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Exclusive: Mother claims a niqab-wearing school bus driver poses a safety risk

White tigth niqab with a T-shirt

Why did Jonathan Kay not interview a single niqabi woman before trying to explain us to the world?

What is it like to wear a niqab for a day? Radhika Sanghani finds out for Telegraph Wonder Women, as the UK debates the role of the face veil in society.

An ex-Muslim woman has described how she ran away from home after her mother


Women in niqab exit the audience seats after the Danish Parliament banned the wearing of face

Indonesia's 'Niqab Squad' takes aim at face veil prejudice

A woman wears the Niqab at Lakemba mosque during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

Entitled Muslim Won't Take Off Niqab For Job, Quickly Regrets Her Decision

'Niqab Squad' in Indonesia takes aim at society's face veil prejudice

Just as there are many reasons women might choose to wear a little black dress,

Aren't Women in Niqab Too Oppressed?

Niqab phone cover

I understand why young people are loath to criticize any cultural practice by the Other. But I was surprised by the reaction of my contemporaries

Founder ...

Niqab Tutorial With Eye Mesh/Veil/Mask | Niqab with tassel hijab & gloves | #NOTSORRYFORCATHAIR 😸

Illustrative photo of the niqab. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90)

See the problem here is that the issue is miss framed. We shouldn't be trying to get rid of the Hijab, we have to respect people's choice to express their ...

Round-Cut 3-Layer Niqab

NDP feminists are all for gender equality, until it butts up against multicultural pieties. They then lose intellectual coherence, as the Sunday night ...

She doesn't have to display her beauty to be classified as beautiful.

I don't get how some non Muslims are more accepting of Niqab than Muslims. May Allah guide us and grant us understanding.

When France banned full-length veils in 2010, some of the women who wore

Sure, people would look twice or even stare if they see a mask(which defies the very purpose of hijab) but once it becomes a norm, people will not notice ...

Denmark Bans The Burqa And Niqab


Things to Consider Before Putting on the Niqab


Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

sewing a niqab with head and eye veil


DIY Niqab

Close-up picture of the eye of a woman waring a niqab. '

Simply hijab

Seeing Fatima | Wearing the niqab when the law doesn't want you to

النقاب والموضة Niqab and Fashion


Zunera Ishaq, second from right, leaves the Federal Court of Appeal after her case

Memories of niqab: What freedom and choice actually meant for these Canadian Muslims

EN/DE: You Won`t Stop Me! My Niqab. My Choice. A Swiss Niqabis' Answer

The demand of a small number of Muslim women to hide their faces must not usurp


Regardless of the motivation, Quebec's crackdown on face coverings is a bad idea for many reasons. Here are some of them

Warda Naili, of Montreal, wears a niqab in one of the city's parks. Photo: Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

The slogan simply reads: 'Some things can't be covered – fighting women's

'Apple is at War With the Niqab': Unexpected Controversy Over the iPhone X | Al Bawaba

Increasingly in the western world, nothing symbolizes the “otherness” of Islam like the veiled Muslim woman. If she chooses to remain quietly home ...

Many who wear the niqab say most of the confusion surrounding it comes from a lack

Riding a horse or nailing an archery target is tough at the best of times --it's even harder when you're wearing a niqab. But that isn't about to stop a ...


Zunera Ishaq talks to reporters outside the Federal Court of Appeal after her case was heard

Court niqab

"Extra cover" Outfit One Layer Flap Niqab & Snap Buttons Jilbab

Beza Niqab Dan Purdah.


How To Wear a NIqab: 2 Easy Ways to Style a Niqab

'I decided to raise my voice so that I can challenge this policy, which was a personal attack on me and Muslim women like me'

half niqab tutorial

"Niqab didn't stop me once from doing what I love, it didn't stop me from studying photography and film-making and choosing this field as a lifetime career!

Niqabi Ummi & her daughter 💛

A Muslim woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, arrives at Blackfriars Crown

Tutorial long shawl niqab NellysaJane

Here was my final look on the way to my doctor's appointment today! Alhamdulillah I got TWO compliments on my "bad hair day" hat! Last appointment (where I ...


Muslim woman wearing niqabi, known as niqabi

Warda Naili said she doesn't mind uncovering her face for identification purposes but feels targeted by Bill 62. (CBC)

Allen McInnis / Postmedia News

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Niqab doesn't mean you don't have a freedom. You obey Allah who created you as a free muslim.

A German court has banned a Muslim student from wearing a niqab in class

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A collection of niqab pictures

Women wearing niqabs outside the parliament in Copenhagen

Warda Naili, who first donned a niqab six years ago, said she decided to

Niqab, Veils, Sisters, Bridal Veils, Veil, Daughters, Big Sisters

Niqab Visor Chiffon 93000-42

Close Up Niqab V-shape - Niqab Qayla

Niqab is usually accompanied by the abaya, a long, loose black robe.

Blue Eyes with Nose String Niqab

How To Wear Niqab and Hijab with Lace Scraf | Beautiful and Elegant niqab hijab style | Niqabee

An adult education centre in Copenhagen has barred students from wearing the niqab in the classroom

Tutorial Niqab 2 Layer - Niqab Elma ( Layer Belakang Pendek)

Amanda Siddharta

I welcome a debate, so long as it respects a diverse range of views including that of veiled Muslim women, but don't we have more important things to talk ...

Women wearing the full-face veil, or niqab