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Ice harvest photo 1930s Frederick Tudor t Lakes

Ice harvest photo 1930s Frederick Tudor t Lakes


Ice harvest.

Ice harvesting, Conneaut Lake, Pa.: Marking the cakes for cutting

The U.S. ice industry was birthed in 1805 by Frederic "The Ice King" Tudor

ice harvest, photo, 1930s

Minnetonka Ice Harvest

A Brief History of Ice

Ice Harvest in MN

In Massachusetts in 1805, wealthy merchant Frederic Tudor was enjoying a family picnic which included ice cream. The story goes he joked with his brother ...

Thanks Saratoga County Historical Society and New York State Museum. man loading block of ice onto running board of a car

The ice trade around New York City; from top: ice houses on the Hudson River; ice barges being towed to New York; barges being unloaded; ocean steamship ...

Days on the ice field were tough and cold, but they went by quickly: Ice harvests usually only lasted a few weeks, leaving an open lake where a field of ice ...

Taking on ice on HMS Serapis prior to her journey to India, 1875

Frozen in Time: The Tobyhanna Millpond #1 Ice Harvest

Keeping your (food) cool: From ice harvesting to electric refrigeration | National Museum of American History

The Stubborn American Who Brought Ice to the World. Before there was refrigeration, Frederic "The Ice King" Tudor figured out how to carve frozen water out ...

A woodsman wearing spiked shoes opens up an empty boom at the upper end of Mooselookmeguntic

Amish Ice Harvesting

Tobyhanna Millpond #1 Ice Harvest

REFLECTIONS OF THE PAST: When ice was a thriving business in Sharon - News - Sharon Advocate - Sharon, MA

The ...

_Ice and frozen snow were known as luxuries as far back as history records, the latter being mostly in use in the East. The mode of gathering it in winter, ...

Perhaps it was his Yankee entrepreneurial spirit, or perhaps monomania, but Tudor was obsessed with the idea that ice would make him rich.

Workers harvest ice from a frozen lake in the northern U.S. in the 1930s.

Mr. Frederic Tudor The "Ice King" photos not from original article

In 1805, a twenty-three year-old Bostonian named Frederic Tudor launched a new industry: the international frozen-water trade. Over the next fifty years, ...

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On ice: a business that has melted away

rural ice delivery trucks in the 1930s, photo via Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Ice mover NSmall

Harvesting Ice in Rehoboth Imagine a time before refrigerators and freezers, when men cut frozen

File:Amateur film ice harvest pocono manor 1919.ogv


Floating blocks Thompson Ice House Harvesting Museum (Used with Permission)

Harvesting ice at Wolf Lake, Indiana, in 1889, showing the conveyor belts used to lift the product into the ice house

General Electric's "The Silent Hostess: Treasure Book" from 1932 helped the home chef give new life to leftovers

The next step was to create floats and the process was begun as near the conveyor as possible. In the vernacular of an ice man, a float was “a detachment of ...

The ...

Thompson Pond and the Ice House Thompson Ice House Harvesting Museum (Used with Permission)

Moving the ice Thompson Ice House Harvesting Museum (Used with Permission)

Ice saws Thompson Ice House Harvesting Museum (Used with Permission)

To meet the ever-increasing demand for ice, harvesting was done on ponds, rivers, bays and even canals (more about canal ice later).

... on the float itself used their breaking bars simultaneously and barred off strips of cakes, while others standing on the solid field of ice used pike ...

In July it's ice cream made the old way, hand-cranked with Thompson Ice Thompson Ice House Harvesting Museum (Used with Permission)

The Ice House Thompson Ice House Harvesting Museum (Used with Permission)

Every July, the Ice Cream Social Thompson Ice House Harvesting Museum (Used with Permission)

The Ice King: Frederic Tudor and His Circle


At the beginning of the harvesting ...

Frederic Tudor Ice ...

Frederic Tudor

Ledgers show the Help-harvest-ice

Today's Calliope's Writing Tablet post is brought to you by the letter I ~ I for Ice Harvesting

Ice-harvesting in Kansas following the end of the commercial trade, c. 1935

Painting of ice harvest and icehouse

Shoot the ice "cakes" into the house and wait for shipping.

Ice trade - Frederic Tudor, the founder of the ice trade

Picture. Harvesting ice ...

Ice house (building) - A c. 1930 commercial icehouse near Ambler's Texaco Station


An ice delivery sign; women delivering ice

88 Wrangling ice blocks in the ice house

An Eddy Darrius refrigerator with compartments to hold natural ice, 1881

Frederick Law Olmsted (Source: NYCgovparks.org)

Kaatz Icehouse - Kaatz Pond, from which the ice was harvested in the winter.

Eric Aho makes the final cut for his avanto, a Finnish “plunge pool,

Ice harvesting in Montreal, Canada 1859

Wenham Lake - Image: Wenham Lake Wenham, Massachusetts

66 Ice blocks

Shoot the ice "cakes" into the house and wait for shipping.

Photo Yosemite National Park

Ice harvesting at Spy Pond, Arlington, Massachusetts, 1852, showing the railroad line

topped the 1 million ton mark and it remained there for a decade. But it all ended quickly. Monopolization, a characteristic from its beginnings as an ...

Next time you shake up a cocktail, pay attention to your ice. Not only is it key to making top-notch serves, but it's also hiding a fascinating history.

Iceman in Berlin, 1957

Ichiki Shirō's 1857 daguerreotype of Shimazu Nariakira, the earliest surviving Japanese photograph

Harvesting Pond Ice

Lake Boon - Lake Boon

The History Of Ice In Wilmington

MI Garden History: Meijer Gardens - Grand Rapids, Michigan (Part 1 of 3: Fred & Lena Meijer)

In Rockefeller country, a stone path crosses Swan Lake. Credit Phil Mansfield for The New York Times

36 Scored ice squares

My Mother the Matriarch of our Family, Jean Marie (Linderman) Frederick Mancill

Harvesting ice near New York City, 1852, showing the vertical lifts used to fill

Wharf during ice harvest

Plow guideline with help of horse

My cousins, Bill and Becky (Fey) Burgess's ranch. Good times. Mother and Lou were still around. Mother and Daddy (Leroy Frederick) had six ...

Bombay Photo Images[ Mumbai]: [3]of 9--Glimpses of old Bombay and western India, with other papers (1900)