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James tague dealey plaza kirb JFK Dealey Plaza t

James tague dealey plaza kirb JFK Dealey Plaza t


james tague dealey plaza: To the right you can just see james Tague.

james tague: dealey plaza kirb

Tague's position in Dealey Plaza

In JFK Files: Holland's Magic Bullet, Dale Myers critiques Max Holland's recent writing on the first gunshot fired President Kennedy's motorcade.

james tague dealey plaza: A stray shot missed the presidential lomousine, struck the kirb

JFK Assassination Witness James Tague Describes What He Saw In Dealey Plaza


27-year-old car salesman James Thomas Tague was standing on the. Main Street curb at the mouth of the Triple Underpass in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November ...

Here is a police photograph of the curb mark. ...

... Walthers were searching for possible bullet markings near where Tague was standing, so I guess it wasn't a miracle that they were able to see this mark.

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James T. Tague: Wounded bystander now a JFK researcher | Special Report | richmond.com

James T. Tague

A third person was wounded in Dealey Plaza. James Tague, standing near the Triple Underpass, was struck in the cheek by a piece ...

Map of Dealey Plaza showing the close alignment of Oswald's rifle, Kennedy's head, and James Tague at the moment of the fatal head shot.

Dealey Plaza buildings ...

The original theory of JFK gunfire favored by the Warren Commission was debunked by the testimony of the late James Tague.



Dallas Tour: James Tague's Bullet


The fact that the shooter took two risky shots suggests he did not realize he wasn't expected to hit anything.

... but it had that air of unreality because this wasn't happening in Europe, it wasn't happening in the Middle East, it was happening in Dallas.”

Photo, signed for a fan, shows Tague standing beneath the underpass near the grassy knoll minutes before the bullets fired

James Tague poses in Dealey Plaza beneath the grass knoll October 7, 2013 in Dallas

Although three people were wounded in Dallas in November of 1963, you likely never heard of one of them—James Tague.

Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas - the traffic moved the opposite direction back then. When JFK was killed, it moved the opposite of this photo.

Vertical section through Dealey Plaza from the Dal-Tex Building to James Tague.

PHOTO: James Tague, seen at left in an undated portrait, was the third

This high resolution CAD rendering of Dealey Plaza ...


The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Photograph by William Allen Photograph by Jim Murray

Dealey Plaza Schematic (showing likely trajectories)

James Tague (C) speaks with tourists interested in the assassination of former US President

On its way out of the centre of Dallas the motorcade travelled Main Street, turned right onto Houston Street and then made an abrupt left turn unto Elm ...

A picture taken as the assassination of JFK happened. It shows where James T. Tague was standing by the Triple Underpass in Dealey Plaza when a missed shot ...

The bullet-scarred kerb. Picture courtesy of James Tague. Photographer: Tom Dillard


Dealey Plaza

dealey plaza eye witnesses photo jfk kennedy assassination

... left hand of this image you can make out the red roof of the control room that Lee Bowyers would view the unfolding events of the assassination of JFK.

... JFK Dealey Plaza by patgutridge. See more. The-shot-sequence-rotated.jpg (623×473)


Clown Loach – The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Clown Loach Fish. Find this Pin and more on JFK Dealey Plaza ...

... from the traffic signal support mast and reach James Tague, or to reach a grassy area (“turf” to use Holland and DeRonja's term) near a manhole cover.

Dealey Plaza (2015) as viewed from Reunion Tower. Shown are the Texas School

visited Dallas, Texas: JFK assassination site--grassy knoll and the Texas School Book Depository. Find this Pin and more on JFK Dealey Plaza ...

Dealey Plaza info graphic (JFK assassination) ...

Roberdeau ...

Dealey Plaza -- Scene of Kennedy Assassination

A similar view of Dealey Plaza from the mid-1990s also includes the Art Deco Terminal Annex Federal Building in the lower-right foreground, ...

JFK dictabelt article TABLE 2 first shot map to Tague Sept 29 2014

James Tague poses in Dealey Plaza beneath the grass knoll October 7, 2013 in Dallas, Texas

Dealey plaza cornerstone of where JFK was shot

Sheriff's Deputy Buddy Walthers pointing to photo of himself in Dealey Plaza

I took the photograph from where James Tague was standing at the Triple Underpass

The Umbrella Man and Discovered Films of the JFK Assassination of November 22, 1963


James Tague

specifically time stamping for us that he, first, captured his ...

GKF photograph ...

So I guess I'll continue to shrug my shoulders some more as I look again at Shaneyfelt Exhibit No. 29.

Truth Withheld: A Survivors Story - Why We Will Never Know the Truth About the JFK Assassination: James T. Tague: 9780971825475: Amazon.com: Books

Of course, the pavement that had been pock marked was painted over, then removed and taken to FBI HQ while the limo itself was ordered dispatched to Ohio ...

The Grassy Knoll and Bryan pergola on the north side of Elm Street

James Altgen's Press Photograph

James Tague

jfk kennedy assassination the shots

John F. Kennedy assassination[edit]. Warren Commission diagram of plaza


The Umbrella Man

John F. Kennedy Assassinated

This picture shows the President's car on Main Street, approaching. Houston Street, just about to enter Dealey Plaza. Note the fact that

Route to Dealey Plaza[edit]

6th FLOOR WINDOW to TRAFFIC MAST to TURF to CURB. [*Haag's note: Holland and DeRonja consistently draw straight lines to these locations, but bullets follow ...

Dealey Plaza: scaled map — by Donald Roberdeau. Assassinationscience.com ...

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Dallas July 2015 09 (Texas School Book Depository).jpg

James Tague in his early twenties

James Tague(1936 - 2014)

James Tague

But, one wonders how he heard that low sound from up near the TSBD when a “big long freight train” was going by. Officer J. C. White did not.

Truth Withheld: A Survivors Story - Why We Will Never Know the Truth About the JFK Assassination: James T. Tague: 9780971825475: Amazon.com: Books

The Texas School Book Depository

jfk assassination photos dallas witnesses puff smoke grassy knoll shot shooter 2nd second Eyewitnesses

A few minutes after President Kennedy was shot in Dealey Plaza, we see people rushing toward the “Grassy Knoll” area. Clearly visible in this photo

Eyewitnesses dealey plaza smoke dallas photo jfk witnesses kennedy assassination

Dealy Plaza 1963