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Baby kangaroo joey enjoys comfortable numb Animal Lover

Baby kangaroo joey enjoys comfortable numb Animal Lover


baby kangaroo joey enjoys comfortable numb

More Australian ResQte Action! Baby AnimalsCute ...

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Not just a baby kangaroo. a baby kangaroo with a collar and a license. This is somebody's pet!

Pin by Lucia Alberto on Doggies | Pinterest | Doggies, Animal and Animal pics

amazing animals 2nd place The Awesome Winners of the National Geographic International Photography Contest for Kids

Baby emus and baby kangaroo are best friends ever

Спящие сурикаты.

This precious little kangaroo joey was rescued from a forest fire. Isn't he adorable? At first, I thought he was wearing tiny little diapers, ...

baby "joey" Kangaroo loves her bottle as much as any baby does

Baby swamp wallabies of Eastern Australia

Baby black bear cub in a tree

In the hot weather, this monkey knows he's got to keep hydrated!

Misie polarne

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Kangaroo Joey / A female Eastern Grey kangaroo gives birth to a tiny joey that…

Find this Pin and more on wolves by Ralf Pastor.

Wallaby and Joey

black fallow - Hledat Googlem

Mama kangaroo hugging her baby actually it's an albino *wallaby* hugging her baby.not a kangaroo.I'm Australian.

Baby kangaroo

Уникальная дикая природа Африки

albino wallaby with joey

National Geographic 2013 Traveler Photo Contes

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Большая и малая медведицы

Kangaroos on the beach

Adorable Photos of Animals With Their Babies That Will Make You Go 'Aww' |

Un parapluie aussi adorable que fragile, pour un écureuil aussi adorable que…

'Sarah' EGK in doco

I was startled when I saw this raccoon staring at me. I was in a wooded area looking for resident owls when suddenly I turned and saw this cute raccoon ...

... kangaroos

Rocky enjoying the view from the verandah

Mum, Dad and a Joey – 'hopping handbags'

There was also a Koala that we were able to pet. That's the little 7month joey pictured right there (they also call baby koalas joeys).

above: Mother and Joey Bennett's Wallaby, Tasmania




Pepper enjoying the quiet scenery of the evening.

... wallaby joey


'Sarah' photos taken 1/5/11 by NORA PRESTON, shown released

Diesel – the rescue dog


... joey's head. wallaby

We are very excited, though there's this strangely superstitious part of me I didn't know existed that feels anxiety about announcing it, like I'm tempting ...

fastest animals in the world

Joey with Legs Sticking Out of Pouch

Did you know? That koala comes from the aboriginal word that means - without water. They don't need to drink a lot of water because most of it comes from ...


The dogs love having ice cubes after they've been out playing in the warm weather--For me, there's nothing like a cold Diet Coke on any kind of ...

About half of the dogs love to eat grass and I think it's simply because they just enjoy it. When we lived in a subdivision the dogs ...

... kangaroos

Louie enjoying a bone!

3467_10151145819028317_1229469222_n '

He is a very affectionate and extremely easy going boy that still loves to snuggle up very close to us. And when you ask him to show you ...

Good morning! – Donkey surveys his new home in Perth

Joey & Sweet Pea as close as they got to each other!

... they just enjoy it. When we lived in a subdivision the dogs always got sick when they ate it--Now they don't and I wonder if it's because we don't use ...

baby kangaroo joey enjoys comfortable numb. See More. cat on tricycle

Pepper with my Gossamer Gear backpack

And from that very moment I decided to take one day at a time, Donkey was here living in our house, Gordon was still OK and it was down to us to ...

Say hello to Joey!

And the #1 thing that has come at the start of Spring??

I hope you've had a good Thursday too!!

For some reason, Charlie sitting under our "Golden Road" sign gave me a little grin.

Donkey, with his collar and his tag (and his name)

I didn't even pay (much) attention to what I think (???) is a wolf spider that has been hanging out on our porch the last few days.

And I recorded my own bimbo moment too- when I saw a Joey inside the mummy's yummy, I went “Oh my god she's about to give birth!”

And I recorded my own bimbo moment too- when I saw a Joey inside the mummy's yummy, I went “Oh my god she's about to give birth!”

Ripley likes the sandbox too

Whoops, wrong picture--That's one of the cows across the road!

Sotare Zombie Joey Split Fountain Cropped Small


I love pickin' on you

While it was still chilly I decided that this would be the day that I would get the rocks from the fallen stone wall that I've been eyeing since we moved ...

I usually toss the dog hair into the yard and let the birds grab it to use in their nests--Since the dogs keep me warm, then it should keep the baby birds ...

Somewhere during this time we were sent this black and white photo and asked by the rescue to ...


A Taiwanese passport with a Mexican dog. Only in America!


... had several patches where there was no hair from the tumble on the road when he was hit by the car. I named this "lost boy" Josh after the Tom Hanks c ...

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The Orangutan Project

Who couldn't love a season that involves chocolate bunnies?

Another 2017 highlight for Piper was gnawing on her Donald Trump chew toy till his stuffing brains came out.

Checking the Lanolin in this Cuddly Model


The Summary of the Voiceless Animal Law Lecture