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Vintage Scans Holy Shit amp Other Nonsense t

Vintage Scans Holy Shit amp Other Nonsense t


Vintage audio Kenwood hi fi stereo

Philips, 1971.

publicité pop art Warhol Pionner

I installed a medium Marshall logo to match my head, but it's otherwise an exact

Nintendo Kaybee Toy Store Ad friskywoods: “ “ Nintendo KayBee Toy Store Ad from 1989 Scan by tOkKa ” Holy crap, the NES Advantage cost half as much as the ...

Nice thing is, you can actually see, identify, replace and solder the individual components without use of an electron scanning microscope and precision ...

for the fridge: city of light

He doesn't know shit from Shinola


vintage ad


the longhairs

Selling Shame: 40 Outrageous Vintage Ads Any Woman Would Find Offensive

Game boy ads

MY AMP GOES TO 11 • Illustration of medical instuments from a vintage.

Another Reason the Old Days Weren't So Great: Car Audio - The Truth About Cars

Randall ...

The boards and panels for my MK20 (teensy 3.1/3.2) based oscillator are:

Vintage Sony SRF85 Sports Walkman AM/FM Stereo Radio

Of ...

mylk386 amps - NOW ON SALE

The ...

The most unique feature of the Orange amps is the bit labeled 'filter' here; Orange called it the 'F.A.C' control; it's simply a 6-position high-pass filter ...

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mylk386 amps - NOW ON SALE

Five?) amplifiers to create a drone/roar of ego-obliterating purity and intensity. All the Xazzaz recordings I've heard have been exceptional but actually ...

10 Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Complete Idiots

Welcome to Reddit,

Like the Epiphone Valve Jr, there are apparently a million mods that can be made with this amp including the obvious like better tubes and different speaker ...

Cassius ...

Schematics are provided for Stancor's own 303, 305, 306, 312, 318, 320, 325, 335, and 360 audio amplifiers. The first '3' in the designation seems to ...

if only they'd reissue this:

1880's Cabinet Card "Little Girl & Her Doll" by Thompson

When it all began for OHO (Mach III version, 1985-2008): "IN THE SPOTLIGHT-OHO" Gentleman George Ches, Maryland Musician, 1985) "It happens that Musician ...

newspaper scan

The ...

This is the benefit of scanning at silly high resolution and fixing it at that stage before dropping the resolution down ...


Several completed Stancor amplifier units


Three examples of Google AMP hijacking URLs and valuable screen space.

When I first saw these, I thought, "Those aren't going to convince me." How wrong you were, woofer-breath.

As can be seen here, there's no jokes, the drawings are terrible, and Bible quotes are often used as punchlines.

Easy Listening

Black Heath Coven are a trio from Stoke on Trent with Andy Jarvis, Jim Brindley and Daz Rowlands in their ranks. Can't say I know Jim and Daz but I have ...

... but due to vacation I first got time to play with it today. Marvelous little thing, really. Can't wait to build my second, should be done before next ...

Above ...

Continue reading "Day 299 / RGB"



“Maestro will travel anywhere for new sounds.” Indeed. Maestro was the effects-device division of CMI in the 60s/70s. CMI was best known as the parent of ...

Above: Some of the British bands that knocked me out.

The Matrix Part II

NOFX made a video with Funny or Die!

Shame I haven't got the rest of the BOM yet!


Too True to be Good

Nice thing is, you can actually see, identify, replace and solder the individual components without use of an electron scanning microscope and precision ...

... Up My Ass 16 I Just Want Some Skank 17 Beverly Hills 18 The Crowd 19 When The Shit Hits The Fan 20 Deny Everything 21 Wonderful 22 Wild In The Streets

Listening Impressions

... two ...

CD22 CD Player


Been hard at work building more prototypes for my [386] Amp Project. Am getting to the point where I am tantalisingly close to actually having a finished ...

Three examples of Google AMP hijacking URLs and valuable screen space:

Best of vintage ninja COMICS for Comic-Con week…

They're all crap. The Audio Technica AT-LP60 is a fantastic beginner (or revivalist) turntable for the price. Its built-in pre-amp means all you need to do ...

Usually I just take the liner notes out and scan them, but I was too delighted by the sticker on the cover of this one insisting that 30% of the music was ...


FROM VINTAGE NUNCHAKU — The oldest advertisement for shuriken found to date. Scanned from the December 1967 issue of Black Belt magazine.

Think of it as a Sparkplug for your Car Audio System

Holy holy holy shit words can't describe how excited I am. First Kiesel

Featured Blues Review 1 of 7

Going all freeware (well... almost) [Archive] - Page 5 - Cockos Incorporated Forums

Above ...

Cassius ...

Missy Elliott

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The Stancor '306' 6-watt PP audio amplifier

Buzz Aldrin practices taking pictures with his suit-mounted Hasselblad (NASA/JSC scan)


mylk386 amps - NOW ON SALE

Noteworthy: original M185 for System 100M included a global range switch indicating 3V or 5V, which seems absent on the Intellijel version.

Florence + The Machine. "

Badge-scanning duty is typically the last lap around the track for a mobile device before it gets put out to pasture. Or sent to the glue factory.


"Swingin' Dada Dumpster Tunes" by Jay T. Yamamoto.