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Woah Can39t wait to be able to do this DanceFlexibility t

Woah Can39t wait to be able to do this DanceFlexibility t


Woah! Can't wait to be able to do this!

This is so cool I can't wait tell I'm able to do this

Major tilts


Rehearsal for "Lost Angels," choreographer Nicole Mathis-Berman

35 Things Every Cheerleader Will Understand

Dancing with @joziahgerman18! ✨

over splits... i hate her for the sole reason that i cant't do that and i am super jelly!

Pure strength

Beach gymnastics

not really cheerleading but I can do that in cheer!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Training

8 Free Yoga Channels on YouTube You Gotta Try

BACK STRETCHING: How to get INSANE, CONTORTIONIST Back and Spine Flexibility! 2 - YouTube

Weight Loss Yoga in 30 min (Part 1 of 4): Core Warmup & Salutations. It's only half an hour, but gosh, this made me SWEAT! A challenging sequence, but great ...

"Wait, where'd my foot go?!?"

I can't wait till it doesn't hurt

Get a More Flexible Back

897 best Dance Dance images on Pinterest | Ballerinas, Dancing and Ballet dance

5 Poses for Tight Hips With Tara Stiles

Nourish your body physically and emotionally with an activity you love

How to do the splits: 8 stretches to get you there! I think if I were capable of doing these 8 stretches, I probably wouldn't need a list show me how to ...

Practice these 9 stretches and you'll be able to do the splits in no

this wall trick is supposed to help you with splits. I see girls using this in cheerleading...I need to try this.

Do you want your toe touches higher? Do this stretch everyday! For beginners go as close to the wall as you can! Don't give up:) For a more of ...

I love this pose, can't wait until I can do it off of

Stretch Your Way to Splits With These Poses

DANCE IS GOR EVERYONE!! don't judge that you can't do something because you believe you are fat EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OR OUT

My child isn't very coordinated so she should not do gymnastics. (You could also substitute strong or flexible for coordinated.) All the more reason your ...

love the strength both physically and mentally it takes to do this! Also love her ink shes beautiful! I cant wait to get her both in my yoga practice and my ...

Elbow Stand Yoga Pose: So beautiful and I can't WAIT to reach my goal and posting pics of MYSELF doing this!


30 Day Splits Challenge (need to be able to do splits before starting challenge)

How to Train for a Half Marathon

Yo tengo calor cuando yo bailo.

At Home Ballet Stretches for Flexibility! Used to do this as a young girl in ballet.

Pole Move Tutorial:Falling Marley - WHOA!!!! can't wait

Pole Dance and Aerial Leggings/ T-shirt

I can't wait to be able to do this!

Let's see what most people can do (I actually can't do anything but

One day I will be able to do this. One day, I swear to all my gods!

#yogaexcercise #PilatesExercise

I haven't even started gymnastics yet, lol :)

Find this Pin and more on Dance/flexibility ❤ by emmagraced31.

I had to learn to change my attitude from 'Oh, no, I can't do this' to 'Yes, I can.

I never thought about it that way!

"She could do a Scorpion but couldn't come close to straightening out her leg. This is after going through the program 30% the first day and adding a little ...

I-FLEX Stretch Unit

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I want to be able to do this! And have someone be brave enough to

Wait- what? I can't even figure out what this girl is doing

Rhythmic gymnast with hoop.

Hey!!!!! how come she can do that and i can'

And I blame it on Miss Vallerie Richards Richards Vallerie Castro (;

I can't wait to start pointe! One of my favorite memories. So sad when I grew to big to be a ballerina.

Swan Lake Ballet, can't wait to see the beautiful TBT ballerinas perform in a few weeks!

To achieve the best results you have to use different techniques and types of stretching.

I want to be able to do this one day. Keep practicing.

cheerleading. Follow me in my TWITTER @NayviessGarcia y les dare Follow aqui :D

Cant wait till my body is strong enough to do this

Handstands don't just look awesome, they improve strength and balance. #yoga

Celebrity Yoga Watch: Adam Levine Can't Wait to Sing 'Lost Stars'

Rhythmic Gymnastics Isn't "Just Dancing With Ribbons On The Carpet"

best barre exercises for flat abs {barre 100 ab series

I watched @Wendy Felts Spies do this during our yoga teacher training. She inspired

I ❤ this handstand pose so much it is fun to do I can'

Find this Pin and more on Dance/flexibility ❤ by emmagraced31.

Woah. I wanna do this.


@scott_sonnon if you can't do it slow, you can't do

How to Do a Back Handspring at Home for Beginners | eHow

28 best Yoga Posers images on Pinterest | Freedom, Yoga inspiration and Handstand

This one of my favorite pictures of me doing a toe stand. A year ago I wouldn't have been able to do this because of my injuries.

Woah that looks hard

So pretty!

Feel the Burn! Butt-Blasting Video Workouts

Middle splits

You can't go anywhere if you let one skill hold you back

8 Stretches For Your Hips

Jump for joy! Happy Valentine's Day and happy week 38 of pregnancy to us!



Toes To Bar Rescue

I will be able to do this someday. I will try my hardest to become a very good dancer. Being a good dancer is not about tricks but this is a goal ...

Do the Splits in a Week or Less

green apple


I want to learn how to do an aerial someday!!! Podia hacer esto a los 12.

Rhythmic gymnastics training... Haha, pretty sure I've done this XD

pretty arch

Whoa! Talk about stretching.

i will accomplish this one day . or at least think i accomplished this one day

I wish I was as flexible as Sophia Lucia!cant wait till im that flexible

And those football players can't even always catch the ball. Dance isn't a sport?


to all of my friends who want to know how I d the scorpion, well actually the last pic is the needle but you get the idea

Women of taekwondo - I dream about being able to do something like this! Lots

I Flex Fitness I-FLEX JR. Stretch Unit ♥ Wonderful! www.thewonderfulworldofdance.com #ballet #dance


Rhythmic gymnastics training