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Even it seems like nothing its the small acts that save people lgmh

Even it seems like nothing its the small acts that save people lgmh


even it seems like nothing ,its the small acts that save people

My brother would do something like him ❤ happy early birthday, Liam.

I was texting this boy I am in love with.



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I've been bulimic for 3 years.

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A friend once told me about a woman who was molested as a child.


Wow...very touching ღ LGMH!

This is exactly what I need.

I have always been depressed.

I still get a thrill every time he smiles at me.


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Even though I don't know what GMH means < < Gives Me Hope :) < <

She saved her best friend.

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He tells me I'm beautiful every ...

I wish this would happen to me:'(

True love - One day my boyfriend of only 3 months and I were at my


I never felt this way before.

People ask me why me and my boyfriend are so different.

22 Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful - Feels Gallery

"People bully me because I am 23 and still hold my mums hand when near a road. No one knows it's because she is suicidal and could jump in front of a ...

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Someday I want a love like this!

Faith In Humanity Restored A Little Bit

191 best LGMH images on Pinterest | History, Beautiful stories and Beautiful things

Faith in Huminty: True love - His LGMH

Cut ALL the onions!

Welp here goes Nothing.

There are no small Random Acts Of Kindness

Good idea for a fake egg smashing prank! Fun game to play with kids too


There's nothing wrong with sex, people. The only thing wrong with sex? When it's not consensual. That's rape. If sex is not consensual, it is rape.

Instead, for me, I would change Colin to Hayden. And I would change lgmh to makes me happy.

"My dad just told me I'm adopted. He adopted me after his

This is amazing!!!!! I wish there were more people like this

I don't think I've ever seen anything about

She Was Trying To Conceal Her Embarrassment In The Classroom Due To Her Looks. What Followed Is Heartbreaking.

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I spent all night reading all these LGMH stories.

Movie Theater Employee Gives Regular Coke Instead Of Diet, And Here's How Internet Responds

She Annoyed With Little Girl Who Kept Asking Questions But Is Shocked To Learn This people

Faith in humanity restored

Give Your Child a “Safe Journal” – A Safe Place to Ask You Anything. Save

Last Words From A Woman Who Lost Her Life In A Drink And Drive Accident.

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Bullies drove this student to suicide, but one small act of kindness literally save his life. Inspirational story makes you want to always go out of your ...

LGMH=love gives me hope

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Photos Guaranteed To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Long Distance Love by

The Canadian commuters who still payed was nice to see, because you see so many people who would've passed by.

This is something my boyfriend would say ❤❤

He brought his stuffed wolf, who had a tear in its leg. Joshua asked if the doctor could do a wolf surgery too. Faith in Humanity: Restored.

That is ao cool

Scary Shit Series - Stillbirth — a really sad topic but one that's really important.

You know what they say: collect memories and not things. These twelve heartwearing stories

I will repost but I don't like it when it goes "I bet half of you won't repost" and that.

29 Unbelievable Photos Of The Human Race

I want to change this, so people don't have to have this situation.

I did it I fell down the feels hole it can't just be me

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I always fall asleep first between me and my boyfriend.

This year a vicious rumor was spread about a girl in our school.

Animal Rights, Animal Cruelty, Faith In Humanity Restored… this is amazing that people saved the dogs. sad that dogs have to be slaughted.

I get anxious about just about everything, including our relationship.

I was walking downtown and saw a little boy passing out little notes to…

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I just cried a little.

Click to see the full pic...

I just started crying! Plz save any animals that u can! Life is precious! < <

This is so cute and brought tears to my eyes. if this is true, faith in humanity has increased.

A Little Faith In Humanity Restored#funny #lol #lolzonline


I hope this is a real story bc its beautiful

... stutter and today in my public speaking class I gave a speech without a single stutter. It's a small accomplishment but it's a step" (Step Class Funny)

Maybe there is someone out there for everyone but definitely not me because I am just not good enough or what any guy wants. I have actually had several ...

Near the end of a terrible day, I was trying to help my son with

She Did Not Want Her Kids To See Her Crying But Never Expected This From A Stranger. moms kids people mom parents amazing story children parenting ...

"2 years ago, he sat behind me in class.18 months ago,

Ms. Honey is that you...oh it's a guy nvm. Lol

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< < Not my most popular board, because I don't usually do those repost things. I figured the caring people on this board would appreciate a pin like ...

I hope that u would all pass this message on bc it would be amazing to save a little girls life. Let's prove that we have a heart!

or reals, people. Personally, I have trust issues for some of these but if people would help share my responsibilities then I would cry less lol


Faith In Humanity Restored - I never knew any of this. So sad someone has had to go thru so much pain. He always has seemed like a down to earth guy- ...

Make someone else's day.

She Did Not Want Her Kids To See Her Crying But Never Expected This From A Stranger. moms kids people mom parents amazing story children parenting ...

That is so nice of him to do, it shows how caring people can be.

I hope I find a boyfriend like that.

True love - One day I had a fight with my boyfriend.