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Website for Nerf mods also for gaming replicas Stuff amp Things

Website for Nerf mods also for gaming replicas Stuff amp Things


Custom Borderlands 2 Attack Scorpio NERF by JohnsonArms

interesting paint job for the Retaliator

[Mass Effect] Finished my EVA foam M-3 Predator replica

Great Rapid Fire Tek made by blasted. Features real brass plates and a fake (but operational) pressure gauge. Not bad at all for a first mod!

It's an easy one to do an air-restrictor removal modification on, which increases the distace of the dart by about 10 feet or so, especially with the ...

Sci-fi/science fantasy arms and armor - "/tg/ - Traditional Games" is imageboard for discussing traditional gaming, such as board games and tabletop RPGs.

steampunk nerf gun

Full Metal Sidestrike by Klotzidotcom, artisan at "Carson Defense Concepts"

Nerf Gun Mods

endzeitliche AK-47 von Nuka aus einer Stryfe, Holz und Rohren;)

Model: Nerf Stampede

nerf rayven paint job - Google Search

The Best Nerf Guns for Custom Painting and Modding

Picture ONE and TWO

Because of its retro revolver style, it's great for things like steampunk or anywhere an over-size revolver would be appropriate (think Hellboy).


Craft An Awesome Weapon: Download & 3D Print Your Own AK-47 from Rust

WIP: Nerf Doublestrike, InLine Clip Sixshooter 2 by hoellenhamster on DeviantArt

Nerf Rebelle Guardian mod 12

All custom Nerf photos courtesy Brian Johnson. Visit the Johnson Arms website for more information about custom Nerf. Correction: Replaced incorrect photo ...

Maverick (Nerf) Mod: custom blaster build log

The Cyclone DMR.

I really like this one for cosmetic mods and it's pretty easy to remove the air-restrictor for added dart distance.

Custom Halo-themed NERF Sidestrike by JohnsonArmsProps ...

My first Nerf Mod, a converted Hammershot is now a MicroMissile Launcher

Custom Nerf Rapidstrike H Bar by JohnsonArmsProps ...

Picture ONE and TWO

2.) heavy metal/blade runner feel (really digging this one and the wooden/brown handle on it)

permalink ...

Picture ONE and TWO


Rant: Tek Recon- best foot forward

MyPartyShirt Storm Trooper Star Wars Blaster Pistol

The only half decent thing on this one is the pump-action grip. But if you thought that was the end, you haven't seen anything yet. Check this one out.:

{MOD} Nerf Rival Apollo Modification - Apollo Sniper Rifle

Maverick (Nerf) Mod: custom blaster build log


5.) mixture, black, silver & brown grip.

nerf crossbolt

Also found on the US Target website is the Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire. We've not known a whole lot about this blaster other than what we got officially ...

hobby mods 3d print nerf attachments store

Mega Man Mega Buster Gun Replica With Lights and Sounds: Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

+ Package Options

The way this blaster looks is going to be the thing that gets it the most attention. It looks unlike anything we have ever seen from Nerf before.

Nerf Elite Stryfe components for the FRED-209 Nerf tank of David Pride

A lot of nerfers know this rubbery stuff that accumulates on flywheels from high-speed, high-temperature contact ...

... from ...

View of Michael Darby's nerf gun range finder

This Tampon Gun Won't Cramp Your Style

Destiny 2 guns have fixed perks, while Destiny weapons required hours of grinding to perfect Bungie/Activision and Bungie/Activision

Hit Italian Crime TV Series 'Gomorra' Features Homemade 3D Printed Guns

Customized Nerf Gun, Nerf Modules, White/green And Comes With All Custom Parts

Red dot not included

Red dot not included

Borderlands Torgue pistol Nerf mod display prop

It is a Hasbro product that carries the N-Strike Elite brand, advertised to be compatible with any magazines that can handle Elite darts/Streamlines and ...

Why cant the screw near the screw beside the trigger cant be opened? I am using the Sonic Ice version.

Red dot not included

[ IMG]

The flowery-looking bit at the bottom of the gun? Yeah, that's a wood piece straight from the hardware store.

How about being around when some poor shop assistant incorrectly marks them at the equivalent of 10 bucks US each? :P

His got a "stock" dual-contact switch salvaged from something Nerf, along with a Stampede magwell interlock button, which resembles a grip switch button ...



Nerf Gun Lot of 5 DartTag guns Dart Tag all tested and working!

Atamaii: Zombie Strike @ SDCC 2013

hasbro star wars boba fett blaster

We're talking about an era that introduced us to such high-tech innovations as 8-bit gaming consoles, compact audio systems, ...

Missing FA.jpg

Hawkeye/Avengers Big Bad Bow repaint (ish)

SCR888 Malaysia Slot Machine Games Online

new just bb guns site

YouTube Premium

Who ...

WELL MB4411D Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Color: Black - Package C)

Former NASA Engineer Builds Massive NERF Blaster with Help from Eclectical Engineering and a 3D Printer

Darth Beats back buttons

There's also this


Rumours: N-Strike Elite new darts

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster from Nerf

So speculate how long until MOP? June, August, October, December or ? [Archive] - Page 5 - Zygor Guides Community Forum

3.) Army green & black style:

Hyrule warriors introduced a brand new customization feature to the Zelda series called “badges”, where a player could equip various magical upgrade items ...

Lazer Tag: Another angle and some commentary

Large Lot of NERF Guns Weapons, Darts, Accessories +++ Must See ALL

He spent a weekend prototyping and testing the electronics before deciding on his final layout. After a little time playing around with different software, ...

Hyrule warriors introduced a brand new customization feature to the Zelda series called “badges”, where a player could equip various magical upgrade items ...

Featured MOD.

Picture of The Upgrade

Adam Savage brings the mayhem with a 1,000-shot Nerf gun mod

But after you toss it around a few times, things start to get a little stale. Those of us in the Hackaday Collective who still retain memories of our ...

Switching between the KEF Blades, the Dynaudio Evidence Platinum speakers and the GamuT S9, the 865 did its job-playing music effortlessly.