, Heaven Forbid,

lose weight by sleeping

Sleep Hack: Doing This For Six Minutes Before Bed Will Help You Snooze Better

You've hit a crossroad; do you stay up and watch. With Disney's Sleeping Beauty ...

Woman alseep next to smart phone

This is why when you look over at the alarm and have to make the split-second decision to snooze or not to snooze, you may choose the latter.

beautiful dawn. Leah Wynalek. I have an unhealthy relationship with the snooze button.

Here's a polite reminder that you can't “catch up” on sleep. That is, if you didn't sleep well several nights this week — because you were out late partying ...

Sleep experts recommend keeping afternoon naps to fewer than 1 and a half hours to avoid

Falling asleep

Does Reading Help You Sleep? Science Says A Good Book Will Have You Snoozing In No Time

Alarm clock


For truly heavy sleepers

Neuroscientists find that sound and smell cues could solidify lessons you learn during the day

Are you a morning person? Do you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, or do you curse the daylight on a daily basis? About 1 in 10 individuals consider ...

woman sleeping with in bed with black sheets

Lack of sleep harms health

For life hackers. Sleep Better

Sleeping more could be the key to losing weight (Image: Blend Images)

Alarmy can give you a challenge to help you wake up. Alarmy. If you really need ...

Mind Over Mattress: How to Wake Early When All You Want to Do is Sleep

Women need more sleep than men so let's all go back to bed

Many people don't get diagnosed with the sleep apnea that they have and they wind up suffering through their sleep. When a person has sleep apnea, ...

Instead of the natural sleeping then waking, the snooze drags us into unhealthy, unsatisfying fits of trying to sleep and trying to rise, but failing to do ...

Your child may be ready to lose his snooze. But are you?


Getty. Maybe you ...

And because not all phone alarms have a nine minute snooze, it seems pretty logical to assume that Apple's are a throwback to a bygone era.


Airport sleeping pods: how to snooze on a stopover between flights

Getty Images

You Asked: Why Do I Sweat When I Sleep?

Image titled Stop Hitting the Snooze Button Step 2

main article image

The reason you struggle to get up in the morning might have nothing to do with ...