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Black passionfruit on fence next to lemon bush Our Garden Plants

Black passionfruit on fence next to lemon bush Our Garden Plants


12 Weird & Unusual Fruits & Veggies You Can Grow At Home


Passionfruit vine growing on fence

passion fruit growing on a fence

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The Passionfruit Black is An attractive and hardy black passionfruit grown from seed of the popular Misty Gem variety.

golden passiongfruit, handyman magazine

Two Green Granadilla Fruit

How to Plant Passion Fruit

These are unripe black passionfruit. The time is right to plant ...

Growing Passion fruit

Passionfruit - Black

Passionfruit - Select Black (Grafted)

Friday April 1 2016

Passion fruit plants- How to grow Passion fruit plant, growing Passion fruit in your garden for this fruits

Nasturtiums, lavender, and Meyer lemon tree - The Prudent Homemaker

The grape vine has thankfully done the job that the passionfruit vine used to - covering the fence.

Passionfruit - Panama Red

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Pots

Passionfruit Trellis 1 Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Find other Passionfruit Trellis 1 pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobuck.

Passion fruit vine in Mendocino County, California

Passionfruit - Panama Red Pandora (Grafted)

passionfruit vine

Passionfruit - Nellie Kelly (Grafted)

Passionfruit is an interesting plant but not without its problems. It is one of Australia's favourite backyard crops but I'd venture to say it brings more ...

How to grow passionfruit in pots

The exquisite granadilla bloom

Passionfruit - Black (Cutting)

Passionfruit Black Beauty.

Inside, the pulp is yellowish-orange, sweet and jelly-like with many edible, black seeds covered in jelly-like pulp. Some varieties are yellow, ...

How to grow passionfruit

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... the Passionfruit Grafted Black Passionfruit Select Black C For Sale Super Tube

Last week I contacted Mark & Judy and suggested we do a blog post regarding this amazing plant and that is when I heard the bad news. I asked Mark & Judy:

How to grow: Passionfruit The passionfruit vine is a traditional backyard favourite in Australia. They are vigorous climber and incredibly product... ...

The name of the plant comes from the fact that colonizing Spanish missionaries used the flower to explain the crucifixion (passion) of Jesus to converts.

Passion Flower Passiflora Possum Purple (Edible Fruit!)

Above is another one of our citrus trees. It's a ten year old Washington Navel orange, one of two in the backyard. Every year, as regular as clockwork, ...

Medium_img_1143_1_ What is going on in my passionfruit?

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7 Plants You Didn't Know You Could Grow in the UK

Vine of passion fruit (Passiflora) plant with ripening fruits in a organic vegetable field

The ...


Passionfruit “Sunshine Special”

The back garden has fruiting plants: mandarin tree, passionfruit vine over the pergola, dwarf nectarine, persimmon, lemon. The Fitzsimons planted a plum ...

FAQ's: Passionfruit

Banana Passionfruit Passiflora mollissima ...

Wilted Passionfruit Vine

Lily of the Valley

Tips For Growing Passionfruit

Image titled Grow Passion Fruit Step 10

A pear tree espaliered into a cordon is an attractive - and delicious - space saver


A grape vine provides summer shade for this striking home.


Kiwifruit grow quickly to cover an arch, pergola or verandah.

Fruit corner: the passionfruit vine and the Ducasse banana.

In colder climates like mine (cold for passion vines!) the plants should be grown in full sun in a spot that is protected from wind and frost.


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How to Grow Passion Fruit


Passionfruit Nellie Kelly

Over 60 passion fruit are on the vines now

Passiflora edulis

Fruit trees are an investment of both time and money, so before you dig in

Grow it yourself: Passion Fruit

Of course you can grow it along other structures, it's really up to you. Like all fast growing plants passionfruit needs a lot of nutrients.

Training Passion Fruit

Image titled Grow Passion Fruit Step 22

Fence pumpkin

Never been watered.

Passion Flower Passiflora Edulis Frederick (Edible Fruit!)

My biggest beef with passionfruit ...

Dense growth on a fence

I haven't figured out where to plant my maypops, so they're still in large pots. Years ago, I had a couple in the ground at the base of a lilac tree.

Common names: Bush passionfruit, Australian caper bush, native caper.

Grow Australian Native Indigenous Bush Food in your garden

Passionfruit Photo YIM Hafiz

You really have to love any plant that has "passion" and "flower" blended in the same word. This little vine is a powerhouse of good characteristics that ...

The first thing to realise is that passionfruit grow on vigorous vines. This means they need space both above and below ground and also need support in the ...

Photo By: Tower Hill Botanic Garden at TowerHillBg.org

... the fruiting plant. Suckering ...

Use a trellis for bitter melon vines.