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Waste to Waves Save and recycle all of your EPS foam and enter

Waste to Waves Save and recycle all of your EPS foam and enter


Check out this Sustainable Program called "Waste to Waves". It's all about turning your foam packing trash into surfboards!

Waste to Waves: Helping to “green” up surf starting with recycled styrofoam

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Styrofoam Recycling equipment. The prefect foam particle makes many new materials a reality. Grind

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23 best EPS Recycling Ideas images on Pinterest | Recycling ideas, Boat house and Party boats

Foam Control GeoFoam - x x

Professional surfer Mike Losness said: “Why isn't surfing more green? We are out there in the ocean close to mother nature yet we are creating a surfboard ...

An in-depth article articulating the vision behind the nonprofit “Sustainable Surf”, as well as how its Waste to Waves program and partners are pushing ...

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Waste to Waves recycles clean waste packing foam and turns it into surfboards!

Get Caught Recycling Program

The increasing demand of EPS products not only drives the development of the production industry, but also an opportunity for the EPS recycling industry.

Waste to Waves™ ...

The EPS recycled thorugh Compression and hot melt processing by styrofoam densifier can be made into frames and edge bars.Not only save social resources, ...

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Foam and Beyond! RecyclingEnvironmentUpcycle


by Aaron Orlowski Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

The 50 times smaller EPS blocks is really make the EPS recycling process much easier.

“Trash to Slash: Waste to Waves is Turning Discarded Foam Into Custom Surfboards” Insight into the Waste to Waves program, how it works, and its vast ...

Waste Sleuth, Todd Sutton gets to the bottom of Styrofoam recycling. Learn more about the process on Planet Green's "G Word.

Over time, EPS foam does not lose its basic properties and can be completely recycled. But the lighted features make it difficult to recycle and even become ...

How Can I Recycle Foam?

Blanks are made into boards by surfboard shapers. Twenty pounds of foam can be recycled into about five surfboard blanks.

"Get Caught Recycling" Program

According to the 2016 Los Angeles Times News, the amount of EPS foam waste is huge, as only 1% of the EPS waste is recycled in California.

stick pen made from post-consumer recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene).

Employees from the Corona facility participated in the Great L. River Clean Up on Saturday, Apr.

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GREENMAX, as the leader in the field of EPS mechanical recycling, can provide total solutions for EPS recycling. GREENMAX EPS compactor and foam ...

Waste to Waves: Helping to “green” up surf starting with recycled styrofoam – Life & Soul Magazine

As more things are able to be recycled, the world of recycling grows ever more complicated

Plastic Waste in Kuta beach in Bali: At least 270,000 people die every year die from respiratory diseases related to burnt waste, while 8m tonnes of plastic ...


WASTE NOT, DUDE Matt Biolos of Lost Enterprises, left, shapes a surfboard made from recycled material. Above, a surfer in San Clemente.

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Waste treatment evolution 2006-2014

Since most plastics are light in texture, they are easily discarded and easily blown into rivers and enter the sea along with flowing water to form marine ...

Actually, the foam cups or polystyrene cups can be recycled by a foam densifier, the waste foam cups can be turned into densified ingots by the machine.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Recycling

All these frame products are recycled from waste EPS foam materials. After more than 10 years developing, INTCO has become the biggest manufacturer for ...

Until now, GREENMAX products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions. Although there are still a lot of difficulties to recycle EPS.

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Pick-up for the Waste for Waves program at E-tech

collected half a truckload of foam packaging at the sixth annual recycling drive during freshman move-in day.


Recycled Interiors

recycle bins, recycling bins

The list goes on….and on, limited only by creativity. The point is STOP PUTTING THESE BAGS IN YOUR TRASH!!!

Actually, Styrofoam is still an unacceptable material due to the improper recycling ways. As the Styrofoam recycling machines have not yet universal.

All these frame products are recycled from waste EPS foam materials. After more than 10 years developing, INTCO has become the biggest manufacturer for ...

All these frame products are recycled from waste EPS foam materials. After more than 10 years developing, INTCO has become the biggest manufacturer for ...

Research shows that river networks can facilitate the transport of plastics thus connecting most of the global land surface to the ocean 38 .

My Garden Pallet Projects | 1001 Recycling Ideas ! | Scoop.it

Back to the old times, such commodities as rice and cloths were rationed. Everything was hard to own, so we had to cherish everything we have.

Your signs may have messages like: Please recycle, help our oceans and planet stay clean and healthy! Thank you for caring!

How to Rise Above Plastics: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Above: Torretta, the town where I was born and raised. It is a small town near Palermo, Sicily. The Mediterranean Sea can be seen between the two mountains.

Photographs of America's Recyclables: an Overview | 1001 Recycling Ideas ! | Scoop.it

Waste Management Master Plan (WMMP) – Final Report The City of Red Deer

(Rapra Review Reports) Tukker, Arnold-Plastics Waste _ Feestock Recycling, Chemical Recycling and Incineration-iSmithers Rapra Publishing (2002-01-01).pdf ...

Styrofoam on beach

2017 Pakman Award Winner – Recycle IT – Community Recycling Project of the Year.

We are also driving down our waste streams, and in the case of our EPS dust in particular, we are densifying it, reducing its volume by 100 fold under ...

Yves Bhar recycles wetsuits and boat sails into ocean-friendly bags ...

Destruction and irreversible transformation methods applicable for the environmentally sound disposal of wastes with a content of PFOS, its salts or PFOSF ...


EPS recycling plays a very important role not only in our life, but also in saving polystyrene materials. Foam package in takeout food service are efficient ...


China Gets Tough on Plastic Recycling

The process of EPS recycling involves feeding the collected waste EPS foam through conveyor belts into a machine that first shreds the material.

... estimated range for the emission of microplastics in each product group to surface waters and should be considered in conjunction with their associated ...

Is Your Love for Surfing Harming the Oceans? How to Minimize Your Footprint in the Water - One Green Planet

Recycle Cell Phones, Recycle Electronics, Recycle Computer Equipment Responsibly - Canon and Sony Electronics

Styrofoam™ can be dropped off at a recycling center.

Currently a large variety of polymers is available. As shows the data from Plastics Europe 12 , different types of polymers respond to different type of ...

Smorgasboarder Free Surf Mag 22 - Easter 2014 by Smorgasboarder Magazine - issuu

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Surfboard Sustainability with Firewire CEO Mark Price - Surfrider Foundation

Explore more in the following report:

Frank is the CEO of INTCO recycling. He said “We invented high-quality PS frame products through the efficient recycling of waste foam” he also said, ...

Stu Kennedy, proving that high-performance surfing and eco-boards can go together like fishing and cold beer. Photo: Jeremiah Klein

What this shows is that when we lead, you can follow. When someone tells us to put our paper plate in the compost collection, we can do it.

Double Island Clean Up, it's on again!


styrofam-operation-150416. At last blocked Styrofoam ...

Still, you may be surprised that I bring out-of-town visitors to our transfer station at Recology when they come to see Oregon.

Current developments in a range of emerging technologies will impact on the UK Packaging Industry:

Figure 2. Distribution of European (EU-28+NO/CH) plastics demand by segment in 2015

Figure 10. Circular plastics value chain