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Warrior Cats Headcannon Flametail39s death t

Warrior Cats Headcannon Flametail39s death t


Warrior Cats Headcannon - Tawnypelt (I'm just randomly pinning this)

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Thinking about Stonefur and the name change of Crookedstar makes me sad because it wasn't Crookedstar's fault that his mother hated him because he hit his ...

warrior cats hollyleaf quotes - Google Search

I decided to put the warriors on here. Here's Henry. From Kamirahs Kitten Creator Warriors: Henry

Warrior Cats Headcannon - Flametail's death

I can see him deep down caring for his sister but didn't show

Your Warriors Headcanons

Sandstorm and Firestar's Spirit "The last death" - Warrior Cats [The Last Hope]

Haven't gotten there yet.. But I predict that Goosefeather will go to the Dark Forest when he dies.

Yeah though my mom asked if it was babyish.

Warrior Cats Headcanons | tumblr_ml2l6lMgL21rcaizxo1_1280.png

Warrior Cats Headcanons #2 (Daddy Ashfur) by Fallen-the-Wolfen ...

Warrior Cats Headcanons #3 (Yay More Ashfur) by Fallen-the-Wolfen ...

Well I'm glad that didn't become a rule! Imaging if Firestar

Warrior Cats Headcanons #1 by Fallen-the-Wolfen ...

Warriors cats headcanons - Google Search

How BlueStar Died :( Thanks TigerStar

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Warriors headcanons - Google Search

Longtail and Darkstripe - Warrior cats

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Tallstar didn't deserve to die such a long, suffering death. I felt really terrible at his death because he never saw his Clan in their new territory.

Well we see in the dark forest during crookedstars promise that thistle law barely cared for snowfur. Oakheart at least loved blue star and wasn't ...

warrior cat headcanons - Google Search

I love this ship but when Snowfur died Thistleclaw did't even care! < < Or maybe he acted like he didn't care.

Headcannon Warrior Cats Voices- Part 1

Whiteclaw's Death. (He's the poor Riverclan cat that died in the second book Fire and Ice) <----You don't know how long I've been looking for which cat died ...

Firepaw ยท Warrior CatsBook ...

All the other #Dark_Forst cats were so sure they were going to win the battle

Still Together by RiverSpirit456 on DeviantArt

Rosetail- Best friend of Bluefur and dies as an elder protecting Frostfur's and Goldenflower's kits

Warrior Cats Drawing Challenge by AwesomeGirl

Genetically Correct Warrior Cats!

Warrior cat name generator! This is mine because I came up with it myself, so don't steal it. I apologize in advance if you get a warrior name that already ...

Whiteclaws death was the reason Leapordstar never took a mate. Not only was he her

Runningwind guessed by Grinny Potter

had the contest idea of doing warrior cats spoofs, but she didn't resond in time. If you guys want to change the contest, comment below.


The Lost cat OPEN RP two toms- gold claw and silverfang, riverclan warriors. The she cat- Raventail, a riverclan she cat who killed a cat and ran away.

Dovewing by PureSpiritFlower.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt. Warrior Cat ...

Warrior cat poem contest!!!you have to write a poem then have a drawing of that cat by it!! Ends next saturday!!

Graystripe made by WarriorCatsUltimateFanPage (oath by Cher Lloyd | Warrior cats | Pinterest | Cher lloyd, Warrior cats and Cat

headcanon that since hollyleaf and ashfur reverted back to their not-angry-enough-to-try-and-murder-clanmates selves, they started talking and realized that ...


Which Warrior Cat Clan Do You Belong In? | PlayBuzz

Dusk feather light tabby she cat with green eyes. Is skillful and loyal

Psst! On last names, notice there isn't an o. If you look after n, you'll see l, so pretend the l after n is the o. Waterear.

Pinestar acted cowardly when he made his choice,he was afraid to die and left. Cat FactsWarrior ...

Examples of Ivypool in real life #Ivypool

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Fire and Ice's cover redraw by Wings-Of-North.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

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Thrushpelt and Ashfur by simpleoddities.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

After he saw redtail's death. Warrior Cats ...

Moonflower's death-I didn't want this to happen. by Spirit-Of-Alaska on DeviantArt < < < Lots of people hate goosefeather for this but I feel sorry for him and ...

Scourge - Warriors by OrangeAussie

I disagree with Firestar, Graystripe, Berrynose, and Thistleclaw. X)

Flametail's death

Ashfur's Broken Heart. It's a horrible drawing but still... | Ashfurs Pain (Warrior Cats) | Pinterest | Warrior cats and Cat

And You Let Her Go... by Mizu-no-Akira ...

Ashfur- idk why but I don't hate him.

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What is your warrior cat name?-Mine's Cinderleaf, which is cool since the second part is the same as the second part in my role-play!

why:was a sweet,kind,loving and respectful cat death:blood loss while kitting

December I hope that every warrior cat fangirl/fanboy has an amazing christmas. Remember to think of Firestar! May Starclan light all of your paths.

What Bluestar says to Fireheart now Firestar before she dies.

Won over by their friendly tone, Thunder couldn't resist replying. "Mud Paws is easy," he meowed. "That cat has back rings of fur around all his paws, ...

Shadowclan ( it works, this is cool) | Cool cats | Pinterest | Warrior cats, Cat and Stuffing

Daisy and Brightheart: Scars by MiaMaha.deviantart.com on @deviantART

What's your Warrior cat death? I starved to Death #warriorcats

Death of a Hero - its lovely how stone fur defends the kids of Greystripe all because tigerstar wants to kill All the half-clan cats-------------I like that ...

[WARRIORS] Oh, Miss Believer|Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves PMV

Ashfurs Death by savann13

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Warriors headcanons

Warrior Cat Headcanon

againi have a new headcanon lol Scourge


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My favourite ghost cat! I've made a voiceover tutorial video of this one

When you're forced to go on a road trip because some dead people told. Cat MemesWarrior CatsWarrior ...

Death of Tigerstar - I didn't care for this death, Tigerstar = EVIL!

Warriors into the wild Starts on bottom of page 39 - ends at end of chapter 4 This are really starting to get exciting now i'm having so much fun with the ...

Death. Warrior Cats ...

Scourge is Negan from the walking dead turned into a cat xD

What a brutal death.meh he Brought it on himself

Beautiful quote From my favorite Warriors special edition crookedstar's promise

Sunstrike of Winclan! wiki page:[link] i liked her even when i didn't know anything about her just because of her name and design xD ref used art(c)me w.

One of the 5 free Warrior cats requested on my journal. Requested by =SolvicCreations Crowfrost of ShadowClan I haven't really seen any of art of Crowfr.

ThornTail- Male-Med Cat-Silent, lonely, and friendly. he doesn't think he fits into WindClan properly, and he KNOWS no cat will be with him. he's ...

furries lose control over an orange guy's death by diddlydarndunkaccino ...

She was the most beautiful cat in the forest, but died later giving birth to two sons: Stormcloud and Acornshell.

Bluestar's Death by PureSpiritFlower.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt. Warrior CatsAnime ...

I know how I'll be remembered.

Ashfur I love him, the great warrior died in pain, not from the wounds but from love

EchoRain- Female- (PB: Me, Scourge)- History: She became WindClan's Medicine cat. She was Clan Born, yes, but she was born in ShadowClan.